Why Use Hydronic Floor Heating System

Floor heating systems are required in areas which receive snow and rainfall in winter, and definitely in those areas where the cold weather prevails through the year. Floors made of concrete, marble, and tiles get too cold in a cold weather. If you are living in such cold place, chances are high to contract cold and flu, sore throats and infections, cracked skin and many such conditions which are resultant of the cold weather and constant contact with a cold floor. Even if you do not catch the cold symptoms, you may feel really uncomfortable operating in the cold floor. Hence heating systems for the floor become really necessary in such conditions.
Hydronic Floor Heating
Hydronic Floor Heating

Effective hydronic floor heating

Floors can be heated by supplying a gust of warm air radiating from under the floors. Such heating systems can be powered by either electricity, or by water. Electrical heating is effective and good, and used by many. But the recurring expenses on such system are too high. High power bills would constantly budge you and make you feel like if only you had some other equally effective system without costing you so much money every month.

With hydronic floor heating system, you get the same utility minus the high cost of running the system, thus making it an effective, economical, eco-friendly system to heat your floors. The name hydronic comes from water. These systems are made of pipes which run under the floor. Marble, stone, slate, timber, carpet, tile, all such floor types can be heated with the floor heating system.

The pipes running under the floor get warm water flowing inside them, and this warm water sends in radiations to the floor surface, and gets it heated to a comfortable temperature. Water is heated to approx 40 degrees Celsius, and then runs through the plastic pipes under the floor. Even soothing warmth is spread across the floor with this system.
Hydronic Floor Heating
Hydronic Floor Heating

Costing of the hydronic floor heating system

The heating system actually costs high during the first installation, but then incurs low cost through its usage over the years. The high installation cost is due to the sophisticated machinery, water pipes, thermostats and all, which must be planted below the floors while making of the house. If you want to install such a system later, then you will have to remove the flooring first, and then get these installed.

Advantages of the system

The advantages of the hydronic floor heating system are many, and they are:
  • Highly economical running costs.
  • You can heat rooms with a programming that will help you heat specific rooms, and through specific lengths of time. You can control the heat, the zone, the time period for heating and so on.
  • With periodic maintenance you can get 30-40 years of heating from the system which will most likely to function efficiently for more than the average safe life.
  • There are sensors to record air and floor temperature and make the heating system regulate accordingly.
  • Generally the heat controller thermostat comes with a 7 day timer.
  • You may set program as per weekends and weekdays.

How to install

Hydronic Heating Installers
Hydronic Heating Installers 
To install the complex system of pipe networks and the thermostats, you will have to hire a hydronic floor heating expert team which will help you amalgamate the floor heating with other heating systems in the house that use the same technology.

You may get hold of locally based experts of hydronic floor heater installers and quotes by surfing online. It is best to plan things when your flooring is not done yet, but the rest of the construction is almost ready.

Average Cost and Benefits of Applying Texture Painting

Textured walls are one of the most attractive things you see when you enter someone’s house. The textured paint may help in making your house walls look stunning but then you have to pay some extra money for the same. There is no doubt that you will have to pay a little extra to get your wall textured but the satisfaction and happiness you would feel after seeing the beautiful and stunning textured walls all around you would give you the immense pleasure. In case, you want to get your house walls painted and textured, you need to know about different texture painting. Moreover, you need to choose the best texture painting solution and in this regards, you can contact the designer. The designers can suggest you the best texture as per your requirement and they can also provide you various templates. You can choose the perfect texture painting from their collection and apply the same on your walls.
Texture Painting
Texture Painting
Cost of the texture painting:
Talking about the cost of textured walls, it varies from shop to shop. However, the basic cost of it depends on the various conditions such as if you want to get the texture on interior or exterior, what is the condition of your walls, how many rooms are there in your house and would repainting is required or not? These are some of the things on which the cost of texture painting may vary. Let’s understand these points in detail.

1. How Many Rooms do You Want to Get Painted?

If you want your boring walls to get transformed into something stunning and jaw-dropping looking walls, texture painting is one of the ways to do that. The cost of texturing painting also based on the number of rooms in your house. It is very important that you clear your mind, which room you want to get texture painting. This way you would have an exact idea about the cost of texturing painting. In this case, you can also measure the rooms and the walls before paint and then you can ask for the quote for your rooms texture painting. The designer will charge you as per the measurement or size of the walls only.

2. Are Your House Walls in Good Condition?

Texture Painting
Texture Painting
If the condition of your walls is not good and then you want them to get texture, it would definitely cost more. Firstly, the experts will correct the condition of the wall and then would start doing the texturing painting on it. In this case, they need to concrete the walls again and then they will apply the texture painting on your walls. So, in this case, you need to bear an additional cost for concrete the walls.  

3. What Side of The House do You Want to Get Painted?

Texture painting can be done on the both side of the house, either it’s the interior of the house or the exterior of the house. The interior of the house looks simple and quite boring and the exterior of the house also look mundane. There are various techniques of texturing painting inside the house. With the help of roller, knife or a sharp scale, you can draw various textures on the wall. Not only this but with the help of brush and spray, you can create a lot of textures on the interior walls. One of the famous interior wall texture is known as orange peel and knockdown. Both of these get drawn on the wall with the help of a spray bottle. Just like the interior, there are many texture options available for the exterior walls of the house. 

These were some of the important things that you must know before getting your wall textured. If you want to know more and apply the texture painting on your walls then you can consult with the designer. 

Need for Good Roller Shutters – Benefits Explored

Equipments used to cover, protect and shut off entrances are often Roller Shutters. They are used in windows, doors and even entrances to large complexes, the application for such security doors varies.

The conventional shutters were the long coiling ones that simply rolls up over an opening. These were designed such that the sides of the shutters were left unattended. The designs that meet today’s standards are diverse. You can get one fabricated from steel and conversely use a simple light weight rolling shutter for a home door or window use.
Roller Shutter
Roller Shutters
The use of the roller shutter is also wide spread. You could find it as a protection at a garage or a residential hub, while a financial institute or a commercial complex might use one for offering protection to its financial institute or shop. Here the application of roller shutters is done to protect the shop after hours, to ensure that its contents are protected from intruders or the extremities of weather that may result into the damage of the property.

Method of Operation

Roller shutters come with some or other kind of controls to be handled smoothly. Elementary roller shutters that were used were manual, but today we have motors attached to it. Electric motors make the use of shutters easy; a switch is all that is required to get the roller moving. Electronic remote controls are also available on requests; using this technology will cost you a premium price.
Roller Shutters
Roller Shutters


  • Noise reduction – Roller shutters plays a vital role in reducing the decibel level and keeping unwanted sound in check; even more so when your property is located in a busy area that is noisy and choatic. Roller shutters can reduce the noise level to half and sometimes eradicate it completely. 
  • Privacy – Roller shutters offers extended privacy and helps you to keep a control on it. Whether it is your kitchen area or your bedroom, the ability to control unwanted eyes peeping through the shutter is under your control now. At the same time, you can also control the frequency of the light that enters the home with the help of roller shutters.
  • Weather Control - Roller shutters also assist in controlling the elements of nature. You can protect glass, if your home is subject to heavy rains and strong storms and winds. You can control the air in the house from getting too hot or protect the chilled air from entering the house.
  • Security Protection - Roller shutters are the strongest protections against burglars and thefts. Since the shutters are mostly made of heavy gauge metal, its typically impregnable. This also is a deterring sight for those planning to intrude. The lack of visibility and the solidity it provides will both cause a physical and metal barrier. When enhanced with an alarm system, this product provides you an ability to trigger a set of reactions that will ascertain highest quality of safety. Think of the ability to trigger an alert to you, your loved ones and the authorities too. 
Invest in what will bring lasting results. Look for a design that fits the needs of your organization, home or complex. Do all your research before you decide on the final product. Ensuring the security is important, at the same time it is important to pay attention to the safety aspect too. The Roller shutter should keep intruders out and at the same time it should help you to get away, when there is a fire situation, or other catastrophe like earthquake and tornadoes. If aesthetics is a concern, then ensure you pick appropriate matches in colors and texture to go along with the overall theme of your dwelling. 

Safeguard Your Residential Areas With Alarm Systems

It does not matter how much you earn, if you cannot safeguard your family. You might present them with nice clothes to wear and good food to eat, but fail to cover their safety well. That can cause some serious problems later and ruin your life forever. Therefore, it is better to be prepared with alarm systems. You never know when an intruder plans to break into your place. So, you have to be extremely careful and cover the residential area with proper alarm mechanisms. So, whenever anyone tries to break into your place, you will be notified beforehand and take requisite actions immediately.
Alarm System
Alarm System

The process of working:

Buying alarm systems from reputed stores is not the end of the story. You need to know its working procedure to use the system properly. The basic ones are simple to install and use, but modern systems are quite complex. Therefore, you need to keep your eyes open and check out its functionalities first, before planning to invest money.
  • The systems comprise of sensors, which will create a sound when triggered. Once that sound triggers, it will inform the security company directly, which will call owner of the place to verify the emergency.
  • It is the duty of security companies to alert paramedics, police or even fire department to reach your destination and assist you in your problems.
  • If you fail to respond to their call, the security firm will send police directly to your place to check if everything is ok.
  • For ultimate protection, you can add surveillance camera with the alarm system.
  • Surveillance cameras can work wonder for those homes, hiring unsupervised people for work, like babysitters, home cleaners, and more.
Alarm System
Alarm System

Benefits you cannot deny:

Once you are through with the working procedure of alarm systems, now it is time to check on the benefits associated with such systems. This will help you to make proper decision in case of any doubt.
  • Safeguard your valuables: Through alarm system, you get the chance to safeguard your valuable assets, even when you are not paying heed to it. Let the system do it for you, so that, you can relax after a hard day at work and never have to think about the valuables and their safety over and again.
  • Alert during hazards: Alarms are perfect to safeguard your place against any hazards. From fire breakout to extreme water flow due to pipe leakage, there are multiple types of alarm systems available. When the hazard is in its initial stage, you will be notified at an alarming rate and will have enough time to take requisite action. That will prevent from exaggerating the damage further.
  • Safeguard your lives: The most important system has to be fire alarm one. It should be maintained well and check for any poor condition. Remember that failure to take advantage during crucial time due to poor performance of the fire alarm can cost you lives. So, if you want to avoid that, ensure to install a proper fire alarm system at your premises.
  • Remote access possible: Some of the modernized systems are designed to help you control what’s happening at your place remotely, when you are not around. For that, you just have to link the alarm app with your smartphone. You can even record the movements for proof later.
It is always important to prepare yourself for the unforeseen. You never know when it might strike you from nowhere. So, buying the best alarm systems and asking experts to install the same might work wonder for you. Just be sure to check on the basic requirements and features, before making the final investment. It will help you a lot with comprehensive results in near future.

Fall Yard Clean Up

Fall is just around the corner and as many home owners know, there is much to do before the snow falls. Lawn care is a major area that needs attention, and the pros at The Yard Butler have a few tips on how to take care of your lawn during fall clean up.


Raking is an important part of fall clean up for a number of reasons. To start removing all the debris is going to help prevent fungi and disease in your lawn over the long winter months. It also allows for better drainage so your lawn can receive the most moisture.


Although temperatures will be dropping as fall approaches winter, some grasses prefer cooler temperatures and continue to grow. You will need to continue mowing even up to the time the ground freezes. Keeping the grass cut short throughout the winter will allow good drainage, and allow nutrients to reach the roots.

Weed Control

Weed Control
Weed Control
Fall fertilization is a very important part of the preparation for winter. Not only does fertilization aid in weed control, it promotes stronger roots and healthier starts in the spring time. An added benefit is how well it wards off voles or mice that run rampant through the winter. These pests don’t like the fertilizer and typically steer clear.

For more tips and ideas for fall cleanup and preparation, reach out to a local lawn maintenance company near you.

How to Choose the Right Plumber

Whether emergency strikes or you are in need of general repairs, choosing a plumber isn’t a decision you should take lightly. It is easy to simply hire the plumber with the fanciest ad in the phone book or the plumber who shows up first locally on Google.

However, hiring the first plumber you find is not a good idea. Plumbers are responsible for repairing and maintaining some of the most important fixtures in your homes such as the water heater, toilet, and any other bathroom fitting. A poorly made decision when hiring a plumber could result in long-term damage and expensive repairs in the future.
The following tips are designed to help you choose wisely when hiring a plumber and ensure the work carried out, be it emergency work or maintenance, is both cost effective and of a high standard.

1. Reputation

The reputation of a plumber is essential in guiding you to the correct decision. In today’s world, people have the ability to rate and review everything, with plumbers no exception. Google the name of the company or individual you are considering for the job and read what others have written about their work.

It is also essential to check the state licensing while you are researching a plumber on your state’s licensing website. Here you can ensure the plumber is properly registered and also check for complaints made against the plumber.

2. Understand the Problem

While you may not know the exact nature of the issue, it is advisable to have a broad idea of what works needs to be carried out and the end result you are expecting. Inspect the problem area and see if you can identify the cause of the issue, whether it is a leaky faucet due to clogging in the pipes or a backed up toilet due that requires attention, understanding the issue will help you when you call the plumber.

You could also compile a list of questions to ask such as the hourly rate, whether they have liability insurance and other important details.

3. Pricing

One of the most important details people consider when hiring a plumber is the estimated cost. Calling just one plumber or company and assuming they offer the lowest quote is a big mistake. It is advisable to ring at least three plumbers to gain an understanding of the price range to fix the issue.

If you have received a lower quote from a competitive plumber, you could try and receive a better deal by telling the other plumber that you have been quoted a better offer.

However, it is also essential to not just go for the plumber with the lowest quote. If one plumber quotes significantly lower than the others it could mean that they are using inferior materials or cutting corners on the job.

4. Warranty/Insurance

Another important step in choosing a plumber is their insurance and warranty. Plumbers should have insurance in case anything any accident or injury occurs while they are working on your property.

It is of paramount importance to check they are insured so you are not liable for any injury that occurs on your property. Equally, plumbers should guarantee their work and the parts they use with a warranty.

The warranty should guarantee the work for at least a year. If a plumber refuses to provide a warranty, it is highly unadvisable to choose their service.

Using the tips above you should be better prepared when selecting a plumber to complete either emergency or maintenance work in your home.

Making an informed decision can save you money, time, and future headaches, so it is well worth preparing and researching before making your final decision.

5 Unique Ways to Decorate Your Home this Fall

Fall is quickly approaching, so it’s time to get those sunflowers and watermelons off the walls and out of the windows and get your pumpkins and leaves out. But you don’t want your home to look the same as everyone else in the neighborhood, so our friends at Home Lighting Center in Idaho Falls have put together this list of unique Fall décor for your home.

1. Pumpkins

Yes, everyone and their dog decorates with pumpkins in the Fall. But there are some many unique and beautiful possibilities that will leave your guests in awe of your creativity. Try to think outside of the box. Use pumpkins as an accessory to your home’s design. Place small gourds in a vase or use them as candle holders. Or better yet, use a pumpkin as a vase for your Fall flowers. You can use small pumpkins and leaves for accent pieces on your shelves too.

2. Words

Use words like “thankful” and “harvest” or other fun fall phrases to create some signs to hang up around your home or prints on couch pillows or blankets. The beauty of this type of decoration is that you can make it seamlessly fit in with your home’s design, whether you have a more rustic look, or want to keep it more modern. And this is a great DIY project if you’re feeling crafty. Check out some of these fun projects for how-to’s and tips. 

3. Mason Jars

Mason Jar
Mason Jar
Mason jars are the perfect addition for your rustic home, or even for some cute fall accessories. You can purchase them from a number of Etsy shops or local crafts store, or you can paint them and decorate them yourself to fit in perfectly with your home. If you don’t want to paint them, fill them with leaves or marbles and flowers. You can even put starry lights in them to create some mood lighting for romantic Fall evenings. 

4. Leaves

It is Fall, so it wouldn’t be totally outrageous to throw some leaves into you Fall décor. You can use fake leaves as confetti for your shelves or to make a wreath for your front door. You could also try this DIY Leaf Bowl to use on your table or counter for potpourri.

5. Pinecones

Spice up your home with pinecones, even more literally if you enjoy the cinnamon scented ones. You can use pinecones in similarly to the pumpkins and leaves if you put them in vases or as confetti on shelves. Place them in a basket with starry lights, or create a fall themed bouquet the incorporates pinecones. You can use them as accents in your table centerpieces. The possibilities are endless.

Let your creativity run free as you decorate your home this Fall. 

Benefits of Metal Fabrication for Home Improvement

The metal fabrication has allowed for improving the conditions of the home. The demand for it is growing tremendously fast and it has gained huge popularity in the market. The advantage is well understood by the homeowners, who want to upgrade their homes with long lasting products. The roofs that are metal fabricated will be long lasting and provide a value that is beneficial to the home owners. You can be free from worries at least for a period of more than 50 years. They are not boring to look at instead are found in beautiful styles that will match your home. The metal roofs have an interlocking system that will protect the home from severe winds. The roofs made of metal are also resistant to fire. The homes that have metal roofs are definitely energy efficient and so keep the homes cooler. They are not very heavy, hence it’s necessary to preserves the structural integrity of the home and the lives of the people living in the homes. Unlike the other roofs materials, the metal roofs will not diminish with age.
Metal Fabrication
Metal Fabrication 

How is metal roofing useful?

The decision to opt for metal roofing proves that the home owner is aware of the benefits of metal roofing. It is becoming very popular both in residential and commercial homes. The homeowners decide to make their homes safe from the exterior. There are various options to improve the look of the homes with attractive colors and styles. The benefits are numerous like:
  • The metal fabrication in roofs can last a lifetime. It can be done on both residential, as well as, commercial buildings. It can be done on new buildings or existing structures.
  • The metal roofing is usually installed in wide panels and multiple sections. Hence, they can be installed quickly and the installation will not take more than two days.
  • It has fire resistant qualities as it is incombustible. The rating of the metals is classified considering the materials that are used beneath the metal panels.
  • The metal has the quality to reflect the sun so the roofs with metal fabrication will reduce the amount of heat and keep the home cool. The family members do not have to depend upon the air conditioners hence reducing the energy bills every month.
  • The value of the property will automatically increase with the installation of metal fabricated roofs. Since they are available in various styles, they look very attractive. The life of the building is also extended.
  • The added advantage with metal roofing is that it is a great green solution for buildings. This is due to its sustainability, energy efficiency and recyclability.
Metal Fabrication
 Metal Fabrication
Custom sheet metal fabrication is another efficient way to install the HVAC system in residential homes. Custom sheet metal fabrication is preferred in all homes as they get assembled. It is considered as a great ductwork since it is easy to bend.
  • The ductwork done with sheet metal fabrication is extremely efficient. It is cut with accuracy and is also properly sealed to make it the best ductwork system. You can experience the efficiency when the utility bills are reduced by the end of the month.
  • It controls the airflow to each room thereby massively increasing the efficiency of the system. It is smaller in volume, so takes both less time and less energy in order to circulate the air.
If its standard ductwork, then the system could worsens with time and might need to be replaced in few years. This is not the case with custom sheet metal fabrication. It works efficiently for longer period with preventive maintenance.

Inspiring Design Ideas for Your Basement Remodeling Project

You’ve got the space in your house, the money set aside, and a few good contractor references in your back pocket – but before beginning any basement renovation project, you’ll of course need to have the end design pictured clearly in your mind. One of the best ways to get design inspiration is to read up on different remodeling possibilities, both popular and unusual, for basement home improvement projects. Below you’ll find a collection of refreshing basement design ideas, from cozy nooks to home gyms to luxurious home theaters.
Image credit: Trademark Building Co

Semi-Formal Dining

If you’re lucky enough to have the square footage, a finished basement can make a fine place for a semi-formal dining area. To make this room design seem fluid and natural, you’ll need the rest of the basement space to look the part. Hardwood floors, architectural details like crown molding, and sufficient ambient lighting can make even the darkest basements shine. A home wet bar, complete with a refrigerator and dishwasher, is a natural extension of a semi-formal dining renovation, so you can entertain guests more easily.

The dining area pictured above is separated from the bar area by a cozy, elegant rug. Note the interesting architectural touch – the white wainscoting both brightens up the room and also adds visual interest. These homeowners have taken advantage of ample square footage by including built-in shelving in their basement renovation.
Semi-Formal Dining
Image credit: Sebring Services

Cozy Nook Under the Stairs

Basement staircases provide plenty of creative remodeling opportunities. If you need more storage in your home, consider design ideas like built-in wine racks, and book shelves. But perhaps the most welcoming under-the-stair design of all is a secret cozy nook.
Cozy Nook Under the Stairs
Image Credit: Sebring Services
The nook pictured here is perfect for children and adults alike, and is a clever way to make use of space that would otherwise go empty. The remodel itself is simple: just an extension of the basement’s hardwood floors, and a finish with drywall and paint. If you’d like to incorporate this design in your next basement renovation, ask your contractor if your staircase is structurally suitable for the project.

Rec Room or Play Area

A dedicated space for games and play is a fun basement design idea. Spacious basements are good places for rec rooms with pool tables and foosball, complete with amenities like lounge chairs and beverage refrigerators. If you’ve got younger children (or perhaps a smaller basement), consider creating a special play area. A small table for crafts, a chair for reading, baskets for toys and a cozy rug make for a simple but sweet kid’s playroom.
Rec Room
Rec Room
Pictured above is a clever usage of a challenging floor plan. The hall is not quite wide enough for seating, but is too spacious to serve as a simple walkway. The homeowners included a narrow but accommodating wet bar into the basement layout. There is plenty of space to make drinks and snacks, to enjoy in the larger lounging area.

Engineered wood flooring is a great basement flooring renovation material. The aesthetic is very similar to traditional hardwood, and engineered wood makes for durable, waterproof floors – especially important in a room that is highly susceptible to leaks and moisture. The flooring pictured above is a rich, cherry hue, which helps the overall basement interior design feel warm and bright.

Home Theater

For those with grand design schemes (and the budgets to match), a home theater is a popular choice for basement makeover remodels. Home theaters can be elaborate mini-cinemas, complete with custom audio-visual equipment and theater style seating. They can also be simpler in nature, dedicated rooms filled with comfortable furniture and a large, high definition television.
Home Theater
Home Theater
Here is an example of a simple, but absolutely inviting, basement home theater. The built-in cabinets provide ample storage for media, electronics, and other items like books, board games and linen. While there is only one couch in the room, it follows the design rules of home theater seating: comfortable seating for multiple people, and the screen is within easy view for everyone.

The home theater pictured above showcases the more luxurious approach to this basement renovation idea. Two rows of theater seats, complete with cup holders, offer movie viewers of cozy seating. This home theater is complete with a custom audio-visual system, with a retractable screen and a selection of digital projectors for entertainment. Note the wall sconces, whose ambient lighting and design perfectly evoke the cinema experience.

Home Gym

Many homeowners use their basement spaces to work out. Designing a dedicated home gym can be a great way to enhance your exercise routine, and perhaps even work out more safely – lighting, flooring and ventilation all play a role in a proper home gym.
Home Gym
Home Gym
Even smaller spaces can be transformed with a simple remodeling project. The basement home gym pictured here got a refresh with engineered wood flooring, new paint, and additional overhead lighting. A few mirrors would complete this simple but effective exercise room.

Home Bar

Whether you love to entertain lots of friends and family, or simply like to kick back with a good drink at home, consider adding a wet bar to your next basement renovation project. Wet bars are distinguished from other home bars in that they include a sink. Many home wet bars also include amenities like dishwashers and small refrigerators. 
Image Credit: Trademark Building Co.
This country kitchen inspired home bar includes a beverage refrigerator, which blends in seamlessly with the rest of the rustic white cabinets. There is an abundance of storage, from the wine rack to cabinets to the large pantry.

The bar design pictured above features a built-in countertop, at the perfect height for bar stool seating. The counter design allows the host or hostess to mix drinks, prep food and wash dishes all while entertaining guests. These custom cabinets are another example of great storage space, with plenty of room for a growing wine collection.

Home Office

A dedicated home office space is something that the whole family can use, not only those who work from the house. Beyond serving as a traditional workspace, a home office is a great place to concentrate on (and maybe even enjoy!) paperwork, homework, and arts and crafts.
Home Office
Image Credit: Pineapple House
The basement home office pictured here makes use of bright whites, cheerful colors and dramatic lighting to give an otherwise relatively dark and tight space a vibrant, airy feel. The layout is open, with a communal desk in the center, and two dedicated desks against juxtaposing walls. 

Much of the best designs are highly functional, as well as highly aesthetically pleasing. Note here that the open shelving for one desk allows for storage items to serve decoratively as well – it’s a great way to incorporate color without adding anything unnecessary to the design.

Guest Room

If you want to add a bedroom to your home, perhaps the answer lies just a floor below. Check with a local basement contractor to see if your floor plan and budget allow for a bedroom to be built. It’s important to remember that a bedroom renovation isn’t simply about putting up drywall and proper flooring; you’ll also need to adhere to local codes and ordinances, like ceiling height and means of egress. Your professional contractor will be able to help guide you through any compliance and permitting processes.
Guest Room
Guest Room
The guest room pictured here is simple yet comfortable in design. Carpet flooring makes for a cozy bedroom, as do light paint colors and ample seating (the bench under the window is a lovely touch). Note that if you want to include carpet flooring in your basement renovation, you’ll need to be sure you’ve had the space professionally waterproofed and checked for potential leaks, to prevent long-term damage to the carpeting.

No matter which basement design you prefer, choosing the right contractor is an important key in the project’s ultimate success. Take the time to speak with various basement contractors, get multiple estimates, and check references. If their project portfolio isn’t available online, ask your contractor to send you their portfolio of basement photos they’ve renovated in the past.

Be sure to ask about projects similar to yours in size and scope – that posh cinema remodel, complete with leather theater seating and built-in surround sound, may have ended up looking perfect in another’s home, but it doesn’t necessarily speak to your own design and budget goals. Ask for references, and speak directly with previous customers to get honest feedback on things like the quality of service, and if the renovation was completed on budget and on time.

A beautifully renovated basement is an exciting possibility, and a successful project begins with time spent researching various design plans and contractors. With a clear design vision and budget in mind, and a trusted professional at your side, your renovation will be an investment in your home and your happiness.

Professional Tree Experts' Tricks Of The Trade

Trees are beautiful and they can add so much to a yard; whether they are a flowering species or a hardwood used for shade, trees can add aesthetic and financial value to your property. However, trees do require a lot of care and maintenance – from the planting to the removal, it pays to have professional help and knowledge to keep your yard looking its best. Here are tricks that the pros know. For further tips and hacks for tree care and general advice from arborists – especially if you happen to live in the Canadian province of Alberta – check out Chipps Tree Care in Edmonton and their awesome blog. 
Tree Care
Tree Care

Tree Planting

Deciding what type of tree you would like to plant is always difficult; it takes some research to discover whether a coniferous or a deciduous tree would be best for your location. Be sure that you choose a healthy tree before planting, no matter what type of tree you finally decide on. Most young trees like lots of sunlight and should not be overshadowed, so deciding where you would like to plant it is a very important decision. Be sure to check if your soil is compatible with the tree and remember: not all trees will thrive in your climate, so you need to confirm that your yard is the right environment. The tree will need room for its roots to grow both out and down and until it is established and healthy, the tree will need to be watered. Check to see where your utility lines are located and choose a location that will not become a problem as the tree grows to its full height. Mulch your tree close to the trunk after it is planted.
Tree Planting
Tree Planting

Tree Pruning

Pruning begins just after you plant and should continue through the life of the tree. It is essential to the health and beauty of your tree. After you plant, remove broken branches or branches that look like they are competing with the leader and make sure to trim any swollen branches that look like they have insect eggs or stings; remove any tree tags; leave as many leaves as possible to help establish a strong root system. Good pruning evolves as the tree grows, this includes a 3-4 year pruning, a 5-7 year pruning, and maintenance pruning after 15 years of growth. Proper pruning can enhance and prolong your tree while improper pruning can be very harmful.
Tree Pruning
Tree Pruning

Deep Root Fertilizing

Deep Root Fertilization involves use of an auger to create holes strategically around your tree to be filled with slow-release, liquid fertilizer in order to boost the health of your tree. It takes about a half a gallon of fertilizer for each hole. Always refill the holes with dirt once each hole is treated.

DIY Or Hire Help?

Whether it is tree planting, tree pruning, or deep root fertilization, caring for your trees can be a daunting task. It may be to the tree's and your own best advantage to hire an arborist or a tree care company to perform these services. Check to see if they are properly certified with an ISA certification. These companies can also provide stump removal and tree removal services if the situation is dire.

DIY Tips to Make Your Garage Look Good

Your home may look good from the inside. It may also look good from the outside with a nice yard, antique mailbox etc. but if your garage door is not taken care of, your house will lose all its lustre. Many people neglect the garage and also the garage exterior and this takes away all the sheen from your house.
Garage Look
Garage Look Good
The garage exterior is mostly in the garage door, it can be a one door garage to park your used Nissan Ultima or a two door garage to park your old as well as a new car or even a three door garage with one car for your spouse. The number of doors does not matter, what matters is the look and feel of the garage door. To make your home look beautiful you can try the following do it yourself (DIY) tips.

The first do it yourself task is to paint. It may seem simple but a new coat of paint will make your garage look good from the outside. Ensure that the colour of the paint you choose matches the colour of your house, this way your house will give a good impression to visitors. While painting do not forget to remove the dents and also ensure that the garage opens and closes without any problems.

One other way to make your garage look good after painting it is by placing big potted plants. The plants are always eye-catching and this will make your garage look all the more better. Also if possible add a climbing vine to your garage. If possible place a few pots in the driveway leading to the garage to make it look even better.
Garage Look Good
Garage Look Good
When your garage looks good from the exterior, it is but natural for you to feel that it should look as good in the interior too. You can accomplish this on your own. All you need to do is spend some time and have an hands on approach to do this. First remove all the unwanted items from your garage and dump them in the garbage can. Next place things that can be placed on shelves and hang things that can be hanged. Also get magnetic strips and place your tools in the strips, this will help you in finding the tools easily. Place all gardening items separately. Make a pathway to the door, so that you can enter the house from your garage easily.

Remember that your garage is a part of your house and not a place to dump unwanted items. Make it a rule to dispose items that you have not used for six months to a year as you will not be using them. They may seem to be of value but if you have not used an item for a year, then it is something that you do not want, it is just taking valuable space in your home. If it is required you can always buy it whenever the need arises, rather than keeping it.

Pros and Cons of Buying a Hot Tub

A hot tub or Jacuzzi is a good addition to a home. Hot tubs are not new; they have been in existence for thousands of years. But water jets were not there at that time. People used to soak in hot water as it was felt that hot water has therapeutic properties. Hot water does have therapeutic properties and when the jets massage the body and the muscles you feel relaxed. However, it is always advisable to consult a doctor before you dip in a hot tub.

There are pros and cons to everything in this world and the same holds true for a hot tub. If you are planning to buy a hot tub, whether it is new or discounted hot tubs, it does not matter, but what matters is that you know the strengths and weaknesses before deciding on buying one.
Hot Tub
Hot Tub

For – Stress Relief:

The major talking point and the main reason why hot tubs are sold is due to the factor that it aids in relieving stress. People are afflicted with many stress related illnesses and a hot tub alleviates the stress.

Against – Heat exposure:

A person who enters a hot tub should ensure that the heat is not severe. Many people have been injured by keeping the temperature very hot. Some people get dizzy also when in hot water and it could lead to even drowning, hence if you feel dizzy then you should immediately get out of the hot water. Children should enter only under adult supervision and pregnant women should avoid hot tubs.

For – Pain relief:

The hot water along with the jets ensures that the sore muscles are massaged and you get relief. Hot tubs relieve headaches, back pain, arthritic pain and other muscle related pains. It also helps in reducing swelling and also helps blood circulation. When blood circulates better you will feel refreshed.

Against - Issues with blood circulation:

Though it is advertised widely that blood circulation improves, hot tubs may not be beneficial for one and all. People with a history of circulation related problems or people with blood pressure problems may face issues. Hence it is advisable to consult a doctor before you enter a hot tub.

For – Helps in healing injuries

Many sports related injuries need massage and heat packs for treatment. Even some muscle issues need massage and heat packs sometimes. A hot tub works to help you with sports related injuries as well as issues with muscles. It is believed to reduce spasms and improve your recovery.

Against – Risk of infection

Most hot tubs are a breeding ground for bacteria and if they are not cared for properly can cause a lot of infection. If you have an open wound then you should not get into a hot tub because you do not know if the hot tub is disinfected or not.

Though there are many pros and cons of buying a hot tub, we can safely say that the pros outweigh the cons and you should go ahead and buy one as planned.

5 Reasons Why You Need Air Duct Cleaning

So it’s that time of the year again when allergies are plaguing the whole family. You searched  the internet and read the best vacuum cleaner review for days and now you found yourself sneezing every 5 minutes or so, is driving the whole family insane!
Air Duct Cleaning
Air Duct Cleaning
Maybe it’s the pollen in the air or maybe it’s the food you all have been eating. But one thing is for sure though, your house needs to be spring cleaned ASAP.
The average house with about 6 rooms collects 40 pounds of allergens, dust, and dirt each year. Also consider that there are 40,000 dust mites that can thrive in an ounce of dust. That means there are about 25.6M dust mites accumulated every year.

Imagine clearing that much dirt in your house. Wouldn’t that considerably clear the air? Say goodbye to allergies and say hello to clean and quality air.

1. Improves Energy Efficiency

Over time, debris and dirt builds up in your ventilation system obstructing the air from flowing freely throughout your house. When ducts are unpolluted, your heating system will last longer. This will save you a lot of money in the long run as any blockage in your air ducts will prevent the air from flowing freely.

Issues like heavily blockage of your air filter will make your system work harder to keep your home in the right temperature. This affects its efficiency and will cost you more money. Just think about this: when you get regular cleanings, your energy consumption decreases by 25% to 40%.

When your system becomes dirty, it will work harder to maintain your house’s temperature and that shortens its life. When it’s clean, it doesn’t need to work as hard and as a result, energy usage is decreased which will optimize your system’s effectiveness.
Air Duct Cleaning
Air Duct Cleaning

2. Improve Indoor Air Quality

Your cooling and heating system is like the lungs of your house. It takes air in and breathes it out. Since we have already established that through normal occupation, allergens, dust and dirt gets accumulated in our house, it’s only natural to think that your HVAC system will re-circulate those contaminants about 5 to 7 times per day.

This gradually causes major dirt build up, meaning you’re breathing poor quality air inside your home. Air duct cleaning well help improve that. By clearing all the dirt and contaminants, it restores the clean quality of air in your house in addition to decreasing the work-load of your system.

3. Helps You and Your Family Breathe Easier

Cleaner air will definitely make it easier for everybody to breathe. If you and your family suffer from respiratory problems or chronic allergies, cleaning your home’s air duct might be a lot of help.

And even if you and your family do not suffer from allergies or respiratory problems, all of you are still vulnerable to pollutants and dust floating around the house. This triggers coughing, sneezing, bronchial and sinus congestion. Air duct cleaning improves your indoor air and improves everyone’s health.

4. Removes Foul Odors

Food preparation, tobacco use, mold, paint fumes, household cleaning agents and indoor pets all contribute to stale odors that stick in your house’s air ducts. When your air conditioner or furnace is running, these smell will re-circulate all over the house.

Cleaning your air ducts will remove all the smells that have been trapped in your duct work. It will clear the air in your home and make it smell fresher.

5. Promotes Cleaner Living Space

Clean air ducts would logically mean clean air. Clean air would mean there are less dust circulating through your air duct system. Your flooring, bedding, furniture – everywhere in your house will require less dusting now that your air ducts are breathing out fresh and clean air. This will significantly reduce the amount of cleaning you have to do to maintain the hygienic state of your home on a daily basis.


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