Beautiful Floors at Affordable Prices!

If you are looking to add a touch of class to your home or office, but are not sure how then this article will help you with it. Whether it is a residential or a commercial space, floors are something that you will pay attention to no matter what. You walk on the floor, may like to sit and work on it and the condition of the floors show how clean the place is. Laminate flooring is a great option and is being adopted by many people around the world. These are synthetic flooring which gives the look of wood and it can be fixed over an already existing floor. The floor is easy to install and clean and can bear a high traffic and is safe with pets and children as well.
Laminate Flooring
Laminate Flooring

Why choose laminate flooring?

It gives your house a vintage and classy look with the feel of wooden flooring with a shine to it as well. These floors are easy to install and can be installed either on your own or with the help of professionals. These floors are very economical and there is a wide variety for you to choose from. From the look, color to the texture, you can personalize it all. Maintaining this flooring is not very cumbersome and with regular care and caution, these floors can make to last for a really long time. If you are looking for laminate flooring to give you the look of stone or tile, then you can choose from many designs available online.
Laminate Flooring
Laminate Flooring

Dos and don’ts for laminate flooring:

  • Though the laminate flooring is easy to maintain, still there are some things that you will need to take care of while handling them in order to increase its life.
  • If you have kids and pets at home, you need to take care that they do not leave food items, drop water or scratch the floor with a pointed object. dropped
  • Ideally, a dry broom is good enough to clean this flooring as the laminate stays clean of its own as well. Alternatively, if the flooring is subjected to high traffic then a wet cloth can be used to mop over it with a mild cleaning agent.
  • Water and moisture in moderation if and wiped away will not affect the floor drastically but if water remains on the floor for a long time, then it may cause the floor to swell and crack.
  • If you are installing this flooring in a place that has furniture like dining chairs and other places where it will be moved and there are chances of scratching the floor, it will be better to use adhesive felt pads to prevent any damage to the floor.
  • Over a period of time, if you feel that there are gaps developing in the floor, you can gently tap them back with the right tools or dust and dirt will start to settle in them.
  • Do not try to compromise by buying inferior quality laminates because you may save the cost initially but in the long run you will end up shelling out more on replacing and fixing the damage caused to them.
The biggest advantage of the laminate flooring is the versatility that these tiles provide you with. You can choose the look of wood, stone or tile and the options are many. You can check out the different patterns and designs on the internet for some great ideas that are created by professionals. Many companies offer you great deals on floors and competitive rates as well. If you are thinking of trying out these floors, then wait no further and go ahead today!


A Couple of Tips to Ensure Security of Your Garage Door

As the number of cases of robbery is increasing day by day, your must takes optimum level of security and safety for your home by taking adequate measures. However, there is another important aspect which you must take into consideration that is your garage. This is one place where one of your most precious possessions is being stored, your car. With the number of carjacking incidents increasing at a good pace, it is absolutely necessary for you to arrange for proper security. When it comes to your garage, like your home, the door is the first and last obstacle for an intruder. Therefore, you need to take special care that your garage door is equipped with all the mechanisms which would make life difficult for the intruders and at the same time you would find it easy to operate.
Garage Door
Garage Door
In the following section, you will be offered a couple of tips that would help you to enhance the security of your garage.

How to Make Your Garage Door Safer?

There are a couple of aspects which you need to take care of when it comes to your garage door. Here are some of them-
  • The Garage Door Opener: You must make sure that the garage door opener is out of the reach of the children. They are the ones who are likely to tamper with them which might result in an open garage door, leaving a safe passage for the intruders. Besides, they can also end up damaging it.
  • The Remote Control: If you have a remote control for your garage door, then make sure to use it carefully. Again, the remote control should be kept away from the children as they might damage it or keep the door open without your knowledge.
  • The User Manual: You must have the user manual handy. The manual plays a very important role when it comes to the emergency release features. You can get a detailed knowledge about these features from the manual.
  • Inspect the Garage Door: Make it a habit of running a visual inspection of the garage door. Look for the signs of wear in the springs, pulleys, rollers and cables. If you find anything to be out of order, in that case, please do not try to fix it by yourself. Get in touch with a professional who has the skills and expertise to diagnose and fix the issues.
  • Reversing Mechanism: The reversing mechanism of the garage door opener should be tested every month. You can do this by placing a paper towel roll or a 2/4 board in the path of the door. If you find that the door is not reversing after it gets in touch with these objects, then it is time for you to get in touch with a garage door technician. If the garage door opener has not been changed for a long time, in that case, you might have to go for a new one which has auto-reverse features.
  • Don’t keep the Door Open: Don’t keep the door partially open. Make sure that the door is always closed when the garage is not being used.
  • Access Code: It is very important for you to change the access code of the remote control. You might compromise the security aspect of your garage door if you continue with the same access code for a long period.

With these tips, you can be assured that your garage is under complete security and the chances of intrusion are minimal and can be reduced to a great extent.


The 7 Sins of DIY House Cleaning

It would be nice if we could all hire a housekeeper to handle the tasks of daily cleaning, pickup and even those deep cleaning chores that have to be done every few weeks or months. But for most of us, those jobs are ours alone, so finding the best and most efficient way to complete them can make more time to do the things that are actually enjoyable. There are also some basic cleaning rules to follow to ensure that you keep your family safe and to keep your home free of illness-spreading germs. The following lists 7 sins to avoid when cleaning house. These should help you stay on top of the cleaning so that your house is place to relax and unwind, not stress about chores.
House Cleaning
House Cleaning

1. Cleaning While Pregnant

Many moms may not realize that there are some cleaning products that you should avoid when you're expecting. It's best to avoid anything with strong fumes or smells and wear gloves to avoid excess exposure to skin. Most importantly don't overdo it and take it slow when cleaning small areas with little ventilation. Opening a window can help reduce the chance of becoming sick from fumes or inhaling chemicals scents.

2. Don't Start with the Floors

House Cleaning
House Cleaning
Many people begin with cleaning their floors because it's perceived as the dirtiest spot in the room and can make the most impact when completed. But to be efficient in your cleaning, you should actually work from the top down. Dust corners, high pictures and shelves before beginning on the rest of the room. And remove cobwebs first. Once these are done you can clean the windows and mirrors and dust the other things in the middle of the wall area. Sweep, mop and vacuum last, and slowly work your way towards the exit of the room as you clean the floors to prevent footprints and smudges on damp floors.

3. Never Mix Bleach and Ammonia

House Cleaning
House Cleaning
These two chemicals are great on their own but they are toxic when mixed and can actually kill by creating chlorine gas. This mixture is one component away from mustard gas! Be sure to read the label on all your cleaners and keep anything with these two ingredients separate from each other. Simply breathing in the fumes can cause serious health risks.

4. Don't Doubt the Power of Homemade Cleaners

Most people have some of the ingredients for the best homemade cleaners already in their kitchen. Not only are these cleaners effective, they're also super cheap. Vinegar is great for windows and can also be good for cleaning stains when diluted. Baking soda is a wonderful abrasive for cleaning out your bathtub, sink or for scouring the kitchen counters. Exact formulas for cleaners can be found through an online search, but be extremely careful when mixing.

5. Disinfect All the Common Surfaces When Dealing with Illness

Be sure not to overlook those items and surfaces that everyone touches daily if you're dealing with a sick family member. Bleach wipes or disinfecting spray, especially those in an aerosol can, are the perfect items to have to kill the germs that may be covering your home. When dealing with something that's infectious like the flu or a stomach bug, you will want to be sure to clean light switches, doorknobs, remote controls and anything else that everyone in the home touches throughout the day. Wipe down kitchen and bathroom counters and other hard surfaces that may have had contact with the germs. You should also wash bedding and towels in hot water to kill any lingering bacteria. If you prefer to go the natural route with cleaners, there are several essential oils that can disinfect when mixed properly. Recipes can be found online for those who are interested (once again, be very careful with what you mix).

6. Don't Forget to Delegate

When you're left with the responsibility of taking care of the home, you may feel like you have to do it all on your own to get the job done right, but that's simply not the case. Kids can begin doing very simple chores at a young age. This not only sets them up to learn responsibility, but can also help you around the house. Age appropriate chores will depend on the child, but some easy chores for children can includes sweeping, transferring clothes from washer to dryer, loading or emptying the dishwasher and taking out the trash. Decide what simple tasks you need help with and dole them out to the kids.

7. No Cleaning Before Pickup

You can't clean around stuff, not properly anyway. Get the kids involved in picking up the stuff in their rooms, as well as around the house. Trying to clean with toys and laundry and other things in your way will simply lead to frustration and discouragement. Take care of that stuff before you start cleaning.

Cleaning the house is a job that many of us would rather avoid, but who wants to live in a dirty home? When hiring a regular housekeeper just isn't an option, the case for most average families, you just have to do your best to work efficiently and safely to keep your home in the best shape for your family. Following a few basic guidelines can help you stay on task to keep your home and everyone in it happy, healthy and safe.


Why Use New Age Ducted Air Conditioning for Your Home?

There was a time when people use to settle cities, towns and villages based on climates. That is one of the main reasons why in ancient times, places with even and moderate climates were the first choice for most of the settlers. No one wants to live in extreme cold weather or in burning heat, at least if they can help it. However, with the change in time, we started to grow and needed more space, and our settlements started to spread far and wide, regardless of the weather. Some of the new and progressive settlements are actually in the middle of the desert. Though, it was only made possible with progress on technological front and the invention of stronger cooling options like ducted air conditioning systems.
Ducted Air Conditioning
Ducted Air Conditioning

Why use ducted AC over others?

Even though, window mounted or wall mounted and portable “monobloc” air conditioning systems for home have been available for some decades now, we get better cooling by using a ducted air conditioning system. It is considered ideal for the new age towns and cities, which were not developed with weather as the main consideration. Homes in these cities, may require better or stronger cooling systems, because of the hot weather, or maybe because the buildings are too tall to allow regular windows for proper ventilation.

Ducted air conditioning can solve all these issues and a lot more, as it comes in models for cooling only, and models for cooling and heating, both in the same system. They normally maintain a 20®C to 23®C temperature, all year around for your home or your office, regardless of what the temperature is outside.
Ducted Air Conditioning
Ducted Air Conditioning

A couple additional advantages

One of the other advantages of having a ducted air conditioning system is the protection it provides against allergic microorganisms. As you must have noticed that a lot of people are allergic to certain seeds or other invisible particles floating in the air. This system removes all these allergic particles while filtering the air for a room or a home, and provides a hypoallergenic environment to live, for everyone within the house. It also filters all the other impurities and creates an all-round hygienic atmosphere.

How does it work?

People like to understand the systems and devices they are using in their home, maybe not the complete technical side of it, but at least the general working principle of the system. So, let us try to explain these units in simpler words, by a point by point approach:
  • These units are generally completely concealed in a ceiling or any other usable void within the walls or closets.
  • To circulate the cooled or heated air, as per the setting or needs, they use diffusers mounted on the walls or ceiling of a room or the entire house.
  • Even though, the presentation and working principle sounds and looks different for these units. They still work on the same principle, when comes to cooling or heating the air, like any other traditional air conditioner.
  • Its cooling and heating modes are advanced, as compared to the older versions of air conditioners. It uses the chemical liquid in a repeated cycle for cooling and heating purposes. Hence, resulting in improved efficiency, which can easily be three times the normal

These are the main points on how this advanced air conditioning unit functions. Though, we need to keep in mind that every unit has its limitations in terms of size of the room or a home it can cool. If you try to cool a bigger home with a weaker or smaller unit, you might not get the desired results, as the unit will not be able to fulfill the cooling or heating needs.


The Many Reasons to Opt for Wood Fireplace

As you are aware that there are multiple choices where fire places are concerned- like the gas fire place, the electric fire place, the wood fireplace and also the ethanol fire place. Before opting for a specific one you need to decide on certain factors like-
  • Are you looking for a fireplace for the required warmth or aesthetics, or probably a combination of both?
  • Look for a fireplace with the intention of heating only one room.
  • Research the different options available and opt for the one which can blend well with the interior of your home and also provide the warmth and comfort.
  • It is advisable to take a look at the fire place when it is inactive as this can present a clear picture.
Wood Fireplace
Wood Fireplace
Keeping the old traditional model of a wood fireplace might be one of the best decisions you have taken. There are multiple advantages of this fire place. 

# Cost Effective

As we are aware the prices of gas and electricity seem to be constantly on the rise. In such circumstances, it is wiser to opt for a wood fireplace as you will be spending the minimum on the required logs as compared to the other options. As fire places work out to be a necessity in most places which experience harsh winters, this works out an apt option. This option can save up to nearly 80% of what you have been spending on an electric fire place.
Wood Fireplaces
Wood Fireplace

# Independent Energy

Gas and Electric Fireplaces can be termed as ‘unpredictable’ due to the ever changing weather conditions. Wood is easily available in all types of circumstances so it works out as an independent energy factor.

# Aesthetics

When anyone wishes for a fireplace, they always picture the wood fireplace. The atmosphere is cozier and intimate as compared to gas and electric ones. As we are aware gas fireplaces lack the crackle and the whip offered by wood fireplaces. These fireplaces are not able to provide the aroma which wood can. The total look and feel of a fireplace is absolutely different and appealing. These fire places also emit heat after the fire has burned off. This means, the atmosphere is warmer for a longer period of time.
Wood Fireplace
Wood Fireplace

# Environmental Friendly

Everyone, these days, is looking to contribute to save the environment in one way or the other. Opting for a wood fireplace is one sure way to do so. Although these fireplaces tend to leave out smoke, the logs available these days are totally free of moisture, making the emissions less harmful. Besides this, each tree that is cut down, one seed is planted, making this fire place a big factor for renewable energy.

# Choosing Wood Fireplace

Decide on the place before you opt for a wood fireplace as this requires a little of masonry work. Make sure there is enough space for a chimney for the smoke to be let out. You have a choice between the radiant heaters, circulating stoves and combustion stoves. You can take the help of a professional to choose the right one suitable for your home. Find out the features of the different wood fireplaces before making a choice. Make sure to keep your budget in mind before you make a decision. 

Though these fireplaces are reasonably priced but you would like to make sure they are worth the investment. You can search online for the different suppliers of wood fireplaces. This gives you an idea of the features and benefits which helps in making a fair decision.


Biggest Remodelling Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Going into big remodelling projects can take its toll; with all the extensive planning, budgeting and other crucial tasks and responsibilities, it’s quite easy to lose your head and bump into certain obstacles along the way. Many people who undergo certain home renovation projects, especially the first time, make a lot of mistakes, out of which some are minor… and others not so much. Of course, everybody makes mistakes, it’s only human, but in cases such as these, even a small mistake can cost you a lot of money, time, materials, equipment and not to mention that it could cost you the whole project. In order to avoid this, we have compiled a list of some of the most common mistakes that occur in remodelling projects and a few handy tricks on how to get pass them.
Remodelling Mistakes

Mistake No1: Not Thinking It Through

One of the most common mistakes in remodelling projects is rushing into it without making a detailed plan. These mistakes are done by many and they usually have severe consequences on the complete remodel and the overall financial state afterwards. A great number of people make the mistake of purchasing materials and equipment before actually listing the tasks that need to be done. Also, it’s crucial to prepare everything thoroughly before finally starting the job. This includes: making a plan, creating a budget plan, purchasing everything you need and establishing the terms of agreement with a potential contractor. It’s crucial to have a timeline and to follow it closely.
Remodelling Mistakes
Remodelling Mistakes

Mistake No2: Creating an Unrealistic Budget

Another big mistake that can easily ruin the whole project is not being realistic with your finances. There are two common errors that people tend to make regarding this: either start the remodel without actually creating a budget plan or making a budget that doesn’t cover all the costs. The key to creating a good budget plan is to make a list of all the repairs and upgrades you wish to do, calculate the amount of money needed to accomplish these tasks and then add an additional 20% to the final amount. This way you can be sure that you have enough money to cover everything, even in the worst-case scenario.
Remodelling Mistakes
Remodelling Mistakes

Mistake No3: Going Above the Law

With everything going around, it’s easy to forget about certain technical and bureaucratic aspects of the job. Depending on the area you live in and also the type of project you’re planning, it might be necessary to obtain certain documentation and permits from the city or county. Also, there are some projects which are required by law to be performed by licensed professionals. These jobs mostly include electrical, gas and plumbing services, HVAC systems instalment and anything regarding the structure and foundation of your home. Obtaining these licenses may take some time and also require a certain fee, so it’s a good idea to arm yourself with patience.

Mistake No4: Not Hiring the Right Person for The Job

Last, but certainly not least, is making the mistake of hiring somebody not fit for the job. While this can happen to practically anyone, it’s crucial to carefully choose the person you’re hiring and to make agreements before the project begins. It’s best to search contractors by a personal reference and it’s especially crucial when looking for extension builders, carpenters, roofing managers or anyone dealing with some major tasks in your remodelling project.

Somebody once said that only those who do not work, do not make mistakes. This being said, it’s important to realize that mistakes will always occur, but it’s your duty to learn from them and try to avoid them next time around. Major remodelling projects can get overwhelming, so hopefully this list will help avoid some of the most common mistakes during projects such as these.


Few Cost Effective Ways That Can Reduce the Expenses of Air Conditioning

The summers are unbearably hot and humid in many equatorial and tropical countries, in these areas the only way to have a sound sleep at night is to install an air conditioner at home. Hence, in many places air conditioner is not a luxury, but a necessity of everyday life. It allows the residents of the house to stay cool in the summer heat and spend comfortable time at home.

But the main problem with an air conditioner is that it draws too much energy and as a result, a huge electric bill needs to be paid at the end of the month. Luckily, there are a few effective methods for decreasing the high consumption of energy through the air conditioning system; that will lead to the reduction of the electric bill amount. 
Air Conditioner
Air Conditioner

Some practical methods that can be applied for reducing the cooling expense

  • Seal all kinds of leakage in the room – The air conditioner needs to work more if the cool air leaks out of the room. Hence, the rooms of the house should be checked to be fully sealed, when the AC is kept on. The windows should be covered well with the blinds, to block sunlight from entering the rooms.
  • Check the ENERGY STAR – As an electrical appliance with ENERGY STAR is supposed to be much energy-efficient in nature, it is always wise to buy only an ENERGY STAR certified air conditioner to cool the home, while consuming minimum energy.
  • Usage of AC for a single room – Much more energy is required, when central air conditioner is used at home. Rather, it is cheaper to install Window AC or a Split AC in each room, which demands much lesser electrical energy.
  • Regular servicing of the AC – The air conditioner should be periodically serviced by experienced professionals from any AC repair service provider company. The proper maintenance of the air conditioners at least once a year keeps it in proper working condition and saves much energy. The ducts of the AC should be checked by the professionals to be totally insulated, as any kind of leakage will result in drawing of more energy. The filters of the AC should be cleaned regularly and kept dust-free, to ensure best operation.
  • Regulate the temperature of thermostat – The temperature of the air conditioner should be kept at a higher level, which should be only a few degrees lower than the actual environmental temperature, to keep the room comfortably cool. But the practice of increasing the temperature, by regulating the thermostat, saves a lot of energy. The temperature can be made even higher on rainy days or at night, when the natural environment is much cooler.
  • Place the thermostat on cooler wall – When the air conditioner or its thermostat is placed on a much heated wall that receives too much sunlight, naturally the AC has to work harder to cool the room, demanding more energy for that work. Therefore, it is better to place the thermostat on the wall that receives the least sunlight, throughout the day; more preferably on any interior wall.
  • Turn off the AC when not needed – When the residents of the house are not at home, the AC should be turned off, to save unnecessary wastage of energy. The air conditioner can cool the rooms very fast, when turned on after a long time, so the residents do not need to stay in hot rooms for long. The AC can also be turned off or kept in ‘sleeping mode’ on a cooler night, for saving much energy. The fans can be occasionally used for cooling the rooms, instead of the constant use of the air conditioner.
We hope that the above mentioned tips will help you to save expense on Air Conditioning and makes you happy when you will see the reduced electricity bill.


Bring Elegance in Washing Area by Choosing Classy Tapwares

Apart from being in kitchen, bathroom and other washing area the utility items are considered as decorative to beautify the space. Gone are the days when these were considered to be used to steady water flow, the market today is flooded with designs the traditionally classy and contemporary to suit the design of the space they are being installed.

These are the first things you notice while entering the room; it displays the owner’s style and taste. Of course the quality varies with the price, but a careful choice is what makes or breaks the look. They come in different styles and sizes and the correct placement as per the area size is important.

Points to be considered while choosing the right tapware:

  • The correct design: It is essential to take a look around the room where they have to be placed. The design should mix well with the whole design of the area.  In our times the looks are very important and these are equally indispensable is the hold and feel of the taps. They should comfortable and easy to use. 
  • 3 Piece or Mixer: The prices of both are quite similar. The choice of 3-piece provides a more traditional look, while the mixers are modern and contemporary.
  • Functionality: The tapwares are used for a purpose i.e. free flow of water in the basin, tub etc. The size height or the fittings needs to be considered to suit the style and the comfort of the user.
  • Handles: They help in operating the taps. The mixer taps are either single or twin lever. The three-piece tap has either cross handles or lever handles.
  • Style: Minimalistic is the new look. Choice from any type of tapware like modern or colonial should be consistent with the look of the room.
  • Finish: They should be low maintenance long lasting items. The finish is what decides the longevity. Taps designed using chrome satin or nickel etc finish give extremely classy look.
  • Practicality of usage: The flow of water as per the requirement displays the practicality. The water speed and flow should be adjusted as per the requirement. E.g. to fill utensils, water tubs etc requires a higher flow as compared to brushing teeth or washing vegetables.
Selecting the right taps is not as easy as it seems. The laundry, kitchen, bath, shower and vanity etc taps have different requirements. While choosing these sets to match the design of the room can be difficult sometimes. More often people buy taps as a complete set, this saves time but customizing tapware as per the requirement and the design often looks appealing. Example, have different taps for kitchen or bathroom sinks will give a different impression while not giving out of the place look. 

Taps are made using materials like chrome, stainless steel, brass, nickel and gold etc. The choice of material will only enhance the look but it will not really affect the efficiency and performance. These varieties of textures will only provide a glossy gleam and sparkle to the taps. Alternatively brushing those with matte finishes provide a modern feel. There are taps that come with feature like LED lighting along the spout area that changes color as the depending on the water temperature

Tapwares are the style statements. The choice of classy or contemporary depends upon the individual style, but these choices are the statements that can add up to the look of the area. These tapwares come in variety of tastes, fashion and budget to fit in the requirements. Although they seem to be a small part but are a very important utility items. It is essential to take a look at the latest innovations that can fit all requirements from trendy too traditional.


Install Window Roller Blinds to Enjoy Peace and Security

Window Roller Blinds are the latest trend in commercial and also the residential setups. These blinds have been made up of many different kinds of vertical and horizontal slats.
Window Roller Blinds
Window Roller Blinds

Where Can You Install the Window Roller Blinds?

  • You can use the Window Roller Blinds in to the rooms where you want to completely block out the incoming light. If you have light sleep patterns then you should opt for the installation of a roller blind so that the morning sun does not disturb your sleep.
  • You can also install them in your home theater room. They will help you to completely block out any kind of incoming light enhancing picture and movie quality.
  • You can use the Window Roller Blinds in the bathroom for complete privacy. They are available in a waterproof material so that no amount of water splashed on them can ruin the blind.
  • You can also install them on sea facing living room with French windows. Living rooms which face the sea have to bear the brunt of the burning sun at some point of time during the day.
  • Below are some of the benefits of using roller blinds for your windows.

Aesthetically attractive: If you wish to go in for a window covering that has simple lines, the Window Roller Blinds are an excellent choice. It’s because they fit very closely to the window and do not use excess fabric.

Flexible: One more benefit of using the Window Roller Blinds is that these are quite flexible in nature. It’s because you can re-fit them with a fabric of your choice. If you are looking for a way to block the ultraviolet rays and the glare of the sun, then you cannot go past a sunscreen fabric.
Window Roller Blinds
Window Roller Blinds

Below mentioned are some of the ways that you select your Window Roller Blinds

Choose according to the purpose: It is important for you to first of all decide the purpose of the window cover. Do you want the roller blind to block light or you want to keep your home insulated? When your objective is clear then you can bring in some aesthetic appeal to your blind. A block out window roller blind is suitable if you want to block sunlight. If you are interested in keeping your room well-heated or insulated, then a plastic roller is appropriate.

Get proper measurement: You should measure the space where your blind needs to fit in before you purchase a window cover. Decide on a blind and see if it fits into your space. Take the measurement of the height and width of your windows. You can seek the help of furnishing consultants in the store if you are not comfortable with measuring. They will come to your home to take the measurement. The cost of the blind will be based on the space it will occupy. Ready made blinds are also available today. Ready made blinds are good if your windows are of a standard size and shape. If not, then you can opt a made to measure window covers.

Research and get quotations: In the market, you can come across many stores that sell roller blinds. Go through the shops you are comfortable with and opt for your favorite products. Get a minimum of three quotations from them. You are also advised to compare one store's quotations with another store. This way, you will have more knowledge about the prevailing rates in the market. You will also get a fair idea of the varieties available in the market. Select your blind only after thorough research.


4 Simple DIY Craft Ideas for Cat-Lovers and Their Pets

Your feline companion deserves to receive special care and new basic gear once in a while. Unfortunately, most of the kitty accessories in local pet stores and even online shops are often expensive. If you have some time, you can create your own pet paraphernalia and your furry friend will appreciate the results. Here are four DIY pet ideas which you can try for your cats, regardless of your arts and craft skill level.

Automatic Feeder

An automatic cat feeder is crucial for providing food in between full meal feedings. For this DIY pet idea, you will need a tub with a flattened lip along the top edge. You will also need a food dispenser which will allow the tub to rest on the opening without falling inside. Make cuts using scissors at the bottom of tub, about four times the size of food pellets.

Do not cut out the plastic; instead push the loosened parts in to create baffles. Place the tub on the dispenser and pour in the food. Tap the dispenser lightly and ensure that the pellets will fall out. Ideally, the cat will need to manipulate the feeder by bumping it lightly, so you will have to demonstrate a few times.

Cat Shelves

Carpeted cat trees have gained popularity recently because they are elaborate and provide nice perches for the cat. Unfortunately, they do not blend in with many interior design ideas and they are often expensive and too complicated for amateur DIY enthusiasts. You can choose the alternative cat shelves that present comfortable elevated rest sports. For this project, you will only need to get pieces of board or shelf material. Attach the shelves to your wall in a stair-like design and voila, your cat can rest like royalty.
Source: brooklynfarmgirl.com

Cat Scratching Posts

Cat scratching is an innate need, so you should protect your furniture by creating an attractive scratching post. You will need a wooden base as well as the actual timber post. Ensure that the base is flat, fairly heavy and stable and attach the post to it. Cover all the surfaces with carpet or turf to protect the cat, and attach a favorite toy or something dangly to attract the cat. You can also attach brush heads so that it will also serve as an automatic rubbing or petting station.

Mess-Free Litter Box

Feline creatures are adorable, but the messy litter that is often left around the box can be frustrating. You can make your own mess-free litter box using a gallon bin with a lid. Basically, cut a large hole carefully into the lid using a pair of scissors; the size will depend on the size of the cat. Pour the kitty litter into the box to your preferred level and cover the bin. The cat will be able to hop in and out of the bin and there will be minimal mess.
source: livingwellmom.com
There are numerous crafts and accessories that you can create for your pet, besides these outlined DIY pet ideas. As you advance in your skill level, ensure that every item that you make focuses on general exercise, comfort, stimulation around the house and even functionality.


Advantages and Installation Costs of Hydronic Heating Systems

The stone or tile floors look great, but they can be really cold during winters. One easy way to overcome this problem is to install hydronic heating system. The hydronic floor heating is a simple system which follows the principle of radiant heating. It transfers most of the heat by thermal radiation. In this, hot water or liquid is passed though pipes present beneath the floor, as a result of which the heat from water gets transferred to the floor to maintain comfortable temperature indoors.
Hydronic Heating Systems
Hydronic Heating Systems
Experts consider that the efficacy of these systems is better when compared to the conventional heating methods because it tends to heat the floor of the room which in turn warms the surface, furniture and most importantly your body, to save you from a harsh cold weather. Since closed pipes are involved in this technique there are no chances of dust, dirt or any form of allergens to enter into the house. But, you may wonder if the advantages of hydronic floor heating system limited to this or is there more to it? Read on!

What Makes Hydronic Heating System So Popular?
There are several factors that have made this system an extremely advantageous heating solution for the house, and this article will focus on the top 4 amongst them.
  • Eco-Friendly: This is natural alternative that uses natural gas and water to heat different parts of the house. Hence, it allows you to save almost 70% energy when compared to any other form of electrical heating systems. And the best part is that the overall system is completely sealed to ensure minimal emission.
  • Healthy & Clean: This heating produces warmth similar to that of radiation or natural convection. This means that it does not decrease the presence of moisture in air nor does it create extremely humid, noise or hotspots. This means if you are someone who wants to experience natural heating in your house even during the winters then hydronic heating system would be the apt option for you.
  • Noise Free Operation: This system generates minimal noise which is barely noticeable. The noise only comes from the broiler when it heats the water and transports it into the different pipes.
  • Comfortable: These systems are not only efficient and noise free but at the same time they even heat the space in an even manner, creating comfortable environment indoors. The technology has advanced so much that it enables heat to be delivered wherever and whenever you want in your house. Yes! The technicians are able to work out so many configurations to help you with attaining the exact comfort you are looking forward through this investment. This even distribution of heat balances humidity level and even provides you the opportunity to control the temperature of various rooms as per your requirements.
Hydronic Heating Systems
Hydronic Heating Systems
What is The Average Cost Involved in Installation of Hydronic Heating System?
There are many factors that tend to influence the expenses involved in the installation of hydronic heating systems. Most of the time it is determined by the
  • Area of the house where you want to install the system
  • Type of energy source that will be used in the broiler
  • Quality of pipes used for transportation of water
  • Professionals chosen for the entire process of installation

When you are working on the average estimate for installation then you can request for a free quote from various companies, as this will make you aware of the expenses and types of services needed for the job. These quotes can even be utilized for comparing the services and the fees of different companies, so you can go with the best professional that provides excellent hydronic heating system installation at affordable prices. 


Different Applications of Frosted Window Films

Once you have made up your mind in getting your home or office windows tinted, it is better to look for an option which can add to the beauty and also look stylish and elegant. These days, there is a wide range of options to choose from and one such option is the frosted window film. These are easy to apply and can be changed as and when required. Glass is one material which is a favored choice of architects and designer due to its innumerable qualities. This option also seems to have overtaken the necessity of curtains and blinds. In other words, frosted window films seem to be an ideal choice as compared to blinds and curtains.
Frosted Window Films
Frosted Window Films
There are multiple ways these frosted window films can be used giving the premises a totally different and stylish look.

Incorporating the window with the design of your room

There are times when most of us tend not to opt for a design which stands out in a room. You want this to blend and be compatible with the room. This is where you can think of using frosted window films. There is a wide range of subtle designs available in frosted window films which can add to the beauty of your room in a subtle manner, making it look classy.

A Stained Glass Effect

Stained Glass is definitely beautiful but thinking about the maintenance, there are many who tend to avoid this. This might not be suitable for the building you are living in. You can fulfill this wish of stained glass windows by opting for the frosted window films which specifically offer this effect. You can opt for Art Deco or even the traditional look with these films all at a reasonable price and without thinking too much of the labor involved in getting a custom made window installed.
Frosted Window Films
Frosted Window Films

Creating enclosed spaces

These window films can also be used to create spaces which are private in open areas. This can not only allow more of natural light in but also gives the area a better look as compared to cubicle walls. It is not essential that you opt for patterns for this look. 

Creating a Wall Paper Effect

For those who like to try out new looks for their rooms, you can think of opting for films which can give your room a wall paper effect. A wee bit of imagination and with a few colors added, you can have a totally desirable and ‘happy’ room without blocking out any sunlight.

Few Benefits of Frosted Window Films

Knowing some of the benefits of these frosted window films will help you while making a choice.
  • Any building, be it office or home, can get a totally new look with these window films. The drabness and the dullness of the building get neutralized with this option. These films seem to last longer as compared to blinds or drapes and also tend to be more attractive.
  • Maintenance is easy as all that is required is regular cleaning of the windows.
  • These frosted window films are available in a wide range of designs and styles. Colors can be chosen in accordance to the interior of any building.
  • This option works out affordable and easy as compared to replacement of windows.
  • You have the option of getting your company logo on this window film when you order these from an experienced manufacturer. 
All that is required is making the right choice of the supplier of these films, one that is able to offer the different choices available in reasonable rates. You can look for additional services to have these films applied to your windows by professionals, although this can be done on your own. 


Should You Call the Plumber or Do-It-Yourself for Blocked Drains?

There is always some or the other problem that keeps taking place in a house. The most common problems are the broken drains. But, it is not that the drains suddenly break down. There have been a lot of discrepancies on the part that lead the drains to breakdown. When the drains clog you decide to work it out yourself. This is okay only if you have a good amount of experience in unclogging the drains. But, if you have no experience and you decide to start and experiment; the drains can be damaged because of your unnecessary efforts.

However, there are a lot of small situations that can be solved by a few do-it-yourself ideas but you must be able to differentiate such situations from the one that require you to call in the experts. This is important because if there is a major problem in your drainage system you may end up either worsening it or may just damage the drainage system as such. The decision of calling the plumber will largely depend on the problem, your experience of dealing with the drainage problems and your financial condition.

When can you opt for DIY fixes? 

When there are minor clogs you can opt for unclogging the drain yourself. The clogs can be called minor if the drain is partially clogged and the dirty water is not back flowing completely. You will need to apply the right technique for opening the drain quickly and completely. For this you need a plunger that should be the right size. This plunger should be cupped over the opening of the drain so that a seal is created. After you have created a seal you must pump the plunger up and down vigorously. This will force the water in and out of the drain dislodging any material that is responsible for the clog. You may not dislodge the clog if it has been a long standing situation in one go but if you repeat the process several time you will definitely achieve success. You must however remember that while you are trying to unclog the drain you must not use caustic agents to dislodge the clog because that may seriously harm your drain and this may also cause irreparable damage.

When do you call for professional help?

The professional help from a plumber will be required for blocked drains or there is backflow of dirty water in your home. These stubborn clogs need the experience and expertise of a plumber who has the skill of clearing it all out without any hassle. The plumber is a professional who deals with pipes for a living. The plumbers are experienced about the various factors that may cause clogging of your drainage system and this is the reason why you should think of calling a plumber for the problems in your drainage system. Even if you think that the problem is minor, you do not know the root cause of the problem. This may actually accentuate the problem even though you are able to resolve the problem temporarily. The plumbers have many kinds of tools that they use in tackling the problems of various levels of difficulty. If the drain is broken your plumber may need to open the whole system and get to the broken portion of the drain and repair it there.

From the above discussed situations if think your drainage problem can be tackled by you then think again. Probably you should call a plumber who will better know the problem as well as its solution.

Best Ways to Maintain the Hydronic Heating System

The idea of hydronic heating or boiling point water heating frameworks is basic. With this system in place you get your ordinary high temp water needs and without much complaint. Be that as it may, one perspective that you should remember is that these gadgets require very little maintenance. This includes checking the vents in radiators furthermore the depleting of the kettle. There are some essential ideas required with running your framework proficiently. Other than this, you likewise can't disregard the element that without the right upkeep, there is additionally a danger included. Since these heating units are shut, it likewise implies that the water is being coursed through these channels into the heater on a consistent mode. With more current units there are separate zones for connecting the funnels. Here utilization of various funnels decreases the effect of heating in this manner requiring less support. However, there are certain important angles that you ought not to disregard.
Hydronic Heating System
Hydronic Heating System
Whenever you need a modest approach to heat your home that is likewise sound, you'll need to consider a hydronic heating framework is for you. The hydronic heating framework spares you cash on heating costs as well as dissimilar to constrained air frameworks, it doesn't flow dust. A hydronic heating framework utilizes brilliant heat which originates from the floor or from low dividers. This keeps up the temperature of the home and it does not make drafts or hypersensitivity concerns. In order to keep a hydronic heating framework working you should keep up it appropriately.
Hydronic Heating System
Hydronic Heating System

Maintaining a hydronic heating framework:

  • Do the establishment right at the First Time? Installing a hydronic heating framework, yourself in the event that you don't have proficient can prompt a not insignificant rundown of progressing issues. It is best to take help of an expert to introduce hydronic heaters. It might cost you more cash than doing it without anyone's help, yet doing it right the first time, the reality of the situation will become obvious eventually you cash and guarantee the framework is accurately introduced.
  • The most well-known issue with a hydronic heating framework is the disregard of the heater or the evaporator. You need to keep up these so as to keep your hydronic heating framework working adequately and productively. Check the heater or the kettle for stores of calcium or spots of rust. Both of these issues will bring about the kettle or heater to work more than it ought to. You can break up calcium stores with the right chemicals and after that you can treat the water for measures of calcium. Rust can be scoured away and any gaps can be fixed.
  • There are cleaners that are particularly made for the hydronic heating framework and just these ought to be utilized. These cleaning items keep up a legitimate pH inside the hydronic heating framework. These cleaners help in halting erosion and calcium stores from framing. The expense of this particular substance may appear to be high, yet it is significantly less expensive than the expense of supplanting the hydronic heating framework, heater or kettle.
  • Keeping up the real hydronic heating framework ought to be finished by somebody who is guaranteed to take a shot at this kind of framework. Numerous handymen you find in the telephone directory are not qualified to keep up hydronic heating frameworks.
  • Make use of the internet to get help on hydronic heating frameworks. Acquaint yourself with its parts, operation and upkeep. The better you comprehend it, the snappier you will know when something isn't right.
  • It is anything but difficult to put off upkeep on family unit frameworks and machines. On the off chance that you do a support check once every month on your hydronic heating framework, you will have the capacity to keep away from expensive repairs or set them aside for a long time.


How to Boost the Usability of Your Bathroom with Glass Shower Screen?

If it is your bathroom you want to beautify, you have got innumerable choices and options. Thanks to design innovations and innovative lifestyle solutions that keep surprising us every now and then. From countertop to vanities, from bathtub and shower cubicle design and straight down to the gorgeousness of tiles – everything is important when it comes to enhancing the appeal, beauty and glamour of your bathroom. Folks thinking to give a new look to the face of their bathroom should think of the shower space facility besides all the critical elements.
Glass Shower Screen
Glass Shower Screen
Shower cubicles, of all other essential features, means a lot since you are going to spend a great amount of time relaxing and feeling the water drops as it plunges right on to your body. With water creating therapeutic impact on your mind, you don’t want to think about anything else, do you?  So if you still have not taken such a vital slice of your bathroom into consideration, now is the time. Amongst everything else, shower screens are critical to giving a shape to the cubicle where you take bath.

Why need shower screen?

When someone takes a shower in a cubicle with no glass screen and just a curtain that partially covers the space, there is a huge possibility that you will find the floor soaked wet with soap water. And there is another danger lurching inside your wet bathroom, which is that you are likely to slip if you don’t remain extra careful while entering there. Shower screens in a way protects your shower session and puts border to the space you will use for your spa.

What type of glass screen to choose?

Shower cubicles come with variety of options to choose from. You can pick what kind of features you want in your bathroom. If there is a limited space, small corner unit will be a good idea. If you have a generous space in there, you can even opt for a double shower with a beautiful glass shower screen. Alternatively, if spa shower is your wish, your shower panel will be different depending upon your budget, the size of your bathroom and its decorative arrangement. Some shower screens are transparent while some are opaque with popular designs and patterns. Its height will also very and it will be subject to the suitability of your bathroom dimensions. 
Glass Shower Screen
Glass Shower Screen

The cost of glass screens

Glass shower enclosure can surprise you with varied price structure which depends massively on the kind of structure you are expecting for the screen. The final cost is decided by the several factors like height and width of your shower cubicle, style you desire and quality you expect.

Framed glass structure screens can fit into budget if you pick the standard frame and glass from the local home décor store. Opting for wall folding screen can also give you some rest with money.

What comes last at the end of price spectrum is the frameless, transparent glass shower screens since the glass you need for this kind of work is supposed to be thick, strong and durable. It can also increase the labor cost while getting installed. Custom doors usually matches perfectly to your taste and you must release some good bucks in the process unless you choose to have partial or half glass shower screen.

So what you think of shower screens?

Bathroom is the part of your grand home that often goes ignored and unappreciated. Why to forget what shower can do to your energy and freshness level? Transforming your bathroom into a haven will pay off and compensate all you invested: effort, money and time. Make your bathroom one of the most indispensable piece in your home renovation plan. Consider having glass shower screens installed. Give it a classy outfit and accentuate its style, it is one good room that will not give your pocket as much burden as other design aspects might.


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