5 Inexpensive Ways to Bring Your Living Room Back to Life

Today, our homes are the symbols of our personalities and perspectives. Everybody wants a unique home that will show the best of themselves. Yet, sometimes, you just can’t have one those naturally stylish studios. Indeed, you are going to want to turn your home into one of these signature homes, but that will be over your budget. Instead, I will give you five inexpensive tips that will turn the aura of your living room upside down. With these smart tips, you won’t have to spend a fortune to add culture and color to your living room. Bringing your living room back to life is much easier than you think.

1. Pillow Cases with Cultural Design

Time to throw out those dirty, cliché pillow cases! Pillow cases with standard color will be a good fit for any living room. You don’t want that. You want a unique, exotic living room. In this case, the best type of pillow cases is ‘kilim’. Kilims are not of a single origin. You can actually find Turkish, Balkan origin, or Iranian kilims everywhere. There are online websites that will ship these great kilims right in front of your door for a really cheap price!
Cultural Design
Cultural Design

2. Decorate with Rugs

It doesn’t matter whether it is on the floor or hung on the wall. Just like pillow cases, rugs will tell a different story each time you look at them. Turkish rugs for instance are mostly on the floor, underneath a coffee table. A rug will not only add warmth to your living room, but it will also add warmth to your feet. You should be aware of the motifs in the rug as each will take you to a different culture. For instance, the tulips are a symbol for the Ottoman culture. In the picture, you can see how the tulips surround a beautiful flower. Whether you have plants in your living room or not, this flower and tulip motif will give a new meaning of having life in your living room. Sometimes, people with modernized living rooms doubt the effects of a cultural rug. Yet, it is always suggested by the most famous interior designers that contrast between themes, like high-end furniture and ancient decorations, should be used for a touch of authenticity. As rugs have a range of variety, you will need to deepen your knowledge on how to choose a rug to get the best view of your options and decide which types will add life to your living room. At the end, you will be able to see through which rug with complement your living room.

3. Entertain Your Window

When it comes to decoration, you should use your limit wisely. Because whenever you decorate too much, the focus will be divided to too many parts. Like having one rug in your living room, you should add small additions to your window and curtains. First off, your curtains should not completely block the sun; otherwise, your living room will look in despair. Try window decorations and natural colored damask curtains on top of your creamy transparent curtain. The picture on the right is a great example of how you can decorate your window: Transparent curtain, damask window curtain, and a small decorative jewel. You should be careful while you choose your colors as it should enhance your living room’s color, not absorb it.
Window Decoration
Window Decoration

4. Add Color to Your Furniture

Speak yourself! Don’t just stick around with simple colors. Beige, white, black… Having your furniture in these colors is how you avoided taking risks for your living room. Now, how are you alive if you don’t take risks? It’s the same thing with your living room. Don’t worry about how that sofa is not the same color with your coffee table. You can simply prefer wooden coffee tables over regular ones to make your living room speak. Also, adding small, inexpensive coffee tables right next your sofa will give you and your guests a huge comfort as you will not need to reach for the mug that is on the centered coffee table.

 5. Table Runners

At some point, you will get bored of your coffee table, and you will look for ways to make it richer. Look no more! All you have to do is choosing the table runner that fits you best! Table runners with small touches of motifs will not only decorate your coffee table but also complement your rugs and window accessories.
Table Runner
Table Runner

These are the five inexpensive tips to bring your living room back to live. These small but unique decorations are really easy to find. Just check the internet, and you will be able to find any kind of addition to your living room for the cheapest prices. There are also designers, who can help you decorate your living room for really low prices. Don’t forget that uniqueness and taking risks are the essentials to bring your living room back to life.

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