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Security Doors: A Unique Way of Increasing the Value of Your Property

Getting security doors installed in one’s home is the best decision any homeowner has ever taken. All know about the numerous safety benefits of getting security doors but very few know about the way they increase the property value in case you plan to sell the property. Security is high on the priority list in the modern world and this is reflected in the booming popularity of security estates in the country. So, when one thinks about home security doors, one is thinking, “I am going to safeguard my family and my property,” and nobody is thinking, “this is going to increase my property value.” But whether you think about it or not, the fact is, installing a security door system will increase the property value manifold. Home buyers, especially young families who are well aware of the dangers out in the world, know that there’s no such thing as ‘too safe’ and many of them consider a home security system to be a key feature. You may ask how this happens. The answer can be given with a few points:
Home With Security Doors
Home With Security Doors

# Modern buyers are willing to invest more in a safe and secure home:

While looking to buy a new home, a majority of people consider all the aspects of the house as well as the neighbourhood. One of the main characteristics any individual will look into is how safe the neighbourhood is and how secure and safe all the family members will feel in the home. A burglar alarm and other security equipment attached to the doors will put potential home buyers at ease and assure them that their family members and valuables will be secure within the 4 walls of the house. Door security systems also help in enhancing the intrinsic value of a home by adding convenience and safety to your everyday life.

# Eligibility for discounts on home owner’s insurance:

When you install a door security system in your home, you can immediately become eligible to receive huge discounts on your homeowner’s insurance. The amount, of course, varies depending on the company, but most of the insurers offer a cut of up to 20% off your premium by having a monitored door system as, not only does a security system protect you against theft and burglary, but it also protects you against fire and flood damage. There are built-in flood sensors and carbon dioxide and smoke monitors to make your home safe from any type of emergency. Door security systems with monitoring networks, video recording and motion detectors along with the bells, whistles and sirens are really good point scorers with the insurance companies. Add on the carbon monoxide detectors, smoke detectors and fire alarms and you are sure to save some serious money on your monthly premium.
Security Doors
Security Doors

# Overbearing security is a no-no:

Too much of security measures that create a prison-like home might have the opposite effect on buyers. They may start to question the safety of the area. Focus on choosing security doors that will add to the curb appeal and value of your home, for example, an attractive electronic gate crafted from wrought iron. The metal spikes on a wall can be camouflaged with synthetic leaves. Burglar bars and security gates are available in a wide range of designs and colours to blend in with the architectural style and look of your home. If the security systems do not blend in with the outlook of the home, the place would look more like a fortress and less like a home which won’t be acceptable to many home owners.

With all these points in mind, you now know how having security doors not only enhance the home security, but also increase the value of your property. This is again another reason to get security gates installed.

The Advantages of Security Doors for Home and Commercial Uses

Security doors are highly in demand in today’s times, whether at homes or in offices. Due to increasing incidents of trespassing and violence these doors are in high demand.

Some of the most frequently asked questions about security doors are answered below:
Security Doors
Security Doors

How the magnet in the security doors work?

  • The electromagnetic locks are highly safe and secure. Basically the magnetic portion of the locks is skill fully attached to the frame of the doors and the supporting plate is attached along with the same, these two components come to action when the door is closed. This is how the complete process works.

What does the security alarm system mean?

  • There is a security alarm designed to sense intrusion, authorized or unauthorized entry into the premise or the building and trigger an alarm to alert others to prevent property damage or theft in the residential or commercial area. This is highly recommended for protection purposes.

What is the advantage of installing a panic hardware?

  • The panic bars also known as exit device or push bar. A panic device is basically a unlocking process during the time of emergency. This mechanism functions on its inbuilt spring –loaded metal bar, which is fixed horizontally to the interior of the door to an outward opening area. This is intended to become handy during times of panic, to exit and evacuate the area very quickly.
Security Doors
Security Doors
A security door is a must-have installation in every part of the world now, as it is the most important and major process to strengthen the doors against Ram riding, lock picking and door breaching. This is used to prevent crime in a very big way such as home invasions, burglary and many other kinds of protection is provided by using these security doors.

When it comes to deciding on the companies from where these installations are best to be done from, then it is highly recommended to check the market before taking any decision. There are many brands which have proved its quality and standards in providing such services and delivering the best of security. Security doors now are connected to CCTVs which in turn can be connected to our mobile phones and viewed from distant locations using internet. This enables us to store these images and videos as proof of an intrusion or crime as well as alert security officials of an imminent break in in real time.

A property without a security door is very rare to find these days. It is a proven fact that security doors are far better and advantageous than manual security systems. Yes manual security is required too, but it is in no comparison with these doors which provides great benefits.

Hence install a security door at your premise now and become the most secured right away. At the end of the day prevention is always better than cure to stay happy and relaxed always. Being secured is the most important. We must never fall victim to crimes happening around us just because we chose not to secure ourselves. Take proper initiatives and march towards a safe life by having all the precautionary actions taken. 

How Adding Security Doors Can Benefit You Significantly

There is no denying the fact that you always want to keep your home and family safe. Right from protection against burglars and vandalism to protection against storms, fire or any other dangers, you should always feel secure. This in turn will give you complete peace of mind at all the times. Therefore, the primary need on your part is to install Security Doors in your home. As you are planning to undertake a home improvement project, installing these doors need to be in the top priority list. It is true that there are numbers of steps you can take to improve the security of your home, but the door is certainly a vital aspect that you should not overlook.
Security Doors
Security Doors

Few Things to Know

In this context, there are some of the important things that you need to know on the Security Doors.
  • Since doors are an important layer of protection, the cost is not one of the first things that you think about.
  • These doors need not be boring and dull. They are available in different designs and styles so that you can easily find one that suits the décor and style of your home.
  • While shopping for a door, you need to carefully check the quality of the material used. The best doors come in steel or iron, and they are loaded with different features.
  • Along with checking the quality of the materials, you should never forget to check the quality of the lock. Some even consider choosing a good deadbolt, which provides an additional layer of security.
  • The installation of the doors is again an important factor to consider. You can talk to a company that specializes in installing the doors.
Therefore, it can be said that by going for some of the best doors, you can enhance the overall safety of your home.

The Right Material

As mentioned, it is important to select the right material to get best functionality from the Security DoorsSteel or wrought iron is the best option because
  • It offers increased level of security
  • It protects against the spread of fire
  • It is hard and strong due to which it can protect against heavy storms.
  • It can reduce the noises.

Make sure that you look for certain specifications while you invest on these doors including the certificate and the latest industrial standards for the same.
Security Doors
Security Doors

Buying the Right Door

Now that you are aware of the importance of the Security Doors, it is important that you only buy the right door for your home. However, there are certain important things that you need to keep in mind.
  • Purchase a door from a reliable and reputed company. At the same time, look for a company that offers installation services.
  • These doors are available in several designs and styles, due to which you will not have to sacrifice on the appearance of these doors.
  • The internet is undoubtedly a great place to acquire information. However, it is best not to buy the doors directly online without checking the door directly.

These are some of the things about Security Doors that will help you in adding complete protection to your home. Some manufacturers will also offer you customized solutions based on the area you reside and the type of home you have. If you want, you can also consider going for such an option for greater benefit.

Guide on Things to Consider While Buying Home Security Door

Security screen doors are quite popular these days. These are doors made from metal and consist of a key-style lock that lets owners leave the front door open although locked securely, and let fresh air circulate in the room. These doors have a perforated metal screen that allows you to see the outside from the inside of the home, and watch the person who has come to visit you. Most high quality security doors are made of wood, steel or aluminum, and they are a one-time investment as you can maintain them in a hassle-free manner, and they are also quite sturdy.  It is important to consider the following things while buying security doors for home.
Security Doors
Security Doors

Door construction material

Security doors should be durable, lightweight and easy to set up, and need to provide your home with an additional layer of protection without taking away from its aesthetics. While steel is known for its strength and durability, it is also heavy. Aluminum, on the other hand, is flexible and light in weight although not as strong as steel. Steel can offer the security and strength to protect your home and its members.

Frame Mounted or Flush Mounted

Frame mounted doors are made with an independent mounting frame constructed out of steel for the most superior quality and security. On the other hand, flush mounted doors do not come with an independent steel mounting frame. These doors are less secure and they cannot prevent many crimes, as experts think, and these doors also have low quality and capacity. Flush mounted security doors are less secure, and tend to shift due to natural and constant settling of the home given that such doors are directly mounted to the door jam. Frame mounted doors are independent steel frame mounted, and are more secure in form.

Paint Coated or Powder Coated Finish

Doors that are steel powder coated are very high quality and durable, as the coating is baked at 400 degrees to ensure greater longevity and better protection. These have a long-term finish. Few security-screen door firms have self-owned powder-coating facilities, which make them outsource this manufacturing stage.
  • There is less scope for quality control, inadequate powder coat thickness, and needless damages during transportation and production delays.
  • You should try to buy doors from companies having their own full-fledged on-site powder coating facility, which ensures the best finish on time.
  • It is recommended that you go for doors with the powder coat 2 – 3 mils in thickness, which ensures strong finish that can outlast wear and tear.
  • Many door manufacturers add a faux finish to the door powder coating, in order to ensure a more special feel and look.
Security Doors
Security Doors

Product Warranty

Find out whether the purchase cost also includes the warranty for the door. Go over the fine print and do not be scared to ask about the purchase details. Many companies offer warranty as an afterthought following the purchase of the products, and it is up to you to find out whether the entire door that you are buying or only parts of it is under warranty. Generally, it is advisable that consumers look for a structural and installation warranty for a lifetime in order to get a good investment, so that the door lasts for a long time.

You have to know who will be in charge of servicing your door in case of any requirement. Maintenance of the security doors are an important factor to keep your home safe. Just like installation of security doors, you have to find out who exactly should be called for door servicing in case of any need. Go for a company that has won awards for its customer service. 

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