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Do you remember your grandmother's house? There was a comforting smell and a "homey" decor throughout the home. Most likely, Grandma had her bathroom decorated with plastic flowers, lilac scented soap, linoleum floor with shag carpet scatter rugs, a fuzzy toilet seat cover, and a shower curtain that somehow involved lace. This was what you expected for Grandma's house and it was lovely, just like she was with her cotton floral house-dress, apron and plastic beads. Contemporary society has let most of those interior motifs fall by the wayside in favor of a sleeker, functional design motif.
Bathroom Accessories
Bathroom Accessories 
FUNCTIONAL: The fuzzy accessories of our childhood proved to be eminently impractical, from a functional standpoint the shag toilet lid cover tended to slam down at inopportune times! In addition, we place higher importance on germ warfare. Functional, in our current bathrooms, means easy to clean, does what it's intended to do, and perhaps covers more than one duty. Chrome, stainless steel or Lucite accessories, such as soap dishes and toothbrush holders look more sanitary because they ARE. Rough surfaces hold germs and debris that just cannot be cleaned properly with typical cleaning processes. Keeping these sleek surfaces clean is much more effective than fuzzy or pitted surfaces. Especially in families that include children, we like the look and functionality of bathroom accessories that require only a swipe with an antibacterial disinfectant.
Bathroom Accessories
Bathroom Accessories
SLEEK: While some people equate the work "sleek" with contemporary or modern motifs that border on a cold, industrial feel, the opposite is true. Actually, sleek, modern bathroom accessories accommodate a warm decor beautifully, as an ornate dress requires simple but bold jewelry. A rustic, stone or marble tub-surround looks fabulous when juxtaposed with chrome or Lucite accessories. Subway tile and Art Decor bath interiors make a perfect backdrop for chrome or a stainless steel tissue box. In a bathroom where the other design features were carefully chosen as the "star" of the room, choosing a sleeker group of accessories does not detract from that expensive patterned wallpaper or intricate tile. So many of us have an eclectic decor sensibility, combining heirloom treasures, art pieces and garage sale finds with umber-modern surroundings. This imbues our home with our own "signature" look.

Finishing the look of the bathroom is an individual undertaking. Just as with the rest of our homes, we want people to join us in surroundings that illustrate "who we are." When following one's own taste, with contemporary bathroom touches, we can never go wrong. We feel comfortable, clean, and perfectly relaxed in the bathroom design we've created. 

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