All That You Want to Know About Rising Main

Ground water extraction has become very important in our times and there are a lot of technologies introduced in the market to handle this work in a smooth manner. There are two basic types of rising main available in the market and they are wet and dry risers. If you are planning to install this in your property, then it will help to get to know the details about it and then purchase it. Below mentioned are some of the important details in this regard.
Rising Main
Rising Main

# Wet rising main

In the wet rising main or the riser, the water is permanently charged in the system. This is available at any place where the water is required either on different floors or on the different staged of a particular job. There is a shot off control valve installed in the riser and it is connected to the main water supply. If the pressure in the rising main is not enough for the extraction, then a booster pump can also be added in it so that the required flow and pressure could be properly managed. There is a pressure regulator where these are installed as this insures that the pressure head from the extraction point is not transferred to the hose.
Rising Main
Rising Main

# Dry rising main

The dry rising main is just a vertical pipe that is usually kept empty from the water. This can be fixed with the outlets in the different levels of the floor. However, unlike the wet rising main the dry rising main needs to be charged whenever required and this is done by the means of fire service pumps. It has a lot of benefits to the users when compared to the other available options. In the dry riser there is an air valve that is fixed on the highest point in the pipe that allows the air contained the pipe to be discharged when it is being charged with water. If an air valve is not fixed, then the air might remain in the rising main and this will not let it being fully charged. There is a drain value in the dry rising main in order to discharge the water from the pipe after the use. This provides a lot of benefits to the users because there are different features to help you control the pressure and so on.
Rising Main
Rising Main

Important tips to help you in the installation work

  • The pips made out of the thermoplastic polyurethane and polyester plastic have a high tensile strength and so these work out to be an apt addition to your water extraction projects.
  • There are chances to face problem with the water pressure and so it is important to make sure that you always have proper valves installed in the right places.
  • If there is a need to use couplings due to the shortage of length or if there is any other reason for this, it is important to make sure that you only make use of the high quality products in this regard.
  • Make sure that you select the product and the manufacturer according to the skill set and most importantly the experience in this field.
It is important to make sure that you get the best services out of your rising main, but in order to do that you also need to hire a reputed and experienced contractor who has done this job before. If you are new to the field of ground water extraction, then it will be helpful to get help from the professionals who share their experience on the internet.

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