Getting the Best Mirror for Your Home

In last decade, mirrors have become increasingly popular and there is a good reason for it. Instead of having pictures all over your apartment, you can choose a simpler option. Mirrors can be a perfect solution for a modern home and minimalistic style.

Unfortunately, as good as it sounds, picking just the right mirror can be a real pain. There are several factors which need to be considered such as shape and size. Furthermore, you also have to decide whether you will use it in a functional or decorative way. All of this will affect your final decision and type of mirror you get.

Here are a few things you have to know about mirrors before you make a purchase

# How many mirrors you wish to have?

This might sound odd but some people wish to get additional mirrors after getting a first one. If you are choosing mirrors for purely decorative purpose, you have to decide in advance how many mirrors you have to wish in your home. It can be really hard to incorporate new mirrors afterwards. This is why you have to choose several mirrors in advance, the ones that will play off each other, and stick with them.  

# Where do you want to place your mirrors?

If you wish to get a new bathroom mirror, make sure to get one with lights. Similarly, mirror with lights is great choice for bedroom. However, you will never purchase this type of item for your entryway. There is usually a lot of light here so the lights on the mirror may look excessive. Furthermore, mirror with lights helps illuminate face; feature which is not necessary while in entryway. Also, when talking about entryway mirror, it is much more logical to get a bigger product. When preparing to go out, you will be able to see your full image and notice if there are some issues with your wardrobe. Different set of rules applies for mirrors which are bought purely for decorative purposes. In this case, you will need to adjust to overall interior design of the room. Again, something to be considered.
Bathroom Mirror
Bathroom Mirror

# How large should your mirror be?

As mentioned, functionality will play some part when choosing the proper size of the mirror. Nevertheless, if you have liberty to choose any size of mirror, there are certain things you should know. Large mirrors represent a statement. When placed in a living room, they will become the centerpiece of that room. Make sure you got the right design. If you get a big mirror that doesn’t really fit the room, it will have disastrous impact on style. Small mirrors, although inconspicuous, can be used as hidden gem. Sometimes, you can accomplish much more by getting a mirror with nice frame than getting a massive mirror with intricate shapes.

# What kind of a frame should I get?

Mirror frame is another thing on the list. You can always decide to get a mirror with a simple rectangular shape and adorn it with a beautiful frame. This frame should be extension of your overall style – if your home is simplistic, you should get a simple frame and vice versa. Furthermore, it is better to get a frame in the same color as your furniture. On the other hand, if you wish for a mirror to stand out, you can get something completely different.

With these tips, you are ready for shopping! There is still a long road ahead of you however; picking a proper mirror can be so much fun. It will be really rewarding when you get the right item for your home and see it hanging from the wall.

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