Home Preventative Maintenance for the Winter Months

# Sealing Cracks and Holes Around Your Home

Since the winter months are just around the corner, it is wise to start preparing for those cold temperatures. You can do many things that can have your home ready for cold weather. Doing home preventative maintenance can help you avoid any breakdowns or any malfunctions that your home may experience due to the cold weather. You can hire professionals to do some of these maintenance tips, or you can consider doing them yourself to save some money. One of the first things that you can do is to inspect your home for any cracks or holes that can cause colder weather or bugs to go into your home. Make sure that you seal the cracks around your home with caulking that can withstand the cold, rainy weather. By doing this, you can save money on your energy bill, and you can also keep your home nice and warm.
Home Preventative Maintenance
Home Preventative Maintenance

# Checking Your Roof, AC Window Unit and Rain Gutters

You can also check your AC window units that you may have around your home since the window units will usually have openings. Make sure that you have a tight seal around the window to prevent any cold air from coming into your home. Another thing that you can do once fall is finished is that you can start cleaning out or repairing your rain gutters. By doing this, you can make sure that any rainfall or snow that falls during the winter months can flow smoothly throughout the rain gutters without any clogs or anything else that can cause damage to your home. While you're doing this, you can inspect the roof for any worn shingles and any potential leaks that may occur with rain. When you have your roof at its best shape, you can prevent any widespread damage to your home if water starts to leak. You can have a professional do this for you or any contractor who may have experience with roofs.

# Storing Patio Furniture and Insulating Water Pipes

One of the things that you can do that can be simple in order to maintain your home during the winter months is taking care of your patio furniture. You can store the patio furniture away in the garage or sheds that you may have in the backyard. This can keep your patio furniture from getting damaged due to snow, rain and other elements of the cold weather. You can also work on insulating exposed water pipes around your home. By doing this, you will be able to keep those water pipes from freezing in case freezing temperatures come to your home. The last thing that you want to deal with in your home is a busted water pipe, or even worse, a slab leak off the main (water pipe that runs from the street usually into the concrete under your home) which will cost you a lot of money to repair.
Patio Furniture
Patio Furniture

# Inspecting Your Heaters and Ceiling Fans

You can save even more money with your electric bill by changing the direction of the ceiling fans in your home. You can redirect the warm air from the ceiling to go back down, which will keep your house even warmer during the cold months. This can be another maintenance alternative that you can do for your home. While you're working on keeping your home insulated and warm, you can also check the most important thing in your home, which is the heater. Make sure that you check your heating unit for any wear and tear. Make sure that you also work on cleaning your heating unit so that it runs more efficiently and does not cause a fire.

# Checking the Smoke Detectors

When you’re working on doing preventative maintenance in your home, you can also consider checking on the smoke detectors. Since you will be using heating units in your home, make sure that you change the batteries in your smoke detectors. When you do this, you will make sure that you are ready in case of any fires in your home. In the end, following these tips can help to keep your home working properly during the winter months. Rest assured that you will be able to save money and headaches by having these items checked.

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