Timber Crate Storage Ideas You Can Have Organized in No Time

Timber is one of the most sustainable and eco-friendly materials around. Timber crates give you the flexibility to experiment a lot in the comfort of your home or even office space. Using this ensures that you are able to enhance your decor and also get some functionality out of these. Here are some cool ideas that you can use for these crates.
Timber Crates Uses
Timber Crates Uses


A little use for the kitchen, which not only helps in saving time but also effort! These crates are made of timber and are reused with pallets. If you have some timber pallets available then you can simply set these up on the walls and use it for keeping spices. These are perfect for such smaller shelves because they provide you with the durability and sustainability needed. You can use timber shelves around the kitchen to store all of your spices. These can also be used as a tray come crate as you can store as well as serve these spices with your favorite meals.


These crates also double as excellent console tables. You can set them up on the wall. What these console tables do is provide you with a niche for keeping books or other pieces. And, the top of these tables are used for placing flower pots or other similar decorative items.
Console Tables
Console Tables


If you have a child in the house then these are a perfect alternative to save both money and time. You can create a cute little blackboard for your angel. The timber offers protection and ensures that the board doesn’t break. On the other hand, the cubicles can be used for making little chests and storage areas for your kids.
Playroom Cubicles
Playroom Cubicles


Have a lot of DVD’s and records to store? Then use these crates made of timber to label and stock them. The idea is to maximize the amount of space and ensure that your musical records are also kept safe.


Along with the innovative spice rack, there are also many other kitchen storage ideas that you can make do with these timber crates. For example, if you have a lot of crates left, it can be turned into a layered stack or an organized trolley. Here you can keep your fruits, vegetables, etc.
Kitchen Storage Crate
Kitchen Storage Crate


The idea of using timber is quite cool for serving too. If you have larger slabs or boards, then they are great to be used as trays and serving boards. In fact, you can serve meats on it along with salads, fruits, etc. and many other similar items.


It can be used for anything! That’s the fun of these rolling stacks. Just install tires on the bottom of these crates and take it around picking toys, books, etc. and then put them in their required spaces.
Rolling Crate Stack
Rolling Crate Stack


If you are looking to utilize them in the bathroom, then towel racks are a sensible option. Just place these under the bathroom sink or have them installed on the wall!


Have your name painted or engraved on these hoardings and set them up outside the house! An innovative way to have your name plate!
Name Plates
Name Plates


If you like keeping dishes outside the kitchen, install them near the dining area. Pick out dishes and serve as required with minimal fuss.


Mark and label these crates to store your junk garage needs. Quick, easy and cost effective!
Garage Storage Crate
Garage Storage Crate


The wooden crates and wine boxes have fashioned a unique bar area in one corner.

So, now you can enhance your decor with timber crates and make sure you remember the above-mentioned innovative storage ideas of timber crates.

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