Tips for Gardening with Kids

Including your kids with you with your gardening tasks is not only fun but will also help them to get to know more about their surroundings. As you all know, most kids are busy with the different available gadgets that they have. But it would be beneficial for them to go out and join you in the garden, as this will teach them about the basics of science, but will also let you bond with them.


The garden is where kids can cultivate a fun and meaningful experience when it comes to learning. The reason behind this is because they can see the process of a typical life cycle, by watching how the plants will grow. Gardening will also teach them about environmental awareness, independence, caretaking, and responsibility. It will also make them aware on where their vegetables and fruits come from.
Here are some of the tips on how you can do gardening with kids fun and meaningful:

Give Them Space

Create a space where the kids can do their gardening tasks and creating them one is a good starting point. The kids will then be able to decide on what plants to grow and will give them an area where they can experiment without actually making an impact on the entire garden.

Gardening Tools

It would also be best to choose gardening tools that are kid friendly to make sure that they are doing their gardening tasks safely. There are gardening tools that can be purchased which are safe to use by children. You can also bring your kids with you so they can choose the color that they like.
Gardening Tools
Gardening Tools

Gardening Projects

Providing landscaping projects for your kids will surely enhance their creativity. As you all know, they love being around colors and providing them the necessary tools for them to decorate their garden space is essential. You can help them create a colorful garden by choosing the right plants that can produce vibrant colors. You can also make a pizza garden by organizing the crops to create pizza shaped crops.

It would also be good to teach them on how to plant and do things the right way. You also need to teach them how to get rid of pokeweed safely, by introducing the plant to them first.

Of course, there are also plants that are ideal for kids to plant, and knowing what these plants are is essential. Here are some of the plants that children will surely love to grow.

Snap Peas

One of the easiest plants to grow is snap peas since they have the ability to grow quickly. Snap peas can germinate in as short as ten days and can be eaten in less than two months. Kids will surely love to harvest these snap peas and eat them right off the vines.
Snap Peas
Snap Peas


Another great plant to grow is sunflowers since the seeds have the ability to germinate in just one week. Sunflowers can grow in larger varieties and can even become taller than your kids at the end of the summer. The kids will surely love the bright yellow colored flower in their garden space.


One of the fastest growing plants to grow are radishes, wherein you can harvest them in less than one month. Your kids will surely love to red globes that are popping out of the ground where they planted the radishes.

Cherry Tomatoes

Cherry tomatoes are sweet, bright, and round, which makes them a perfect plant for kids. This type of plant is known as a grower that is prolific, which will ensure that kids will be interested all throughout the season of growing.
Cherry Tomatoes
Cherry Tomatoes


It would be best to let your kids plant pumpkin seeds early in the year for them to get excited about the fall season. Pumpkins may not be fast growing, but kids will surely love watching over the growing process of the pumpkins for the entire season.


As you all know, kids are in love with potatoes and seeing these potatoes to grow before their eyes surely amaze them. Let them harvest the potatoes, and you will surely see the amazement in their eyes.

Green Beans

Another fast growing plants are the green beans, which are also one of the plants that have yields that are high. Kids will have fun harvesting this plant because it does not usually grow that tall. The snapping sound that the beans have.


One of the reliable and quick crops that can be planted is lettuce since the kids can quickly harvest the plant in less than one month. Once the plant is ready to harvest, let the kids collect them. Incorporate the lettuce in their salads for them to get to like it.

These are some of the plants that kids can safely grow which they can also enjoy. Follow the tips for gardening with kids above for you to ensure that they will have a great gardening experience.  

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