Why Should Sliding Doors Be Replaced with French Doors?

One home improvement project is desirable to replace sliding glass doors with the new French doors. French doors might be most preferable for most customers but the ability to actually buy these doors might be more difficult than anticipated by the homeowner. Buying such doors is not an easy task and cannot be tackled by anyone on their own. It is highly recommended that customers do not buy such doors or windows on their own and look for easy DIY kits.

The upgrade from replacing those heavy, inconvenient sliding doors made of glass with French doors is one of the best upgrades a house owner can get.
French Doors
French Doors
Safety: Hinged French doors that can swing are definitely a safety improvement when compared to big, messy sliding glass doors. Since sliding glass doors run on rollers and tracks, they can be easily removed from the outside by a common thief thus making these doors unsafe with respect to security. This forms the majority of the reasons why thieves are able to get inside homes and rob them easily. The bad guys can pop open the sliders in minutes and easily gain access inside the house.

Since French doors swing out because they are hinged, they can’t be kicked in or popped open. Even though the hinges are exposed to the outside, they are made up of non-removable pins in order to ensure that no one can pop the hinges from the external environment. The French door is also locked with a strong steel rod both at the top and at the bottom and also is provided with a deadbolt that locks the primary door to the stationary door of the installation, which in turn provides the door with a locking mechanism at three different points. The user can also add a multi-point locking system that engages at three points automatically when the handle is pulled up.
French Doors
French Doors
Function: This is possibly the best reason to make the change fit the doors with French sliding doors. If the existing door is a 6′ sliding glass door, the door can only open up to a maximum of 3′, while the similarly sized french door would allow the user to open both doors fully in order to open the entirety of the 6’ of open space and making the process of moving large items easier. If the sliding glass doors are smaller, then the problem can be worse.

Half of the argument regarding this factor is the importance of daily use. Sliding glass doors are very heavy and usually function with the help of rollers that quickly wear out due to a number of weight forces of them. This, coupled with the amount of dust and debris getting inside the tracks, the door gets easily strained. This damages the entire door.

Energy Efficiency: One of the biggest advantages of carrying out a replacement is the excellent saving of energy and electricity with respect to French doors. This was a point for the debate earlier, but now this is one of the main tipping points in the favor of French doors. The main thing about French doors is that they are manufactured of High Performance Fiberglass with a type of glass that is called Low-E, which is at least 1″ thick and at the least contains double panes. The solar hear the transmission or the U-factor of French doors with the presence of low E glass is always 4 times efficient when compared to an old, existing sliding glass door. French doors contain weather strips that tightly seals the door from the outside water and air. 

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