15 Ways to Organize Your Home Faster

Though you may spend hours keeping your home neat and clean, it is usually unkempt when you have surprise guests over for dinner. This is when you do not know what to do as your home just looks unpresentable to guests! Instead of fretting about the untidiness, there are 15 ways to quickly organize your home.

1. Pile up your things:

Start by organizing the stuff lying around your home. You can make different piles for laundry, things to throw away, things that belong in the respective rooms and things which have to be kept in other rooms. Do the same in each room and shift things to the different rooms as required. 
Home Cleaning
Home Cleaning

2. Sort your mail:

Similarly, sort out all your mail into invitations, bills, subscriptions and miscellaneous. Not only does it make your home look neat, it is also easier for you to pay subscriptions and bills later on when you are free as you needn’t go looking for them!

3. Use your vacuum cleaner:

Everything gets faster with vacuum support. You don’t need to have an expensive one, only a vacuum under $100 is enough. Then pull out your vacuum cleaner and start cleaning your home. You can use it not only to clean your carpets and floors but also use the dusting brush to clean books, lamp shades, mirror frames, blinds and just about anything that needs some dusting. Things get easier if you start with the rooms your guests are more likely to or will see first!
Vacuum Cleaner
Vacuum Cleaner

4. Tidy the doorway:

Do not forget to tidy the doorway as the first impression is always the best impression! Hang up all coats there and put away the shoes. Beat mats and rugs to get rid of the dust on them and then mop or vacuum the doorway. If time permits, you can also wipe the front door’s exterior and any outside windows.

5. Clean the dining room:

Change the tablecloth and set the table only after you are done the vacuuming and dusting the dining room. Doing it first only leads to it possibly getting messy while you clean and dust the room, and will be an unnecessary task of cleaning it again.
Clean Dining Room
Clean Dining Room

6. Attack the bathrooms:

The bathroom will need a thorough cleaning. So let the toilet soak while you spray the mirror and do other things like changing the garbage and soap. Make sure you have a stock of toilet paper on hand as you never know when you or your guest will need it the most! So keep at least two rolls on standby near the toilet of each bathroom.

7. Your kitchen:

When in the kitchen, you have to first wash the dishes and put them away, and then wipe down the counter. Then go through your fridge as you don’t want it emitting a foul smell every time you or your guests open the door! Check the expiry dates of the foods and throw away anything that is overdue. If there is time, you can mix some hot water and baking soda to use to wipe the fridge shelves, drawers and door to get a fresh smelling fridge once again.
Kitchen Cleaning
Kitchen Cleaning

8. Time for bedrooms:

Now it’s time to tackle the bedrooms. Clean and change sheets, especially in the spare bedroom if your guests will be staying over. Then vacuum the floor with your vacuum cleaner under $100 and use it to dust tables too. Do the same to your bedroom and if you have kids, their bedroom too.

9. Stacking bed sheets:

While setting your bed sheets, there’s a small trick you can do to prevent the matching sheets getting lost in the cupboard. You can tuck a sheet inside one of the pillowcases and then stack the sets based on the sizes, if you have the twin, full, queen and king sized sheets. Another alternative is stocking the sheets based on the room it belongs to like a master, children’s and guest bedrooms.
Bed Sheets
Bed Sheets

10. Label wires:

If you have lots of confusing wires around the house, there’s a small trick you can do to organize them. You can label each plug with some taped paper where you have to write the appliance that the plug powers on it before putting on the tape.

11. Clean in sections:

It is easier cleaning a room if you split each room that you clean into a few sections. This way you can tackle each section and get a feeling of accomplishment on completing each task. If not into sections, you can also try dividing the work to be done in each room so that you feel satisfied with completing each task and moving on to the next task.
Cleaning a Room
Cleaning a Room

12. Your donation bag:

Once you are done organizing your things, it's better hanging large tote bag somewhere in the middle of your home. This prevents your home from getting messy as your kids and family members can drop all their unwanted possessions in this bag. It could be house wares, toys, clothes and other items which you can carry to the local charity and donate it there once it’s full.

13. Cereal boxes make great organizers:

Similarly, you can use cereal boxes to keep your child’s tables well organized at all times. You can turn the cereal boxes into coordinated desktop organizers where your child can store books in large boxes and their school supplies in small boxes. Even used paint cans can also be used for organizational purposes, with a modern flair.
Children Room Cleaning
Children Room Cleaning

14. Arrange keys:

If you have lots of keys, you can reduce the chances of their getting misplaced, and make them look neater and organized by making a key rack. All you need to do is create a custom board that has its individually, clearly labeled spaces for the different keys like house keys, car keys, and any other vehicular keys.

15. Take a second look:

Once you are done with everything, take a second look and do any minor cleaning or dusting you may have missed. Just be calm and final touching up’ after cleaning to clean all the spots you may have missed.

See? It was not so difficult! These 15 quick home organization tricks can prove helpful when you need to clean your home in a jiffy. Remember, prevention is also always better, so it’s better if your family members develop a habit of being responsible for their messes, and putting away everything once they are done with it. This way you will not have much to worry about when you have unexpected guests at home as your home anyway looks best at all times!

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