5 Home Cleaning Mistakes You Must Avoid Next Time

Home cleaning is a routine activity for us. We must not underestimate the need for living a healthy life and cleaning house properly is always a prerequisite to a healthy living. Unfortunately, we make a good number of mistakes when we clean our houses. But avoiding those mistakes does not take much time and efforts. Make sure you don’t make the following house cleaning mistakes again and live a healthy and clean life:
Home Cleaning
Home Cleaning

1. Not Cleaning Your Cleaning Tools

Make sure you clean the cleaning brush, towel, sponge or whatever you use for home cleaning at once a week to remove the odor and bacteria. Each time you use any of those things, the odor and bacteria are going to be multiplied in themselves, and this will spoil your cleaning purpose – being healthy and clean. You can clean your sponge, towel or brush by putting them into the dishwater. This will kill the bacteria and help avoid the germ.

Oh, don’t forget to clean your vacuum cleaner too. If it’s not properly cleaned, you will spread dirt particles around your house instead of absorbing it!
Cleaning Tools
Cleaning Tools

2. Not Keeping Your Toilet Brush Clean

Toilet brush is the thing that probably does the dirtiest work for you! So, take good care of it. Always rinse your toilet brush very well so that it doesn't become the breeding ground of bacteria and germ. After cleaning it, let it dry for a few minutes and keep it in a place where it will remain dry. At least do not store it until it is dry.
Toilet Brush Clean
Toilet Brush Clean

3. Using Chemicals on your electronic gadgets

Never use any spray or chemicals on or around your electronic gadgets unless it is safe to do so. If you need to clean your Computer desk or TV or Microwave stand, move the item before cleaning. ‘One shot’ won’t probably harm the electronics, but continuous use of cleaning products on or around it may damage the gadget permanently.

Try to read the instruction manual given with every electronics and follow them. If you aren’t sure what to do, utilize a dry, clean piece of cloth, air cleaner or soft brush to clean up the electronics.

4. Not Reading the Instructions on cleaning products

Never use any cleaning product without reading the instructions labeled on it. The time you will spend to learn about these important instructions won’t be a waste. It will save you both money and hassle. Also, do a test patch if possible. For example, use the carpet cleaner on a corner of the carpet before using it all over the carpet. You will know for sure whether the cleaning product suits your carpet material or not.
Cleaning Products
Cleaning Products

5. Using Too Much Cleaning Product

More isn’t always good! Never use too much water or any other cleaning chemicals, spray on your upholstery or furniture. This may damage the upholstery or furniture permanently.

Try to know or read the cleaning instructions on the items you are planning to clean. Also, try to understand the instructions for the cleaning materials you are planning to use on the items. Never combine one product with another one too. This may cause severe damage to your belongings.


If you want to learn the best ways to clean your house, probably take professional cleaning service at least once from a reputable service provider like Cleaning Pros. You can learn seeing them apply many unique techniques. Remember, the worst home cleaning mistake is probably not cleaning the home frequently! Note that little and frequent effort will keep you on top your cleaning chores. Otherwise, it will keep you on top of dirt piles! Avoid the mistakes described above; you will have a cleaner and healthier home.

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