5 Simple DIY Halloween Decorations for the Inside of Your Home

As Halloween draws nearer each day, everyone is getting excited and going crazy with the outdoor decoration. Who doesn’t want to have the spookiest house on the block? But what about indoor decorations? Are you planning on having a Halloween party, or just want to feel more immersed in the holiday? Then you’ll want to check out this list of indoor Halloween decorations for your home.

1. Wooden letters

Wooden Latter
Wooden Letters
Thoughts in Vinyl has an array of cutesy Halloween decorations with their wooden signs. They have tutorials and craft kits so you can make your own! These are great simple decorations to have kids help set up, or just to add a little holiday pizazz to your home.

2. Bleeding Candles

Bleeding Candles
Bleeding Candles
If you like Halloween for the gore, then these bleeding candles are a must for your home. Use them to add a little ambiance while watching scary movies with your loved one. All it takes is some white and red candles, parchment paper and tin foil. You can push nails or pins into them for an added creepy factor.

3. Potion Bottles

Potion Bottles
Potion Bottles
Try these Halloween potion bottles from Frugal Coupon Living. Add a little authenticity with these crafty decorations.

4. Bats

Make mealtime a little batty. Create dozens of little paper bats to look like they are flying right out of a cave. Whether you’re having a Halloween party or just want to create some more excitement for your kids, this decoration is sure to impress.

Find the full tutorial at Made Every Day. 

5. Mason Jar Luminaries

Mason Jar Luminaries
Mason Jar Luminaries
Light up your home at night with these mason jar luminaries. All you need is a Halloween cutout, a mason jar, paint, and a candle to light it up when you’re done. This simple decoration is sure to add to the excitement of this fun holiday. 

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