Benefits of Bathroom Shower Screens

When installing a Bathroom in your home, you have many choices to make. You can opt for walk in shower or can waterproof the entire bathroom; you can choose a neutral décor or can select some vivid colours. And when you are choosing tiles you must decide your favourite colours, design and material. At first you may not give much importance to the thought of installing a bathroom shower screen. But if you do not think about it in the planning stages, then you might end up without a shower screen and can regret later. Though, it is irrelevant having a shower screen in a fully waterproofed bathroom, but it adds a different look to your bathroom.

Some of the benefits of Bathroom Shower Screens are as follows:

Bathroom Shower Screens
Bathroom Shower Screens

It Stops Water Splashing into the Room:

Installing a bathroom shower screen in your walk-in shower prevents water in the shower area from splashing onto the floor and other fixtures and fittings. If your bathroom area is small, then containing the water is particularly beneficial so you do not end up with wet towels.
If only the shower area has been waterproofed, then it is important to add a screen to contain the water within the shower area, to prevent leaks. If, on the other hand, the entire room has been fully waterproofed, leaks are not a concern. In any case water on the floor is always a safety hazard and having shower screen as a barrier will contain the water from spilling and will minimize the risk of slipping.

Create A More Traditional Shower Enclosure:

Bathroom Shower Screens
Bathroom Shower Screens
A walk-in shower provides a modern alternative to traditional shower-over-bath sets ups or white plastic shower trays. However, it can happen with many people that the sense of openness which comes with not having a bathroom shower screen can leave them feeling exposed. By adding a screen to the walk-in shower, it creates a more familiar shower enclosure and provides a sense of being enveloped by the shower area, creating a warm cozy feeling. The familiar feel of the shower enclosure may also have more appeal to prospective buyers if selling your home and may be viewed positively as a modern twist on a classic set up.

It Can Provide Additional Storage:

Installing a bathroom shower screen provides an opportunity for adding extra storage. For example, a double robe hook clips over the top of the shower screen so that you can easily hang your towel and robe just outside the shower, meaning you can reach them without having to drip water across the floor. You could also add hanging racks to organise haircare products that similarly clip over the screen, adding convenience and saving space.

It Will Not Create A Visual Barrier:

Bathroom Shower Screens
Bathroom Shower Screens
Clear and frameless, bathroom shower screens are minimalist and will not obstruct the ability to see the entire room, thus adding to the illusion of space. The simplicity of the design complements the modern walk in shower, whilst providing a welcome physical barrier to the shower spray.

It is Easy to Clean:

A considerable benefit of bathroom shower screens is that they are easy to clean and maintain a hygienic condition. As they are frameless, you do not have to worry about mould growing in nooks and crannies, and basic regular cleaning will help keep their clean look.

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