Staging A Home – Very Important When Selling

If you are in the market to sell your home, you may have heard from your real estate agent speaking about staging your home. You may have wondered why it is necessary; you may also have thought that you have a good home and it can be sold as is for a very good price. Well, you are right as well as wrong. You may get a good price for your home but if you stage your home you will get a good price guaranteed. Let us see how to stage a home:
Wood Burning Stoves
Wood Burning Stoves
The first thing that a prospective buyer sees when he comes to your home is your curb. You should make sure that your curb appeals to the buyer. To achieve that you should mow your lawn, keep a few pots with flowering plants, a neat mail box would also be attractive. One thing that most people forget is to clean the main door or if required paint the main door. A clean main door will only add to the appeal.

Once the curb is ready you need to make your rooms attractive. Remember that the buyer wants to buy and most probably live in your house, so he or she should be able to visualize how they would place their furniture etc. It is necessary to remove excess furniture from your living room. You can store them in a storage locker to create room. Wood burning stoves are quite the rage and having one in the living room will add the necessary appeal. Also it has been found that a modern wood stove can increase the value of your home by 5%, which is reason enough to add one.
Wood Burning Stoves
Wood Burning Stoves
The next thing that you should do is to make your kitchen attractive. The kitchen is the place where a lot of important decisions are taken in many homes and hence the kitchen should be inviting. You should ensure that the faucets are not dripping, the tiles are not broken, the appliances are all working etc. All these are important while staging your home and the most important is to bake some cookies. The pleasant smell of cookies will surely appeal to the buyer.

The bathroom is also a very important room. Many buyers have rejected homes because they did not like the bathrooms. So ensure that the bathroom is spic and span. Replace broken tiles, replace dripping faucets etc.

Another important factor for a good sale is the amount of light in the house. Keep all the drapes open and let in the light. Buyers like to buy a home that has a lot of natural light coming in. Remove or move furniture that blocks natural light. Keep a few good photos on the mantelpiece, keep a few nice books on varied subjects in your book shelf, keep fresh flowers in the flower vases. All these small steps are a part of staging your home and each of these steps will ensure that you make a sale and also get a good price for your home.

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