5 Reasons Why You Should Choose A Chesterfield Sofa

Apparently, the average Brit will spend around 17 years of their life in their living room, so it makes sense to invest in a sofa that is durable, comfortable, and beautifully designed. The Chesterfield sofa ticks all three boxes and more, but in case you’re not convinced, we’ve rounded up the top five reasons we think you should choose this classic design.
Chesterfield Sofa
Chesterfield Sofa

1. They never go out of fashion

The Chesterfield sofa is timeless. Its classic button back and elegant rolled arms will simply never go out of fashion. Many contemporary sofa designs are inspired by the solid structure of the Chesterfield, however, these will quickly date. The Chesterfield, however, is ageless. Whether you choose a traditional brown leather style, a modern velvet, or a country-chic tweed design, you can rest assured that your sofa will be on trend for the duration.

2. They are made in Britain

The first Chesterfield sofa was designed to prevent a gentleman from creasing his suit when seated – it is as quintessentially British as a cup of tea, or a scone with jam and fresh cream. And what’s more is that the Chesterfield is one of the few products that continues to be manufactured in Britain today. Certain manufacturers, like Robinson of England, even continue to use the traditional crafting techniques. Chesterfields are keeping British manufacturing alive – and we think that’s important!
Chesterfield sofa
Chesterfield sofa

3. They will last a lifetime

Contemporary sofas can quickly lose their structure, and as a result, their comfort. The Chesterfield that is manufactured to a high standard will not wear down, it will remain structurally sound for years to come. Whilst the fabric can wear with time, this often adds to the charm of the design. However, they can also be reupholstered for a fraction of the purchase price. The longevity of the Chesterfields life span means that they offer excellent value for money.

4. They can be made bespoke

Most traditional Chesterfield sofa manufacturers will offer bespoke design options. At Robinson of England you can customise everything: the fabric; the colour; the structure; and the manufacturing technique used. We can even reupholster your existing furniture to tie in with your new sofa. Chesterfield’s are as diverse as people are, they can be designed to look classic, or you can incorporate a contemporary twist to the classic design.
Chesterfields Sofas
Chesterfields Sofas

5. They are made to measure

Traditionally, Chesterfields sofas are large and grand, their tall buttoned backs and broad rolled armrests were once refined to manor houses. But now, they can be adapted to fit the space you have available. The chesterfield design will always make a statement, and is bound to become a talking point amongst your other décor, but it does not have to over-occupy your space. Modern designs can be made to measure to fit your room and will anchor the space.

Robinson of England specialise in traditional craftsmanship and strive to offer an inclusive range of chesterfield sofas and chairs. For more information visit Robinson of England.

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