Importance of Using Recycled Hardwood

Recycling is the current fresh breeze. The amount of damage, the humans have inflicted upon our mother earth and its precious resources is beyond repair. However, activities like recycling can do some repair to the damage and thus are being promoted and practiced at a large scale. One of the most important things to recycle is wood. If we do not opt for sustainable ways, we will end up exhausting all our forests. Man's quest for more has resulted in large scale deforestation causing extinction of many wildlife species. There has come a time when we as a human race must realize that any more damage can bring us in the threat zone. So, one must promote and follow recycling process so that we can stop the harm we are causing our nature.
Recycled Hardwood
Recycled Hardwood
Recycling is not only eco-friendly but also reduces the cost drastically. The cost one will have to pay for cutting, transportation, processing of wood, that is way higher than what it is when we use recycled hardwood. Also, it is time saving. When we use a fresh hardwood, we will have to process it to use it as a final product, however; when we opt for recycled hardwood, we do not need to process the wood for use. All we need to do is treat the wood to remove any impurity and process it for the final product.

Recycled Hardwood can be put to many uses. However, the most common of it is hardwood floors. Harwood floors are very well known for their durability, environmental profile and of course restorability. They are tough and termite free. Bamboo flooring is considered to be a kind of hardwood flooring even though when it is made of bamboo rather than being made of timber. Hardwood floorings have become a preferred choice for the customers these days who want to stay away from the daily cleaning stuff.

There are two types of hardwood floors available in the market these days, they are as follows:                                                    

Solid Wood Flooring – The thickness of such kind of flooring ranges between 3/4inches to 5/16 inches. As the name suggests, it is a solid piece of wood from the top till the bottom, with the thickness as specifies below. The benefit of such a hardwood thing is that it can be sanded and also be refinished many at times. It can either be installed on grade or above both the ways. Recycled wood can be used for this type of flooring.
Solid Wood Flooring
Solid Wood Flooring
Engineered Wood Floors – these kinds of floors are manufactured by using three to nine layers of different kinds of wood veneers, the grain of every different layers is seen running in different directions, which helps in making it very stable. This kind of arrangement implies that the expansion and contraction in wood will be lesser as compared to that of flooring of solid wood, which happens due to humidity and temperature changes. Moreover, as the word “engineered” suggests, such kind of flooring is specially designed for durability
The uppermost wood is of high and of a good quality wood. But this kind of flooring cannot be sanded and refinished a number of times as the solid wood can be. This too can be installed both below or grade. Recycled wood can be processed and put to use as engineered wood floors.

Other products that recycled hardwood can be put to use is as furniture are benchtops, desks etc. Depending upon the source and original product that is being recycled, one can easily decide the use of the hardwood.

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