Whether emergency strikes or you are in need of general repairs, choosing a plumber isn’t a decision you should take lightly. It is easy to simply hire the plumber with the fanciest ad in the phone book or the plumber who shows up first locally on Google.
However, hiring the first plumber you find is not a good idea. Plumbers are responsible for repairing and maintaining some of the most important fixtures in your homes such as the water heater, toilet, and any other bathroom fitting. A poorly made decision when hiring a plumber could result in long-term damage and expensive repairs in the future.
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The following tips are designed to help you choose wisely when hiring a plumber and ensure the work carried out, be it emergency work or maintenance, is both cost effective and of a high standard.

1. Reputation

The reputation of a plumber is essential in guiding you to the correct decision. In today’s world, people have the ability to rate and review everything, with plumbers no exception. Google the name of the company or individual you are considering for the job and read what others have written about their work.
It is also essential to check the state licensing while you are researching a plumber on your state’s licensing website. Here you can ensure the plumber is properly registered and also check for complaints made against the plumber.

2. Understand the Problem

While you may not know the exact nature of the issue, it is advisable to have a broad idea of what works needs to be carried out and the end result you are expecting. Inspect the problem area and see if you can identify the cause of the issue, whether it is a leaky faucet due to clogging in the pipes or a backed up toilet due that requires attention, understanding the issue will help you when you call the plumber.
You could also compile a list of questions to ask such as the hourly rate, whether they have liability insurance and other important details.

3. Pricing

One of the most important details people consider when hiring a plumber is the estimated cost. Calling just one plumber or company and assuming they offer the lowest quote is a big mistake. It is advisable to ring at least three plumbers to gain an understanding of the price range to fix the issue.
If you have received a lower quote from a competitive plumber, you could try and receive a better deal by telling the other plumber that you have been quoted a better offer.
However, it is also essential to not just go for the plumber with the lowest quote. If one plumber quotes significantly lower than the others it could mean that they are using inferior materials or cutting corners on the job.

4. Warranty/Insurance

Another important step in choosing a plumber is their insurance and warranty. Plumbers should have insurance in case anything any accident or injury occurs while they are working on your property.
It is of paramount importance to check they are insured so you are not liable for any injury that occurs on your property. Equally, plumbers should guarantee their work and the parts they use with a warranty.
The warranty should guarantee the work for at least a year. If a plumber refuses to provide a warranty, it is highly unadvisable to choose their service.
Using the tips above you should be better prepared when selecting a plumber to complete either emergency or maintenance work in your home.
Making an informed decision can save you money, time, and future headaches, so it is well worth preparing and researching before making your final decision.