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Why Should You Prefer Euro Pallet Over Plastic Pallets?

Why is there are a need for wooden pallets when we already have plastic pallets to use? The euro pallets are constantly used for the packaging of goods. This was in existence before the packaging manufacturers discovered the plastic pallets. Euro pallets are basically made of wood. They were used as the standard packaging materials for shipment purposes. Popular packaging companies made use of this.

Where is euro pallets used?

Euro Pallets
Euro Pallets

You need to check for stringent quality and check if they are manufactured using approved subcomponents like planks, nails and compressed wood bearers. Few euro pallets are produced from an automated production system whereas others are produced manually. It is used mostly in European countries and comes with a lot of variations depending on the type and size of the warehouse. After Europe, they are widely used in the United Kingdom.

Why euro pallet is commonly used by the packaging companies?

The euro pallets have become popular because it helped the shipping companies calculate the available space in the storages, trailers and helped them estimate the shipping costs. It was a standard sized packaging unit. The wooden pallets were seen on the warehouses and loading areas of the shipment companies. An earlier understanding was that if a packaging industry is functioning safely in shipment systems, then they are surely using wooden pallets.

Stick to the guidelines and licenses

Euro Pallets
Euro Pallets

Euro pallets have a proper dimension, and, in most cases, they maintain the same dimension. It is 800 X 1200 X 144 mm. It must comply with the UIC 435-2 specification that’s approved by the International Union of Railways. The euro pallets are generally manufactured after getting a license from European Pallet Association.

Shifting from plastic to wood pallets

The companies using plastic pallets have started realizing that wooden pallets are of superior quality. Slowly they started replacing the plastic pallets with the euro pallets. It is a new and reliable source of packaging solution for the shipping companies and businesses. It is recognized by professional packaging companies and now predominantly used. If you are still doubtful why you must switch to euro pallets, then take a look on these points below that explains it in detail.

Durability and reliability matters in euro pallet

Euro pallets have a long life if you are dealing with heavy loads. Plastic pallets cannot withstand the heavy load and only euro pallets can do that. Euro pallets are made of reliable materials with careful study and understanding of the product. These pallets are recommended for a long-term and intensive use. It also helps the companies to cut down the cost when they use the euro pallets for packing the materials. Though easy to handle, few still feel euro pallets should be handled with care. There are a lot of stages in designing a pallet. The euro pallets are handled with forklift trucks.

What are the challenges and advantages of using a euro pallet?

Euro Pallets
Euro Pallets

Cleaning a euro pallet is a challenge. Plastic pallets can be cleaned easily but euro pallets re tough to clean. The main problem with wooden pallets is that they can get contaminated with dirt and other chemical substances. Post contamination it is very difficult to clean the pallets. Customizing it for sizes is difficult. Euro pallets are highly durable than plastic ones because they are built with hardwood. 

Business owners prefer wooden pallets why?

Many business owners rely on wooden pallets because they are inexpensive than the plastic pallets. They are readily available in different size. It is a renewable resource and it improves the recycling. Researches have told that 50% of the harvested hardwood timber is used in new wood pallet productions.

5 Easy Steps to Turn a Custom Made Pallet into an Outdoor Patio Bench

Most of us end up with dozens of custom made pallets due to shipments or deliveries in the era of online shopping; these are either stacked up in a corner until someone throws them in the trash or maybe used as firewood in the winters. Most people don’t realize that pallets make for great sturdy material as a substitute for wood in the making of the furniture. An outdoor patio bench is the easiest and the most efficient ways of using the pallet and turning it into a beautiful piece of furniture.
Custom Made Pallet
Custom Made Pallet

Materials needed

  • You can make use of any pallet here. Ideally, it should be made of oak or similar good wood.
  • You also require a 8-ft pressure-treated 2x4
  • Then you require a tool box, which can be as per options available, but preferably torx with 2 ½ -in deck screws

Tools needed

Saw with a wood-cutting blade it can be a circular saw too. Alongside, you would require a set of hammer, some markers, carpenters squares, power-screw guns and also a nail-pulling crow bar

Step 1: Making the seat and back

You can select any custom-made pallets size you want but 48-in x 42-in oak pallet is an ideal size for this DIY project. Measure the pallet and decide the dimensions of your bench back and bench seat. A normal size would be 17 inches tall. If any broken slats remove them and then start working on your bench after that mark off those same dimensions in this case 17 inches from end of each 4-crucial cross-members and make a cut. Use a circular for cutting 2 inches deep roughly, and mark them accordingly. Stack the shorter part of the pallet which will be the bench back for the longer ones, and the bench seat now you will be able not that the bench is finally coming together.

Step 2: Make the armrest/leg support

Now, you have to take the 2x4, which make the arm support along with legs, and cut them into 4 pieces. All should measure 21 3/4- inches.
Custom Made Pallet
Custom Made Pallet

Step 3: Attaching the bench le

Now raise the bench on any kind of block. The back part must about 8-9 inches from the ground, while the front is about 10.5 inches higher. No rule of thumb here, you can change this as you wish too. Now in the same position fasten the legs using a drill without cords. Atorx can be used here too. The star headed (torx) screws are sturdy, and do not slip out easily. Now place these screws carefully across the bench legs and other back parts. What you are doing here is just attaching the leg and making sure that the remaining sections are fastened well. Now put 4 screws on the lower part and same on top and 2 more near the seat back section. Doing so will ensure that you are able to get optimum seating benefits and a very secure bench that will last for years to come.

Step 4: Make and attach armrests

Use custom made pallets slats and then run 2 screws into the arm and both the front rear leg and front leg attaching it to the bench.

Step 5: Sit and enjoy!

The bench would be more comfortable with a something softer like a pillow or even cushion. There are more variations, which can be done to this according to your own specifications.

The DIY custom made pallets are thus usable for so many more things part from just being restricted to shelves.

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