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Effective Tips for Kitchen and Bathroom Renovations

Both kitchen and bathroom are the important parts of our house and it is equally important to keep them clean. Therefore, when our kitchen and bathroom start looking old, we generally think of getting them renovated. However, many of the homeowners don’t have the proper information related to kitchens and bathroom renovations. If you have the exact knowledge of what has to be done, you can surely make the right decision and choose the required products wisely. Well, here we are providing a few tips which you can follow while going through the process of renovating your kitchen and bathroom.
Kitchen Renovations
Kitchen Renovations
  • Plan Your Budget: The task of renovating kitchen and bathroom is not that easy. Therefore, it is important to plan everything at the beginning only. The most important thing that you should plan about is your budget. Decide how much you can spend on kitchens and bathroom renovations. If you set the budget at the beginning, you can choose the elements required for remodeling accordingly. It is recommended that, out of the amount you have decided, 40% should be spent on cabinets, 20% on labor, 15% on countertops and the remaining on various appliances, electrical work and many other things including lighting.
  • Measure the Space: While planning for kitchen and bathroom renovations, it is imperative to measure the space of both these parts of the home. Then, you must decide if you want to change the entire look or want to remodel some part of the house. You should also think of the purpose for renovation. Whether you are willing to make the space more useful or you want to renovate the place just to change its look, the purpose of this whole process should be clear in your head. By knowing your purpose, you work accordingly by selecting the design significantly.
  • Note Down Your Ideas: Once you define your purpose and asses the space you want to remodel, list out your priorities regarding kitchens and bathroom renovations before searching for a remodeling company or visiting the showroom. You must draw a design of what style you want to apply or what type of cabinets you want. You can also go through the magazines related to kitchen and bathroom décor and get a few ideas from them. It is important to put together ideas on paper in order to use them as a reference point when you visit the designer or the showroom.
  • Choose A Reputed Remodeling Company: When you go for kitchen and bathroom renovations, it is important to understand the procedure and get the work done in an appropriate manner. So, in order to get the work done properly, you must hire a reputed remodeling company. Do a good research online to find out the kitchens and bathroom remodeling companies in your area. Go through the reviews written about them by their previous customers on their websites. This will give you a better idea about what type of services they provide and the quality of their work. You can take a well-informed decision based on these reviews. You should also get the quotations from them so that you can check if it matches with the budget you have set not. Also, discuss your ideas with them and see if they understand it and are ready to work according to them. A good remodeling company will not only give feedback on your idea but also suggest what is good for you. So, choose a company that is suitable for your needs and budget.
Bathroom Renovations
Bathroom Renovations
Once you hand over the task of kitchens and bathroom renovations to the company, you can be relaxed and monitor how the work is going on. If you go according to the above-mentioned steps and tips, the task of the renovation will surely become hassle-free and you will get a beautiful bathroom and kitchen.

Top Ideas For Kitchen Renovations

Kitchen renovations are done by people who want a new look to their kitchen or make it more energy efficient to help them get more space. Remodeling and renovations depend on a large extent on the space of the kitchen, the budget, the lifestyle and also the individual taste of the owners.
Kitchen Renovations
Kitchen Renovations

Some easy tips for renovations and which do not burst the budget are:

  • Giving the walls and the ceiling a fresh coat of paint.
  • Good lighting has a psychological effect and makes the kitchen look brighter, more cheerful and easier to work with.
  • Small ceiling mounted lights should be replaced with larger and brighter as well as more energy efficient fixtures.
  • Under cabinet lighting adds brightness to the counters and make it work easier. Most under cabinet lighting is hardwired and is behind the walls but are also quick fix models can be plugged into outlets.
  • If the baseboards, doors and window casings as well as crown molding is prettier and of better quality, it will make the home look more expensive and better.
  • Appliances which are energy efficient and of good quality will add to the look of the kitchen. For example, if the homeowner has a stainless steel professional range, he or she can pair it with a stainless steel refrigerator.
  • Textured glass in cabinets adds to the look of the kitchen. Glass can be added to cabinet door fronts and used to display serving-ware. Frosted or etched glass hides shelves which contain dishes which are not display worthy.
  • Lazy Susan’s, smooth drawer glides, roll out shelving as well as pot and pan organizers help improve the look of the kitchen design. This needs to be combined with replacement of worn or old parts like knobs on dishwashers, electric range burners and refrigerator shelves.
  • When a good tile backsplash is added to the kitchen and it extends from the kitchen counter till the bottom of the wall cabinets or even till around the sink and other walls, it adds a sense of luxury. These can either be monochromatic or it can be custom designed. These can be made of different material including wood, tile or glass. Patterned tiles when added or even mix tile shapes add individuality.
  • Modular furniture when added to the kitchen opens up the kitchen to a lot of space and makes it look more organized, neater and more expensive.
Kitchen Renovations
Kitchen Renovations
When choosing the budget for kitchen renovations it needs to be divided on an average of 35% for the cabinets, 20% for labor, 10% for windows, 20% for appliances, 5 % for fixtures, and 3% for fittings and the rest for other expenses. However, one needs to ensure that you have budgeted for at least 20% less than the actual budget, as there always will be cases where there is a sudden surprise element. Either the walls or floor when ripped out may lead to discovery that there is rot or termites or even wiring might need replacement if there is some damage or change of plans during renovations. If this amount has not been kept aside, the homeowner would find himself or herself getting a rude shock and blowing up their budget. 

What really helps is making a spreadsheet and checking it with the actual and the budgeted amount on a daily basis, to ensure that the renovation and remodeling is not overstepping the budget. The homeowner should not get tempted to add more to the project than what was initially decided upon as that will considerably increase the budget.

Top 10 Ideas for Fantastic Kitchen Renovations

Kitchen is the most important part of a home which is given more importance for any aspects such as, designing, interior, space and more. Though people renovate entire home or not, they often consider renovating kitchen with modern appliances by creating enough space in the area. Moreover, they also often think about changing the interior, paint, set up and other aspects that may change the complete environment. It is kitchen considered to be the place of nourishment, family bonding, comfort and more. Daily use may make people to consider renovation ideas that may bring new look. Though renovation is an expensive thing, it becomes essential when the home needs a different environment.

There are various choices for kitchen renovations, though the bothering factor is cost. Either it is renovation in an old home or simple changes to be made on walls, ceiling or floor, certain factors need to be considered before beginning with the work. 

Here follow some best ideas to create wonderful designs for renovation.
  • Before beginning with work, plumbing, wiring and inclusion of heating sources must be considered
  • Try to analyze what needs to be replaced or upgraded and how much would it cost overall
  • If it would cost high, then renovation can be done in phases, thereby financial burden can be reduced, at the same time having a kitchen renovated
  • Now cutting-edge appliances are available for kitchen, which reflects trend statement. Such electronic appliances can be chosen to be replaced for effective renovation
  • Explore various decor ideas that are also inspiring. There are many creative ideas available online, which can be used for any type and size of kitchen
  • Even simple ideas would become effective by choosing right design or decor. Besides, budget plays vital role in determining any remodeling ideas selected. This emphasizes the need to focus primarily on cost and plan budget accordingly
  • There are many modern ideas available for small kitchen that can boost up efficiency and usage
  • Materials used must be concentrated, as quality is important to ensure long lasting usage and durability. Hinges must be of good quality. There must be enough drawers and cabinets to create more storage space
  • Countertop chosen must be elegant. There are again various choices available such as wooden top, granite, stainless steel, soapstone, plastic laminate and more
  • There must be enough detail, though it should not be overdone, as that in turn will spoil entire beauty of the decor 

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