5 Rustic Makeover Ideas for Your Home

If you want to give your home a unique makeover, you should consider adding some rustic decor, which not only livens a home up, but makes it more earthy and elemental as well. There are many different things that you can do to add that rustic feel to your home, and below are just a few suggestions that will help you achieve that perfect home makeover.
Home Makeover
Home Makeover

Painting or Adding New Walls

To give your home a more rustic look that draws from the Ontario farmhouse and cottage aesthetic, you can add an earthy tone of paint to your walls or add a coat of stain. Classically rustic colors are light shades of brown and green, but you can also do accent colors with red, gold and country blue. Another option is to create completely new walls by covering them with wood, which will certainly give your home that beautiful rustic feel. 

Changing Your Flooring

Another way to create that rustic feel in your home is to change out your flooring with some pine planking. If you do not want to have real pine flanking in your floor, however, you can consider going with flooring that looks like wood planks. And if you don’t want to redo your floors at all, you can choose to put a braided rug over your floor that will give it a rustic look.


Look for lighting fixtures that have that stressed, farmhouse look to them. For more of a conceptual take on the rustic aesthetic, look for things like antler chandeliers and other types of whimsical lighting. The more warmth and elemental char you add to your home, the more it will have that rustic look and feel to it. 

Window Coverings 

Windows are a great place to start when trying to makeover a space, since they naturally become a focal point – to that end, consider adding some earthy charm to your window coverings. This might include adding burlap or plaid curtains. You can even make these yourself and add a further sense of DIY roughness to the whole thing!
Window Curtains
Window Curtains
An easy and striking way to add earthiness into your home – in this case in the form of wood – is by adding solid wood furniture. There are many different pieces to choose from, including end tables, chairs, dining tables and coffee tables, according to which room you’re focusing on making over.

Handmade wood furniture will last for many years to come and will stand the test of time against wear and tear, especially if you have pets and children. Incidentally, this means that wooden furniture will also make a good heirloom piece to pass onto your loved ones. For inspiration, or to simply see the makeover possibilities, check out these wood furniture design ideas from the Woodcraft website.
While upgrading your water supply line may not be exactly and ‘rustic makeover’ it is extremely important to consider for older homes. Many have older water tanks that can cause short showers and many arguments amongst those who come to visit. Tankless water heaters can help your rustic place offer some modern amenities, like the freedom to stop worrying about how long your shower is! You can check out reviews of the best tankless water heaters to see which model would be the best fit for your particular home.

As you can see there are many things that you can do to help give your home that rustic look and feel. Take your time and consider what would work best in each room, and keep a budget in mind. You don’t need to drive for hundreds of kilometres to enjoy the countryside – just bring the countryside to you! 

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