Each and every home uses curtains and blinds as they serve a functional and decorative purpose. When you consider home decoration, you need to think how you will dress up your windows.
  • A lot many options in window treatments are available in the current times, and in fact, windows and blinds are the most popular ones.
  • When compared to blinds, curtains are preferred more by the homeowners.
  • Curtains can really transform the look and appeal of the space. Indeed, the impacts the curtains and drapes create are just next to painting the room. Curtains can add drama to the room, add height, softness, breezy ambience and a punch of color.
  • It will be good if you choose the color which complements the color of the walls. Curtains give you an option to decorate your room and improve the ambience of the space.

Curtains to Enhance the Visual Appearance of the Room

When compared to the blinds, curtains can boost the visual appearance of the room in a much better manner. Where the horizontal and the vertical blind may just cover up the windows, curtains add to the feel and look of the room. Apart from this, you may avail curtain poles in various colors, styles and patterns. You may choose simple wooden curtain poles to the metallic ones. On the other hand, the finals may also be procured in various sizes and shapes. The style is sure to suit the look of your space. Curtains have borders which the blind does not have. When you open the curtain, the kind of visual appeal it creates is next to none. There are different materials that are available for the curtains, and depending on your need and budget, you can choose the cotton or the organdy or the silk materials.

You May Bend Curtain Pole and Curtain to Fit Your Bay Window

It is true that you can bend the blinds to the shape of bay window but that will create an office like appearance. But, curtain tracks or curtains may be made to suit the bay window to create a lovely effect. In fact, they can fit the wide range of bay windows when compared to the blinds.

You Enjoy More Fitting Flexibility

Most patio doors and modern windows just open inward to leave little space for fixing. But, curtain tracks may be smaller than 10mm or even 5 mm. You may fix them to the ceiling and so plenty of space for the window is available to open inwards.

Better Insulation with Curtains

When compared to curtain, blind is thinner and does not offer much insulation. Curtain can keep the warmth of the room inside and thus increase the energy efficiency of the home. To add an extra layer of insulation, you may use a thick interlining.

Curtains Are Easy to Clean and Maintain

There are many who do not consider horizontal blinds as they trap a lot of dust and dirt. Blinds should not be used by those who suffer from allergies or suffer from breathing issues. Curtains are healthy choice as they need the least bit of maintenance and upkeep. You just need to vacuum the curtains while tracks and poles require little bit of cleaning.
This is one of the top reasons for choosing curtains over blinds. You may fit the automated tracks over the curtains to control the curtain remotely. In fact, electric curtain track is a practical option for all.

Curtains are more cost effective and reliable. As the blind has too many fiddly clips and working components, blind appears to be less reliable. Replacing blind is difficult and you may even need a professional for the same but a curtain is far easier to hang.