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Home Improvement Tips and Ideas You Can Do Yourself

If an issue arises in your home, your first instinct may be to call a repairman or cleaning company. But, you may be able to fix more problems than you think, even when it comes to repairing your big appliances.

With a little dedication and patience, do-it-yourself home improvement tasks can save you a lot of money over time. The following are just a few of the tasks you can probably do yourself, and you never even knew you had it in you.
Home Improvement
Home Improvement

Repair Your Appliances

Over time, appliances can break down. Unfortunately, they’re also some of the things in our homes that we use most. Having one quit on us can seem like an emergency situation, but there are a few things you can do yourself before handing over hundreds of dollars to an emergency repairman.

If you have pretty good knowledge about how the specific appliance works, you can attempt to repair an appliance yourself. Make sure you take note of how everything comes apart, where screws go, etc., so that you’ll know how to put it back together. Read through the owner’s manual and research your specific model online to find the right parts and model-specific instructions or guides.

To keep your appliances in top shape, make sure you practice routine maintenance on them, as suggested by their manuals. Proper cleanings and inspections can make a world of difference in how long your appliances last without needed repairs.
Appliance Repair
Appliance Repair

Clean Your Upholstery

No need to call a cleaning service to clean your custom or upholstered furniture. You can easily learn how to clean upholstery yourself by searching online for specific fabric cleaning guides.

If your furniture has a tag with information about its materials, use that as a guide. Tags will often provide cleaning codes, such as “W” for water-based cleaning agents, that tell you what cleaners are safe to use. If there is no tag, contact your manufacturer for more information about the material and proper cleaning methods.
Upholstery Cleaning
Upholstery Cleaning

Fix a Leaking Toilet

Although toilets may look a little scary inside the tank, they’re usually pretty simple machines to fix, especially newer models.

If you suspect that you have a leak coming from your toilet, you can check by adding some food coloring drops to the water tank. Check the bowl in a few hours for that color in the water, which indicates a leak.

In this case, you can go to your local hardware store for a replacement flapper made for your model. If the store doesn’t carry the one you need, search online. It’s usually a cheap replacement part, and almost anyone can easily replace it just by remembering how the old one came off.
Toilet Leaking
Toilet Leaking

Remove Stains

There are virtually endless combinations of stain removers you can make at home that can remove stains from carpets, bathtubs, furniture, and more. Before you call a cleaning company to get rid of your home’s toughest stains, try out a few stain-removing home remedies.

Good things to keep in stock at all times are baking soda, vinegar, lemon juice, and baby powder. Baking soda, when mixed with some water, creates a cleansing paste that can get rid of stains on a number of surfaces. Lemon juice and vinegar both act as bleaching agents for tough stains. And, baby powder can be used to soak up oil stains on a carpet or floor.
Stain Remove
Stain Remove

Fix Squeaky Floors

Squeaky floors and stairs are common in old homes, especially. But, they can become a nuisance after a while. Fortunately, there is usually no need to spend a ton of money to hire someone to repair your squeaky floors.

Instead, grab a hammer and some nails, and consider purchasing a stud sensor if you don’t have one. Locate the squeak in the floor, and use the stud sensor to find the nearest joist, if possible. Hammer a nail into the joist, and it should prevent that area of the floor from squeaking. 


How to Use a Cordless Drill? Everyone Must Know

Cordless drills are handy and portable tools which are widely used for simple home repairing tasks. These tools are also effective in heavy construction applications. Cordless drills are specially constructed with rechargeable battery. A cordless drill features a handle with a button that operates the drill. It has several drill bits in order to perform smaller or larger work. It has a battery and a battery charger. This is the basic structure of a cordless drill.
Cordless Drill
Cordless Drill
For any homeowners cordless drill is becoming an essential tool as it gives great benefits and performs a variety of tasks easily, so it is necessary to learn how to use a cordless drill. Today we are going to learn how to use a cordless drill in simple steps so that it can be carried out by any cordless drill owner easily.

10 simple steps to use cordless drills:

  • Get a good cordless drill: If you want to perform effective drilling tasks you must get a good cordless drill that may have variable speed, hammering function, depth setting, good grip and power. To get started with a cheap cordless drill will have less power and would be more difficult. Go for a branded cordless drill.
  • Get to know about your machine: Read the instruction thoroughly. Know completely about all the knobs and controls about the machine, and understand how to set the machine. Make sure that you are comfortable and you don’t have any confusion before moving to the next step.
  • Recharge the battery: A cordless drill is always battery powered. A battery of the cordless drill can be charged with a charger. Always make sure that you are charging the batteries properly. When the light stays green, it symbolizes that it is fully charged.
  • Clean the surface: First you have to clean the surface that ensures that the surface is level. There should be no cracks on the surfaces, it could make drilling problematic.
  • Protect yourself: It is better to put on glasses, and keep the fingers away while drilling machine is in running position.
  • Set the depth: A cordless drills have depth control bar and their usage is illustrated in the user’s manual. Set the depth that is required to carry out the specific task. If your machine doesn’t have depth control, then measure and mark the depth with pencil or tape.
  • Hold the cordless drill properly: You have to hold the machine with full strength, put one finger on the trigger. Hold the handle strongly.
  • Mark the location: Make use of a pencil and mark the point on the wall or any surface you are about to drill. Mark is as a dot or small cross. Mark should not be too big.
  • Place the drill and Use slow starting speed: Put the drill on the mark, don’t press hardly. You have to put the right amount of pressure and this could properly be done through practice. Start drilling with low speed so that you would be able to make the hole at the exact marked position.
  • Drill: Now make use of high speed and hammer function; put your drill in the shallow holes you have made before. Now you have to put force against the surface while holding the machine properly. If you don’t have a hammer function in your cordless drill, then pull your drill out and press it back after every ten seconds. If your task is time taking one, then pull your machine out and let it get cold. And then repeat the process until it gets completed.
Sometimes you are not done with the task as expected, especially when you have a hard piece of concrete. In such cases, it’s better to insert a masonry nail into the hole and hammer, this way you would be able to break the concrete. Continue the drilling until the task done.

When carrying out this routine, always remember:

  • Before starting the drilling task, always make sure that if any electric cables running through the walls.
  • Avoid loose clothing and dangling jewelry while carrying out any sort of drilling task.
  • Use correct drill bit for the type of task you are drilling. Make use of masonry bit for solid walls, a wood bit for timber task and for metals, it’s effective to make use of high-speed steel bits.
The above steps give the idea of how you can perform your drilling task and how you can make proper use of your cordless drills. It depends on the cordless drill; each cordless drill may vary from its features and its type. The above steps will help you to get started with your cordless drill in an easy manner.


Home Appliance Repair Tips

In the recent era, we are getting more dependent to Home Appliances. Without them, it is quite impossible for us to work. These home appliances are built to perform, and they are performing and performing without a break. As a result, going forward the machine will break-down. We do not know how they are working so we not even know why they stopped working. So a regular check is quite necessary to know whether all is well regarding the machine and the working.
Home Appliance Repair
Home Appliance Repair

Through following a proper Home Appliance Repair Tips you will get better:

Durability: You can avoid untimely breakdown if proper care and repair are provided to the appliance at a right time. A regular inspection is good even though the unit is not suspected to any problems.
Usability: Home Appliances should be serviced in proper intervals for an easy and safe usability. Thus, you will experience a reduced the chances of an unnecessary breakdown of the appliance. It also gives the product a prolonged life.

Energy Efficiency:
In addition to that, following the practice will enhance the energy efficiency of the devices. It boosts up the life of your home appliance unit and enables it to work well during the months you need it most.
Appliance Repair
Appliance Repair
When the home appliance breaks down, you rush to the professional to fix it or else try to do it yourself to save money. The below are a few Home Appliance Repair Tips, which should be followed well if at all you attempt to make any appliance repair. Do not ever skip the rules to save time or money. Otherwise, you will land up with hurting yourself and spoiling the machine.
  • Before you test the device, ensure that the electric power supply or gas supply to the appliance is disconnected. Diagnose the issue, make all the adjustments and perform any repairs if needed. But only touch the appliance when the power is off.
  • Go through the appliance. See it properly. If the fitting is done with bolts, screws, plugs and others then you can attempt a necessary repair. But do not try to fix it yourself at all it is held together with welds and rivets. You need professional help for your appliance for repair.
  • Sometimes it happens that the broken part of the appliance can be easily replaced by a new spare. Often it also costs less than to call a professional. So you can replace any broken part with an exact replacement or any substitute similar to the part by yourself.
Take the example of an air conditioning unit. You need to do a regular cleaning of the air filters and coils to make the device working for a long duration without any hassle. To get your cooling system serviced twice a year is the best tip to keep it in a good condition for rest of the months of the year. The filter of the machine is needed to be changed regularly.

However, the practice of cleaning and repair significantly reduces the likelihood of severe future breakdown including other small issues concerning with the usage of the cooling system.

Next in the line is the home electrical system. It is a challenging job to choose right services for your home electrical need. While making the best choice for a reliable, superior electrical services is a better idea to go with an old company which has better knowledge and experience.  But follow the below to-do list to avoid from getting cheated by a fake electrical service provider. 
Electrical Service
Electrical Service
  • Firstly always consider a service provider, having perfect license and insurance. That will help you a lot by offering you protection against the security of coverage for their services.
  • Secondly, the company should be competent enough to handle all the electrical issues. It should have a trained team of efficient electricians with their best possible advanced skill and technique.
  • Thirdly, the price. Never choose a company based on price. Investigate the market a bit for the best supplier. Make a study of the charges they take. Thus, you can get the maximum benefit for your money spent.
Make a perfect pick of electrical wire, switches, battery, code and lighting. You should select good and branded Electrical product for your home, office or any other use.

The wires should be made of a high quality material, quite safe for all your electrical use. The wires are manufactured in a way that it can endure more severe stresses without getting damaged or broken-down. The material used for the wires should be ductile and malleable, which is extremely resistant to chemical attack. As a result you will find the wire, extremely high conductive of heat and electricity.

Wires are the electrical product that should support highly corrosive environments. The wires having premium surface finish have greater performance in chemical processing and lighting applications. Electrical wire  should have outstanding toughness. The distinctive feature of corrosion-resistance enable it to use in the field of aerospace arrangement and production of aircraft structural components. The products have immense strength. They are free from contamination.

Author Bio :

Victor is a founder of He believes that money can be saved more if people will consider understanding different DIY procedures. To lessen wood stashes, he focuses in building furniture and other wooden things which can also help people earn a living.


Some Home Improvement Tips Within Your Budget

You start a home improvement project by saying “Wouldn’t it be nice if…?” followed by a remodeling wish. It could be the addition of a new kitchen or inclusion of a new bathroom or simply just painting of the house. Often dreams and reality do not match because of limited funds or small space. However, the idea is to transform your dreams into reality by starting with a realistic evaluation.

You may feel the requirement of updating your house. For instance, the flooring of your house was perfect two decades ago, but now it requires an update. There are home improvement plans which emerge out of nowhere in an instant. If a toilet, sink or furniture requires repair, then it has to be done at that very moment.
Home Improvement
Home Improvement
There are several reasons why people opt for home improvement. It could be if they’re preparing to sell their house or they have decided to stay there for more time and live in an improved house. It may be that the family has grown big and requires more space.

You need to evaluate your plans carefully to improve your house on a budget. Overspending and luxurious shopping of stuff for home decor could lead you to fiscal trouble. You cannot go overboard and irrationally on things which will not pay you any good in the future. For instance, you may go for a pool or hot tub, but when you’re planning to sell your house, the interested party may not find it worthy enough to pay additionally for the pool. You may find it easier to remodel your house if you think from the prospective buyer’s point of view. However, if you just wish to improve the house for yourself, then you can give it any look you desire. But you need to make sure that you do not over-improvise your house.

When you’re planning to opt for a house improvement project, make sure you check every nook and corner to find out what needs replacement and how can you give your house maximum improvement in a small budget. If you tend to spend more than your planned budget, you may end up with outstanding bills from the stores and house designing companies. Basically, you can commence from a small change like look out for electrical fixtures and plumbing appliances or house paint or inclusion of new windows or doors. And, once these things are sorted you can go for larger expenses at a later stage.

Remember going for a complete new room or bathroom calls for a lot of money. And one should only proceed, when you have all the monetary backup. In case you fail to realize and enter this condition, then it is advisable to go for home improvement loan. These loans help you meet your desired home improvement results without the hassle from the creditors or architects and designers. Feel free to contact the debt consolidation companies for home improvement loans. Click here to learn more about it and how to go ahead.


Buy A Home with Effective Home Debt Management Plan

There are several debt management plans which you can avail to get rid of your personal finance, business debts and all to keep them all under control. Such effective and well-structured plans are made by your income and expenditure, assets and liabilities. If you already have a management plan in pace, then you may find yourself in an overwhelming situation to clear your debt and also buy your dream house as well. Debt management plan or DMP as it is most commonly called is best prepared with proper consultation with your credit counselor and taking into consideration your secured and unsecured debt and all your expenses.
Home Debt Management Plan

Creating A DMP

You and your credit counselor would take into consideration your income and review it and then consider all your payments. Your payments would include student loans, unpaid hospital bills, rent and mortgage payments, utility bills, food and transportation cost, personal care and clothing and much more. Out of all these payments then a careful assessment of those costs which you can do without has to be identified and curtailed. This would leave the amount of money in hand that you be able to pay off your debts. DMP is usually for the long term, and you must not expect results overnight.         

Reestablish Financial Standing

When you follow a DMP, you have to make payments to the agency that in turn would make the payments for your loan and debts. The benefit of such a counselor is that they disburse money to the creditors according to the rate of interest and are also capable of negotiating for lowering the payments that you have to make. All your payments would be made on time, and therefore you avoid the risk of penal charges and accrued interest being added to your account and increasing the debt amount. A properly structured and designed DMP would enable you to pursue your dream even being in debt situation.

Mortgage Loan And DMP  

It may be difficult for you to get a mortgage loan while you have a DMP as in most cases the mortgage loan providers consider DMPs as Chapter 13 bankruptcy. This makes getting traditional mortgage loan a bit difficult, but you may qualify for a loan which would be guaranteed by the FHA after a period of one year. There are also some alternatives to the traditional home loans which you may avail while you are in DMP. However, it depends all on the careful calculation and consideration of your credit counselor. 

Contract For Deed

This contract for deed is the last glimmer of hope that you may have while you are in DMP. Such arrangement is also referred to as the lease to own or lease purchase of property. You must be careful about the overly restrictive terms for the contract in such cases. The last straw is to wait until your clear your debts through DMP and then you would not have to look for any workaround as your stable financial condition would enable you to get a traditional mortgage loan.

People who are struggling to clear off their debts are going for consolidation loan and are making things easy for themselves. Debt consolidation loans for bad credit is really doing well and is a big relief for those who are not having good credit. So, if you are also one of those who are having bad credit then it’s time search a bit and get the best debt consolidation loan for yourself and have a peaceful and tension free life.


The Best Organization Tips for Your Garage

When you think of a garage, the first words that will probably come into mind are ‘messy’, ‘cluttered’, or ‘boring’. Understandable, because you can’t do away with a garage being a little disorganized, especially when you don’t spend much of your time there except for parking your car. But what if I tell you that with a little bit of garage organization, you can view your car storage as new space in your home you can love?
Without further ado, here are a few of the best garage organization tips that you can try to give yourself a little peace of mind:

The Best Organization Tips for Your Garage

1. Don’t dump everything in your garage

I used to view my own two-car garage as a large open dumping ground for things I don’t want inside the house. The old table that you can’t bring yourself to fix? Boxes that never got unpacked? Those childhood memorabilia that you can’t throw away?
If you’re a hoarder, it’s time to stop hoarding stuff that you don’t need. The attic may be a good place to store it, not the garage. Because your garage can be a potential workplace or a heaven for organized storage; not a dumping ground. So, if you have an old refrigerator or a few boxes of clothes laying on your garage floor, maybe it’s time to donate them or put them on the curb.

If you’ve thrown away everything you don’t need, you can start storing the things that you do need the right way. Shelving can get you a long way when it comes to storing boxes, tools, and all the odds and ends. If you don’t want to install custom shelves for your garage, why not go for industrial shelves or utilizing the shelves that you already have?

The trick is to organize, not dump. Take the time to put similar items together so you won’t have a hard time finding them later. Your future self will thank you, trust me.

2. Adjust the layout of your garage

Layout of Garage
Layout of Garage
In a kitchen, your sink, refrigerator, and stove need to be in a triangle formation. It’s the most efficient way to make your preparing and cooking easier, allowing you to move to and fro with ease. So what about a garage layout?

What you want to do is group the tools and things you always use and put them in one space, preferably next to your work table. Divide your space into sections. For example, a work area near the door, a tool area, and a storage area. Where you want to position these areas are up to you. You can place your storage area farthest from the garage door or work area, and you can place your tool area near your house, outlets, or workspace.

The most important thing you have to consider is lay outing your garage to your needs. Don’t hesitate to get a little re-arranging done, and always remember to free up the space where you frequently walk on. Clear the center of your garage and utilize the sides, or any space that your car doesn’t take up. You’ll find your clutter nowhere to be seen after that!

Tips: If you have a garage heater, arrange your space such that the heat will always reach you wherever you’re working.

It’s also wise to install a 3-way switch or 4-way switch to have your lights controlled from two points in the room. For example, one nears your garage door and one next to the door to your house.

3. Learn how to save space

Save Garage Space
Save Garage Space
Utilize your garage walls and pick up some hooks or racks. Shovels, rakes, ladders, and other large tools can go on one side of the wall, while screwdrivers, hammers, and similar bits and pieces can be mounted on a peg board above your workspace. This tip will not only allow you to save space, it’ll also let you find what you need without digging into your toolbox.

Another thing you can do is purchase space-saving drawers, stackable bins, or tool closets that will keep your things out of the way and leave your garage less cluttered. The goal here is to keep everything organized and easier to keep it that way.

It will also help if you take the time to engage in a cabinet installation project. You can dedicate one wall to multiple wall-mounted cabinets that you can use for easy storage and organization, wherein you can also label each slot for the items you’d find in there.

4. Maintain organization and cleanliness

Garage Cleanliness
Garage Cleanliness
Once you’ve organized and cleaned out your space for good, keep it that way. Your labeled cabinets and designated shelves can help you put things back where they belong. It’s also best to keep a set of cleaning tools in your garage so you can easily do some tidying up, especially after a messy project.

Maintaining your garage doesn’t need to be a difficult job. And in fact, making sure that there’s no clutter in your space will allow you to do more projects, and most importantly, park your car easily!

Pro tip: keep pet food, paper goods, propane, and paint in a separate area or inside your house.

5. All the small things

Tiny objects such as nails, screws, pens, pins, and anything that can get lost easily will have to be given special attention. There are a lot of ways you can keep these small objects organized and ready to use, such as using spice containers, cups on a pegboard, plastic organizers, mason jars, and so much more. 

Author Bio:

Hi! I’m Emma Clark from The Art of Home Renovations, an interior designer with one true passion: home improvement. With my experience and skill, I want to help you make your home into a revolutionary & magical work of art through easy, inexpensive, and innovative ideas that you can DIY!


Choosing Safe Wood Pallets for Upcycling Projects

Many of us have heard the three R’s: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle; but how many of us have heard the three U’s of upcycling: uptake, upkeep and update?

Upcycling, a trend among hipsters and newlyweds, consists of taking something that appears to have no use and making something useful out of it.

Prime examples of this can be found on Pinterest. By searching “upcycling” on Pinterest, you might see various examples similar to this:
Wood Pallets

According to the “Ultimate Guide to Upcycling with Pallets,” an infographic created by, pallets might be the best tool for upcycling.

“Pallets are one of the most fantastic resources an upcylcer can get their hands on,” according to the infographic. “The potential is endless, and this infographic aims to both educate and inspire more people into getting creative with pallets — there is a world of possibility out there.”

Some of the reasons pallets are such a great tool include: they are easy to find, they are often free, they are versatile and easy to work with.

The infographic goes on to share several different project ideas and potential costs involved.

Upcycling, especially with pallets, is on the rise, but it does come with some potential concerns.

According to Homedit, and interior design and architecture website, wood pallets are prone to bacteria.

“Pallets can allow the growth of E Coli and salmonella bacteria so keep this in mind before you start a project that involves these elements,” according to Homedit. “Besides bacteria, wooden pallets can also develop fungus if they are kept dump for longer periods. So, make sure they are dry at all times. In addition, pallets can also be quite difficult to clean.”

If you are serious about starting an upcycling project with wood pallets, it is important to understand how to find a safe pallet.

According to “Wood Pallets 101: How To Choose A Safe Pallet,” an article on SustainABlog, there are various symbols on wood pallets that symbolize that they have been properly treated and are safe to use.

One such symbol is HT, which means the wood has been heat treated. Challenger Pallet, an Idaho Falls wood pallet production company, states on their website that each pallet they create uses heat treated wood.

“At each of our facilities, we have large chambers with industrial propane or natural gas burners and fans,” according to the Challenger Pallet website. “These buildings hold about 400 pallets. We are required to heat-treat each pallet in these ovens. The thickest part of the pallet, which is generally the 2×4, is heated until the temperature at the center reaches 140 degrees Fahrenheit. We then hold the temperature at or above that mark for 35 minutes. This ensures that the pallets are bug-free at this point.”

Even if you are not a hipster, newlywed or DIYer, as you begin to uptake, upkeep and update, we know you will fall in love with upcycling. As you start your next upcycling project with wood pallets, remember to check the markings to ensure they are safe to use. 


How to Prevent Your Bathroom from Leakage?

Bathroom waterproofing is a very important process when constructing or re-modelling your home or office. Leaking showers can seriously damage the beauty and the structural integrity of your building if waterproofing is not done properly. It will cause deterioration of the structures with time. If leakage happens at a speedy rate, the house will soon become uninhabitable as the structures will become unstable and will not remain suitable for usage. Waterproofing includes a process by which special membranes are applied on areas like bathroom floor, walls, showers etc. to seal the water area. 
Bathroom Waterproofing
Bathroom Waterproofing

Why bathroom waterproofing is required

  • It protects the integrity of your building structures: Leaking bathrooms, showers, taps and pipes can create damp in the building which further damages structural integrity of your home. From leaking bathrooms, nasty cracks may develop and these can put your home safety under many questions. Also, a leaking shower will result in drain blockage and damaged plumbing system which in turn results in poor sanitization and overflow of contaminated dirty water in home. Waterproofing can prevent all of this from the very beginning.
  • It protects the aesthetics of your home: Damp walls and ceilings are not a beautiful view to look at. It destroys the look of the home in entirety. Everyone wishes to live in a home that will make the other neighbours jealous but leaking bathrooms can do quite the opposite and ruin the look of the house. Bathroom waterproofing by experts eliminates the chances of leaking and keeps the beauty of the home intact by doing so.

How to choose the best expert waterproofing contractor

Bathroom Waterproofing
Bathroom Waterproofing
  • Make sure the expert has is insured and has licence: Insurance and licence are two most important things that every bathroom waterproofing expert must contain. You need to make sure that you hire a professional who possesses both. It will ensure that the person is covered for all risk factors and has definite skills to perform his job.
  • Ask relatives and friends for recommendation: It is feasible to hire someone who is strongly recommended by near and dear ones. The trust factor is an important aspect in such kinds of jobs.
  • Ask questions: Feel free to have all your queries answered by your waterproofing expert. Ask about their duration of experiences in the relevant field and other relevant questions before you can hire them.
  • Make sure the expert understands your needs: You may feel spoilt for options but not every expert will understand exactly what kind of services you are looking for. Find an expert who understands your specific and unique waterproofing requirements.
  • Ask for free quotations: Any waterproofing expert who knows his work well can provide you with a free quotation. You can use the quotations to make comparisons. Sign up with someone who sounds more reasonable to you and is a trusted expert on the same time.
  • Run a background check: Do not accept any waterproofing contractor immediately. The contractor may have an exceptional selling skill. Do not fall for such people who persuade you to take spot decisions. Always do some background research on your bathroom waterproofing expert. Any confident and reliable expert will happily give away names of former and existing clients. Feel free to dial them up and ask about the reputation and level of work satisfaction of your expert. 


Getting the Best Mirror for Your Home

In last decade, mirrors have become increasingly popular and there is a good reason for it. Instead of having pictures all over your apartment, you can choose a simpler option. Mirrors can be a perfect solution for a modern home and minimalistic style.

Unfortunately, as good as it sounds, picking just the right mirror can be a real pain. There are several factors which need to be considered such as shape and size. Furthermore, you also have to decide whether you will use it in a functional or decorative way. All of this will affect your final decision and type of mirror you get.

Here are a few things you have to know about mirrors before you make a purchase

# How many mirrors you wish to have?

This might sound odd but some people wish to get additional mirrors after getting a first one. If you are choosing mirrors for purely decorative purpose, you have to decide in advance how many mirrors you have to wish in your home. It can be really hard to incorporate new mirrors afterwards. This is why you have to choose several mirrors in advance, the ones that will play off each other, and stick with them.  

# Where do you want to place your mirrors?

If you wish to get a new bathroom mirror, make sure to get one with lights. Similarly, mirror with lights is great choice for bedroom. However, you will never purchase this type of item for your entryway. There is usually a lot of light here so the lights on the mirror may look excessive. Furthermore, mirror with lights helps illuminate face; feature which is not necessary while in entryway. Also, when talking about entryway mirror, it is much more logical to get a bigger product. When preparing to go out, you will be able to see your full image and notice if there are some issues with your wardrobe. Different set of rules applies for mirrors which are bought purely for decorative purposes. In this case, you will need to adjust to overall interior design of the room. Again, something to be considered.
Bathroom Mirror
Bathroom Mirror

# How large should your mirror be?

As mentioned, functionality will play some part when choosing the proper size of the mirror. Nevertheless, if you have liberty to choose any size of mirror, there are certain things you should know. Large mirrors represent a statement. When placed in a living room, they will become the centerpiece of that room. Make sure you got the right design. If you get a big mirror that doesn’t really fit the room, it will have disastrous impact on style. Small mirrors, although inconspicuous, can be used as hidden gem. Sometimes, you can accomplish much more by getting a mirror with nice frame than getting a massive mirror with intricate shapes.

# What kind of a frame should I get?

Mirror frame is another thing on the list. You can always decide to get a mirror with a simple rectangular shape and adorn it with a beautiful frame. This frame should be extension of your overall style – if your home is simplistic, you should get a simple frame and vice versa. Furthermore, it is better to get a frame in the same color as your furniture. On the other hand, if you wish for a mirror to stand out, you can get something completely different.

With these tips, you are ready for shopping! There is still a long road ahead of you however; picking a proper mirror can be so much fun. It will be really rewarding when you get the right item for your home and see it hanging from the wall.


Why Building a Granny Flat Is a Right Decision for Present and Future?

Our specific need for better living gives rise to having a desire for creating something new or better. Such is the idea of granny flat. With homeowners constantly thinking about renovating their domestic space with pleasant improvements, building a granny flat becomes a thought of great consideration. You might have, at one point of time, craved adding more space and comfort to your residential building, or buying a house with special arrangements and facilities.

To meet the modern trends and innovations, you can build granny flat or studio in the backyard of the house. You need some privacy and sanctum when your cousins and friends arrive and you want to spend some quality time with your loved ones. Teenagers especially would love to indulge in loud expression and music, which require you to capitalize on a fresh idea of extending the existing space so that you ca enjoy convenience and liberty.
Granny Flat
Granny Flat
If you are still wondering whether or not building a granny flat will make sense to you, here is some of the valuable information that will ensure it is right decision not only for present time but also for future.

Ways to build Granny flat of your aspiration

  • Internal conversion and expansion: If you have a bedroom that remains unused and unoccupied almost all the time, you can transform it into an arrangement called granny flat. All you need is a short approval process from state government. You will observe the new entrance area of the flat after it is prepared with the same feel of your home.
  • The garage extension: If think your garage is supposed to remain garage throughout the lifetime, you are wrong. There is a chance you can extend the garage and add a new storey in addition to the existing one. However, you will have to comply with certain government norms regarding height, area coverage, floor space, and size and boundary constraints.
Granny Flat
Granny Flat

Granny flat Benefits

The idea of building granny flat is superior to anything you have thought so far. Not only it is a legalized process to extend your property and adding value, it is a well-nurtured thought of many individuals who want to improve the face, value and comfort of their properties. Here some of the benefits of granny flat you must learn to consolidate your decision:
  • Extra income: Generating extra income is possible by renting out the flat to someone who is willing to move in on certain price. It will give you a lot of relief in minimizing the stress of paying regular installments and bring quite viable source of income.
  • Significant value addition: By having granny flat built, you will experience the significant increase in the value of your property. The cost of construction you invest in building granny flat will one day return with amazing value.
  • No sporadic income: organized risk management: Build granny flat and you will rarely encounter a situation in which you have unoccupied space. With granny flat, your property will not remain vacant and there will be a higher chance of constant money flow coming in. This is beneficial when you have multiple investment properties.
  • Teenagers and children will relish it: If you have a family, you are not going to regret building a special granny flat at the back of your home or wherever you find suitable. It will increase the elements of comfort, privacy and retreat for young ones who like to strum guitar and do their own thing in leisure with much individualistic freedom.
  • Recommended plans for granny flat structure: If you are thinking to build granny flat, there are certain recommendations you can adopt in order to enlarge the space by discussing the plan with a granny flat designer.
    • Having more windows means opening up the whole space to outside atmosphere so that you can enjoy the fresh air and refreshing breezes and pleasant vista coming in your view.
    • Minimized number of walls will help create open space marrying living room and kitchen together, which is a contemporary design trend many modern individuals choose
    • Depending on the amount of time you will spend in each area of your home, you can elaborate, decorate and add more space to your favorite area of the house.
These are some of the ideas you can integrate in your plan for building granny flat. There is still more you can do in order to enhance your living style with granny flat. Research and learn all you can to design a home of your dreams.


Timber Crate Storage Ideas You Can Have Organized in No Time

Timber is one of the most sustainable and eco-friendly materials around. Timber crates give you the flexibility to experiment a lot in the comfort of your home or even office space. Using this ensures that you are able to enhance your decor and also get some functionality out of these. Here are some cool ideas that you can use for these crates.
Timber Crates Uses
Timber Crates Uses


A little use for the kitchen, which not only helps in saving time but also effort! These crates are made of timber and are reused with pallets. If you have some timber pallets available then you can simply set these up on the walls and use it for keeping spices. These are perfect for such smaller shelves because they provide you with the durability and sustainability needed. You can use timber shelves around the kitchen to store all of your spices. These can also be used as a tray come crate as you can store as well as serve these spices with your favorite meals.


These crates also double as excellent console tables. You can set them up on the wall. What these console tables do is provide you with a niche for keeping books or other pieces. And, the top of these tables are used for placing flower pots or other similar decorative items.
Console Tables
Console Tables


If you have a child in the house then these are a perfect alternative to save both money and time. You can create a cute little blackboard for your angel. The timber offers protection and ensures that the board doesn’t break. On the other hand, the cubicles can be used for making little chests and storage areas for your kids.
Playroom Cubicles
Playroom Cubicles


Have a lot of DVD’s and records to store? Then use these crates made of timber to label and stock them. The idea is to maximize the amount of space and ensure that your musical records are also kept safe.


Along with the innovative spice rack, there are also many other kitchen storage ideas that you can make do with these timber crates. For example, if you have a lot of crates left, it can be turned into a layered stack or an organized trolley. Here you can keep your fruits, vegetables, etc.
Kitchen Storage Crate
Kitchen Storage Crate


The idea of using timber is quite cool for serving too. If you have larger slabs or boards, then they are great to be used as trays and serving boards. In fact, you can serve meats on it along with salads, fruits, etc. and many other similar items.


It can be used for anything! That’s the fun of these rolling stacks. Just install tires on the bottom of these crates and take it around picking toys, books, etc. and then put them in their required spaces.
Rolling Crate Stack
Rolling Crate Stack


If you are looking to utilize them in the bathroom, then towel racks are a sensible option. Just place these under the bathroom sink or have them installed on the wall!


Have your name painted or engraved on these hoardings and set them up outside the house! An innovative way to have your name plate!
Name Plates
Name Plates


If you like keeping dishes outside the kitchen, install them near the dining area. Pick out dishes and serve as required with minimal fuss.


Mark and label these crates to store your junk garage needs. Quick, easy and cost effective!
Garage Storage Crate
Garage Storage Crate


The wooden crates and wine boxes have fashioned a unique bar area in one corner.

So, now you can enhance your decor with timber crates and make sure you remember the above-mentioned innovative storage ideas of timber crates.


Various Types and Benefits of Suspended Ceiling

There are different kinds of suspended ceilings. These are usually in residential buildings or in commercial establishments. They are made of a metal grid and these are usually suspended under the ceiling or the roof deck. The suspension is done using wires. The grid is then filled with ceiling tiles which mainly are made of blends of mineral fiber. These ceilings are easy to access in case of maintenance. These ceilings also have different styles. 
Suspended Ceiling
Suspended Ceiling

The types of these suspended ceilings are:

Exposed grid – where the metal strips are interconnected with shorter pieces of metal called tees. Along with the mains these tees form squares of 2 feet or rectangles of 2 by 4 feet. The grids are filled with acoustic tiles. Generally, the metal frames are 15/16” but narrower or wider versions are available too.

Concealed grid systems hide the grid and give the ceiling a very smooth and clean look. This usually has a small groove which is built into the perimeter. This is then slid over the tees and the mains and covers them. These are more expensive and more difficult when maintenance is required for those areas which are above the ceiling.

Bandraster systems: These are very versatile and they have metal tees of different lengths. These form various patterns and are used when a certain look is needed to be created. These can also be arranged in different ways. They however use specially sized tiles which fit with the unique grid pattern.

Suspended drywall ceilings: Do not use metal grids but use wires and hangers which are used to suspend sheets of drywall from the ceiling. These are easier than having extensive frames and hat channels which are used for drywall arches to be created. In these cases, sheets of these can also be hung below the ceiling so that aesthetic and acoustic benefits are provided.

Gypsum board ceilings: which are fixed to light gauge steel channels. There are special framing components developed which allow cylindrical vaults, deep coffers and even undulating surfaces to be suspended. These plaster ceilings can even be richly sculpted.

Suspended fire resistance ceilings: These are made of gypsum board or lay panel or plaster and are designed so that they resist fire. For these ceilings, even the light fixtures should have fire resistive material.
Suspended Ceiling
Suspended Ceiling

There are various benefits for installing suspended ceilings:

  • These are easy to install and can be done as a do-it-yourself project.
  • They come in different styles, colors and textures
  • Ducts, wiring, plumbing, TV cables, networking cables, mechanical systems and more can be hidden and yet it is still accessible for maintenance and repairs.
  • It absorbs sounds and offers superior acoustic properties
  • These are resistant to mildew, mold, sagging and bacteria. They can be used in areas of high humidity like bathrooms too.
  • These are fire retardant.
  • The help with insulation, optimize reflection of light and reduce additional lighting needs and so they decrease the cost of heating and air conditioning bills.
  • It helps the owner reduce their carbon footprint as it is usually made of recycled products.
  • It is more economical than having renovations done which are extremely expensive.
  • These are available in different materials such as plastic, fiber, wood and other kinds of materials as well.

However, there are certain disadvantages with these suspended ceilings:

  • They decrease the room space.
  • They are not very long lasting and tend to show discoloration.
  • They are not as durable as traditional ceilings.

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