Well a roller shutter is a mechanism with horizontal slats which are hinged together. You push them up and raise them when you want to open the door and you pull and drop them hinges when you want to close it.
Roller shutters are perfect for places where the horizontal length of the door is high and you can’t have tall doors or if the door is very wide and the space taken up by regular doors would be too much. This is especially so if you have cramped spaces or commercial businesses.
Commercial Roller Shutters
Commercial Roller Shutters
Because they roll over on the top of the door or window, the horizontal slats take very small space at the resting position when the door is open. Also because they are hinged together, you can expand the length of the slats quite a lot.
Roller shutters come in different shape, sizes and materials. You can match them in the color of your walls or you can even paint them later. For windows, you can get white shutters.
They come in UPVC or metal and you can get them depending upon your requirements. UPVC roller shutters are preferred where the weight needs to be less, such as in home or restaurant windows. But where security is essential, metal ones made up of steel or aluminum are preferred.
Since the roller shutters are used for very long or wide doors and windows, they can be very heavy to lift especially at a home setting. You can get them with electric motors which can lift the shutters at a press of a button so that it is easy for you. You can also use tape drive to lift them.
Roller Shutters
Roller Shutters
They are also used as fire doors. They are great for a fire door because they don’t take lots of space when open. When a fire does break out, the shutters connected with the fire alarm system automatically drops down to close the space.
You can even combine the shutter with the window doors to make an integrated window when there is limited space or when the window door needs to opened very few times a year but the windows need to be opened daily.
In effect, roller shutters are very versatile and can be used for a wide range of activities. Consider using them when you are building or renovating your house or business property. 
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