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Quick and Affordable Tips and Ideas for Bathroom Renovations

A bathroom might just occupy only a corner of your home but it is one of the most important parts in your household. You go to the bathroom for a refreshing and cleansing yourself several times a day. However, before going for a bathroom renovation, one should try to get ideas to execute this renovation in a cost-effective manner. Before you start your bathroom renovation, it is suggested to sketch the layout of the project, and then incorporate the renovation according to the specific layout only. If you do not have any idea about this layout, then you can take help from some engineers in this regard.
Bathroom Renovations
Bathroom Renovations

Listed below are some essential tips to keep in mind while renovating your bathroom:

  • It is important that before anything, you make a budget that you can spend for your bathroom renovation. You might want to give a new luxurious look to your bathroom but that won’t be possible if your expenses do not fall within your budget. So, it is advisable to do a proper research work before finalizing your Bathroom Renovations. You must include all the expenses in your estimated budget and then you can execute the renovation project as per the guidelines provided by the designer companies.
  • Make a list of exactly what renovation do you want for your bathroom. You might want to change the whole look of the bathroom or you might want to change a part of it. Or you might even just want to change the appliances inside it.
  • If you want to start with the paint of the bathroom walls, make sure you choose a color tone, which will give the bathroom a relaxing tone. It is ok to choose a bright color. But it should not be so loud that it becomes an eyesore.
  • You can also change the cabinets and the shelves inside the bathroom. The cabinets and shelves lose their luster and color from contact with water and heat and air. You might want to get new cabinets and shelves, which are waterproof and are spacious enough to hold many things within it.
Bathroom Design
Bathroom Design

How do you initiate your bathroom renovation project?

Next, you can change the bathroom tiles and replace them with tiles of new color and motifs. Installing high-quality bathroom tiles will change the overall look and space. Try to replace both the floor and wall tiles. In case you cannot find the right material, hire a professional who will help you out with sorting it. 
  • Measure the space of your bathroom: While putting up new basins or a bathtub or a new shower for your bathroom, you must not forget about the area that you have inside it. If you do not measure the area beforehand, you might end up buying appliances that are larger than the space available inside your bathroom. You need to accommodate all the bathroom attachments in your small bathroom space, and in this regards you can install some storage cabinets in your bathroom.
  • Try changing your set of windows inside the bathroom. The windows that you use for your bathroom, controls the illumination and ventilation. Renovate your bathroom windows by installing new ones to give your bathroom a new look.
  • Hiring a Bathroom Renovations expert will ensure that the work will be done for you in exchange for a service charge. The professional will be able to provide yours with the best bathroom appliances and an outlook of an experienced professional.

Renovating the bathroom, which is one of the most important parts of your home, cannot be an easy task. But the right information will most assure help you out.


Wall Cladding in Bathrooms – Types & Options


What is Cladding?

Cladding is the process of application of a layer of material over existing structure to control the weather conditions or for aesthetic purposes. The installation of cladding is quite simple and can be easily maintained.

Wall cladding is a great idea for bathrooms of any size and can be constructed according to a well-defined budget. A lot variety of options with different materials are available to achieve the look and finish that is expected from a wall cladding.
Bathroom Wall Cladding
Bathroom Wall Cladding

Materials & Looks for Wall Cladding in Bathrooms:

The following are top ten ideas for wall cladding in bathrooms:
  • Wooden Look – A wooden wall cladding is one of the all-time favorites as it offers a modern and contemporary look to bathrooms. The lovely texture of the wooden material used, along with the bathroom accessories is definitely the royal look that anyone would want.
  • Stone Cladding – Cladding helps to achieve any look that is desired. The Stone Cladding is especially popular, which gives a feel that the bathroom is craved out of a stone in an elegant way. This Stone cladding gives a stripped natural look to the bathroom.
  • Modern with Natural Touch – Thanks to modern developments, the wooden look in the room can be achieved without using actual wood. This just does not match the color of wood but also the grainy effect of wood can be achieved without using real woods. The reason to go with the latter is because, it is easy to clean, water-proof and easy to install.
  • Ocean Theme – A custom made theme of elements such as a glass fish or a bubble of oceans can be combined with a minimalist wood cladded bathroom. It is the contrasting colors of these themes that make it to stand out and this type of cladding can be applied to any type of bathroom.
  • Swedish Style – This theme is the one to choose when you do not have idea of which cladding to proceed with, as Swedish theme never fails to please you. Cleaver cladding can bring any type of themes and looks into reality. With proper color combination, the look of a beach hut can be easily achieved with cladding.
  • Clean and Contemporary – With materials such as timber, cladding can be constructed to be in sync with the construction materials and the accessories in the bathroom, thereby the look of the perfect contemporary and clean cladding is achieved.
  • Mosaic Cladding – This type of wall cladding includes modern mosaics. The advancement in technology enables the production of modern mosaic cladding that has the perfect classy and stunning look. Other designs can be considered to be added with the mosaic, to give a colored or textured element to the plain mosaic in the bathroom.
  • Marble Cladding – This costly wall cladding includes the installation of Marble as the cladding material. The Marble cladding does not require any additional expense to add to its appeal and can offer your bathroom the luxurious and sophisticated look.
  • Patterns – Cladding can be smooth, but if someone prefers extra textures to have a stunning visual impact, then the tiles with patterns offers such type of cladding. There are many colorful mosaics and tile designs with varying patterns to choose from that can match the bathroom accessories creating a lovely appeal.
  • Tongue and Groove Panel Cladding – This type of work is inspired from Victorian Interior design which incorporates a combination of wall cladding and gives rich colors to the bathroom. This type of cladding is cost-effective and adds rich textures to the room.


Enhance the Overall Look of the Bathroom with Shower Screen

A shower screen, like all other fittings in the bathroom, can enhance the overall look of the bathroom depending on the type of screens that have been installed. Choosing the screens may seem like a difficult task, because there are plenty of them available in the market. However; one should consider their requirements, preferences as well as the home decor before choosing a shower screen.
Shower Screen
Shower Screen

Shower Screens Can Be of Various Types Such As:

  • Frameless: The frameless shower screen is mostly used because they look much better. Moreover, since then contain less aluminum parts they are very easier to clean. Compared to the other types these screens are considered as more hygienic and are very durable and requires little or no maintenance.
  • Fully Framed: Even though these types of screen are passe, there are people who purchase it in case they are looking for something that are cheaper. Unlike the other types of shower screen; they do not allow water to pass under the door. Apart from these they come in various colors and styles and can last for decade without any replacement.
  • Semi Frameless: These are basically the combination of framed screen and the frameless screen; so, customers who are looking for something that is versatile yet will give an interesting look can opt for these shower screens. These screens are also durable and when installed can give the bathroom a unique look.
All these screens can include features like fixed panels, sliding doors and hinged doors. The panels can be either framed in metal or left frameless. All products can be customized depending on the taste of the customer.
Shower Screen
Shower Screen
In addition to the flexibility in design and safety features, these screens offer the following benefits to a user:
  • Transform the look of bathrooms totally
  • No leakage, drafts or pesky puddles of water appear on the floor
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Keep water and steam enclosed in the shower or tub area

Keep the Below Given Points in Mind When Planning to Choose Shower Screens:

  • The first thing that home owners must consider before selecting a shower screen is the size of their shower and the available space surrounding the enclosure. This is an important consideration since floor space will affect the type of door the shower screen.
  • Another important consideration when finding shower screens is the level of maintenance that users will be able to provide. Clear glass screens are simpler to clean than frosted ones. Frameless shower enclosures are also the best option when it comes to maintenance since there are no small spaces where soap and grime can accumulate.
  • Finally think about the level of privacy that is required. Clear glass offers the least amount of privacy while tinted or frosted ones can provide better privacy.
In case an individual is not able to find the right shower screen that will be suitable for his or her bathroom; then the bespoke shower screens can be custom ordered to meet the need of the client.

Shower screens are easy to. Moreover, an order can be placed on the website for the choice of shower screen and one can get it shipped within a couple of days. Don’t worry – the glass will be handled with utmost precision from the time of customizing your order till it is fixed in your bath. Even better, one can save money and time if he or she seeks the services of a company that supplies the best quality product and employs trained people to install these screens.


Some Easy Tips on Decorating Bathroom on A Small Budget

In every home, the kitchen and the bathroom hold significant value in determining its overall appearance. Smartly designed kitchens and bathrooms help a great deal in making your home look attractive and well maintained. When we talk about decorating a bathroom, it is not necessary to spend huge amount of money on it. Even on a small budget, we can render a complete new and stylish look to our bathroom. In the market, you can easily find cheap bathroom supplies that can bring in massive change in the decor of your bathroom.
Bathroom Decoration
Bathroom Decoration
You do not always have to focus on the expensive supplies in order to make you bathroom look stylish and attractive. By working smartly, you can get the same result within your small budget as well. All you have to do is spend some time on hunting down the right options and get them installed in your bathroom. So, let us provide you some ideas about the bathroom supplies and other decoration elements that do not cost sky high.

Choosing the budget friendly bathroom decoration supplies

  • Counter tops- Both in kitchen and bathroom, the presence of counter tops is quite common. Without a counter top, it is quite difficult to imagine about a bathroom. In the market, there are many choices available for the counter tops in terms of materials. But, you certainly do not have to splurge on bathroom counter tops because they are not as large as the kitchen ones. Small sized granite made counter top for bathroom can render an excellent look to your bathroom. You can go for the granite slabs that contain a little bit of imperfection. Since the sink basin will be large enough, therefore it can be used for hiding the imperfection. In this way, you can save some good amount of money.
  • DIY drawer pulls- Under the counter top, you can consider installing a drawer, and it does not cost too high. In fact, if you go for the DIY drawer pulls then you will save even more amount of money. Rather than spending money on the labours, you can do the installation by your own. Installing the drawer pulls does not require too much effort. There are plenty of designs available in this case and some companies also provide customized drawer pulls. It means that all you have to do is take the measurements and provide the details to the supplier.
  • Tiles- The world of tile is simply huge; you can purchase from a wide range of designs, colors, and textures as well. It is true that the expensive ones look amazingly good; but it is also a fact that you have to do everything within your budget. In this case, you can apply the idea of mixing the tiles. You can choose expensive tiles in small amount and budget ones in large amount. Now, ask your contractor to utilize the expensive tiles on high-impact areas; the presence of average look tiles around the expensive ones will make the latter one more noticeable.
  • Buy used- There are some suppliers in the web world that deals in used bathroom fixtures. Well, it does not necessarily mean the used fixtures would look really shabby and exhausted. The refurbished cheap bathroom supplies like doors, faucets, showers, sinks, etc. can look equally good, and no one will ever come to know about their ‘used’ status.

Apart from them, there are many more ways to save money on the decoration of your bathroom. All you need is some research online to find good dealers who provide cheap bathroom supplies. So, go ahead with the decoration part and add some glamour to your bathroom. 


Bring Elegance in Washing Area by Choosing Classy Tapwares

Apart from being in kitchen, bathroom and other washing area the utility items are considered as decorative to beautify the space. Gone are the days when these were considered to be used to steady water flow, the market today is flooded with designs the traditionally classy and contemporary to suit the design of the space they are being installed.

These are the first things you notice while entering the room; it displays the owner’s style and taste. Of course the quality varies with the price, but a careful choice is what makes or breaks the look. They come in different styles and sizes and the correct placement as per the area size is important.

Points to be considered while choosing the right tapware:

  • The correct design: It is essential to take a look around the room where they have to be placed. The design should mix well with the whole design of the area.  In our times the looks are very important and these are equally indispensable is the hold and feel of the taps. They should comfortable and easy to use. 
  • 3 Piece or Mixer: The prices of both are quite similar. The choice of 3-piece provides a more traditional look, while the mixers are modern and contemporary.
  • Functionality: The tapwares are used for a purpose i.e. free flow of water in the basin, tub etc. The size height or the fittings needs to be considered to suit the style and the comfort of the user.
  • Handles: They help in operating the taps. The mixer taps are either single or twin lever. The three-piece tap has either cross handles or lever handles.
  • Style: Minimalistic is the new look. Choice from any type of tapware like modern or colonial should be consistent with the look of the room.
  • Finish: They should be low maintenance long lasting items. The finish is what decides the longevity. Taps designed using chrome satin or nickel etc finish give extremely classy look.
  • Practicality of usage: The flow of water as per the requirement displays the practicality. The water speed and flow should be adjusted as per the requirement. E.g. to fill utensils, water tubs etc requires a higher flow as compared to brushing teeth or washing vegetables.
Selecting the right taps is not as easy as it seems. The laundry, kitchen, bath, shower and vanity etc taps have different requirements. While choosing these sets to match the design of the room can be difficult sometimes. More often people buy taps as a complete set, this saves time but customizing tapware as per the requirement and the design often looks appealing. Example, have different taps for kitchen or bathroom sinks will give a different impression while not giving out of the place look. 

Taps are made using materials like chrome, stainless steel, brass, nickel and gold etc. The choice of material will only enhance the look but it will not really affect the efficiency and performance. These varieties of textures will only provide a glossy gleam and sparkle to the taps. Alternatively brushing those with matte finishes provide a modern feel. There are taps that come with feature like LED lighting along the spout area that changes color as the depending on the water temperature

Tapwares are the style statements. The choice of classy or contemporary depends upon the individual style, but these choices are the statements that can add up to the look of the area. These tapwares come in variety of tastes, fashion and budget to fit in the requirements. Although they seem to be a small part but are a very important utility items. It is essential to take a look at the latest innovations that can fit all requirements from trendy too traditional.


How to Boost the Usability of Your Bathroom with Glass Shower Screen?

If it is your bathroom you want to beautify, you have got innumerable choices and options. Thanks to design innovations and innovative lifestyle solutions that keep surprising us every now and then. From countertop to vanities, from bathtub and shower cubicle design and straight down to the gorgeousness of tiles – everything is important when it comes to enhancing the appeal, beauty and glamour of your bathroom. Folks thinking to give a new look to the face of their bathroom should think of the shower space facility besides all the critical elements.
Glass Shower Screen
Glass Shower Screen
Shower cubicles, of all other essential features, means a lot since you are going to spend a great amount of time relaxing and feeling the water drops as it plunges right on to your body. With water creating therapeutic impact on your mind, you don’t want to think about anything else, do you?  So if you still have not taken such a vital slice of your bathroom into consideration, now is the time. Amongst everything else, shower screens are critical to giving a shape to the cubicle where you take bath.

Why need shower screen?

When someone takes a shower in a cubicle with no glass screen and just a curtain that partially covers the space, there is a huge possibility that you will find the floor soaked wet with soap water. And there is another danger lurching inside your wet bathroom, which is that you are likely to slip if you don’t remain extra careful while entering there. Shower screens in a way protects your shower session and puts border to the space you will use for your spa.

What type of glass screen to choose?

Shower cubicles come with variety of options to choose from. You can pick what kind of features you want in your bathroom. If there is a limited space, small corner unit will be a good idea. If you have a generous space in there, you can even opt for a double shower with a beautiful glass shower screen. Alternatively, if spa shower is your wish, your shower panel will be different depending upon your budget, the size of your bathroom and its decorative arrangement. Some shower screens are transparent while some are opaque with popular designs and patterns. Its height will also very and it will be subject to the suitability of your bathroom dimensions. 
Glass Shower Screen
Glass Shower Screen

The cost of glass screens

Glass shower enclosure can surprise you with varied price structure which depends massively on the kind of structure you are expecting for the screen. The final cost is decided by the several factors like height and width of your shower cubicle, style you desire and quality you expect.

Framed glass structure screens can fit into budget if you pick the standard frame and glass from the local home décor store. Opting for wall folding screen can also give you some rest with money.

What comes last at the end of price spectrum is the frameless, transparent glass shower screens since the glass you need for this kind of work is supposed to be thick, strong and durable. It can also increase the labor cost while getting installed. Custom doors usually matches perfectly to your taste and you must release some good bucks in the process unless you choose to have partial or half glass shower screen.

So what you think of shower screens?

Bathroom is the part of your grand home that often goes ignored and unappreciated. Why to forget what shower can do to your energy and freshness level? Transforming your bathroom into a haven will pay off and compensate all you invested: effort, money and time. Make your bathroom one of the most indispensable piece in your home renovation plan. Consider having glass shower screens installed. Give it a classy outfit and accentuate its style, it is one good room that will not give your pocket as much burden as other design aspects might.


What Is the Utilization of Different Kinds of Bathroom Accessories?

Maybe your bathroom is the smallest place in your home, but you need to keep your bathroom hygienic all the time. Apart from cleaning the bathroom on a regular basis, there are some comprehensive bathroom accessories available which can decorate your bathroom easily. Along with that, you need to install some storage places in your bathroom and you have to incorporate some proper lighting system in the bathroom also. You can also buy toilet accessories separately because bathroom accessories come with different kinds of storage places, cabinets, furnishing and decorative items. On the other part, toilet accessories come as some soap plate, towel rings and cleaning solutions. 
Bathroom Accessories
Bathroom Accessories

Why do you need some bathroom accessories?

We use bathroom for a few chores like bathing, shaving, grooming etc. So the lighting in a bathroom must be adequate and uniform. It must represent the skin tone and any make up applied accurately how one would see it in sunlight. There should not be shadows falling on the person using the mirror in the bathroom
  • A towel rod: This is available in top quality brass or steel to cheap ones as per your budget and requirement.
  • Soap dish: If you are using the bath, you sure will reach out to this. You can have a plain plastic dish or ones made of brass, zinc etc that gives a different appeal to your bathing experience.
  • Tumbler holder: You need a tumbler holder handy when you are brushing or shaving. Do it with style with a stylishly crafted tumbler holder.
  • Towel ring: Again a basic necessity, when you wash off the makeup in your bath. You automatically reach out to your towel. Would you like your towel draped in a boring plastic or steel ring? How would it be if you had a stylish towel ring – that adds value to the ambience of your bath?
Bathroom Accessories
Bathroom Accessories

Different styles of bathroom decoration:

  • There are many people who use false ceilings and decorate their bath with aesthetic lights. Some use pebbles along the length of their bath. Some add incense sticks and scented candles for a spa like bathing experience.  What adds to the service there is the ambience too? You can also decorate your bath with a Buddha statue. It symbolizes peace and can help you remember to slow down and catch your breath in your busy life. The soap holder, moisturizer and the shampoo can be put in nice delicate chinaware that is sold in up market stores. You can add a glass vase and put in some natural flowers that will add color to your bath room.
  • The slab and the flooring can increase the oomph factor of your bath. Visit the accessories showroom to select a color and texture that you like for your bath.
  • The electrical appliances in your bath such as the electric shaver, hair dryer, electric tooth brush – make space for each one of them. Mirrors can act as cupboard decorations and you have plenty of design options available in the market. 
Bathroom Accessories
Bathroom Accessories

How to buy bathroom accessories?

  • Visit malls or fine dine restaurants to check the bathroom ambience and accessories.
  • Request friends to recommend places where they have seen a great bathroom ambience.
  • There are several stores that help in interior decoration. Visit not just one but many of them.
  • Check online ideas for your bath.
  • Don’t miss out to check what is available in Home Depot.
Some people even add magazine holders in their bath so that they catch up with the latest in the fashion industry or in the tech market when they soak themselves in the tub for a nice warm bath.


Remodelling of Bathrooms Economically

One of the most important space in the home arena are the bathrooms. These need to be vibrant and clean. An unkempt area often puts us off. The well maintained bathrooms can lead to a sense of tranquility around the house. These are the areas that are prone to water spills and stains from time to time. Even though there are many shower cubicle and shower spaces, yet sometimes the water definitely seems to come out and create a yellow color in the bath space. These spaces, over a period of time tend to become yellow with water stains and soap spills. As a result, the look of these bathrooms starts getting drab. It is not at all alluring and a space to be in. These situations call in for an emergency intervention and a bathroom renovation.

Bathroom renovations can be done to spruce up the look of the space and make them look clean and fresh. 
Bathroom Renovations
Bathroom Renovations

Tips for bathroom renovations

  • Have everything in hand that you require for your bathroom remodeling. This means sorting out orders and their arrival dates. Big orders take some time in coming and small orders take lesser time. Take note of when your materials are due to come and then progress with your bathroom renovation ideas. It is not prudent to start with something, and thento find out sometime later that you don’t have the necessary materials that is required. The work stops invariably and you lose a lot of time. Hence, prioritize and posterior. This will always stand you in a good stead. In addition, once the new products arrive you will know exactly how much time you need to start the work and to finish the deadlines.
  • Consider the time frames before moving on to the next level – Home centers and shopping centers have a limited stock of vanity tops and stove tops. This can take a lot of time to deluder such products as these take time in arriving. If you need such heavy orders and delivery on an urgent basis, it pays well to check other sources too such as the local suppliers who have such pieces in bulk and in varied colors and shapes.
  • Underlayment’s can also make the bathrooms look dirty and unkempt. Removing old floors and the vinyl can be quite tedious and time consuming. A faster simpler option is to rip up the underlayment along the floor space and cutting these into small sections. Now, this process isn’t that expensive and can be easily carried out keeping your budgetary options in mind. The areas that can be damaged from water accumulation can be easily removed and the newer ones installed.
  • It is better to plan for shower storage areas. This reduces the storage spaces that is required and can make your shower space look really neat and organized. Ceramic tiles can be easily shelved to stock in your shampoos and other stuff, thus minimizing the clutter in your bathrooms. This can be done in one corner of the bathroom and the shower space. This also looks tremendously attractive and leads an overall neat look to the bathrooms.
  • To make a big impact and to enhance the look of the bathroom, you can also use the mosaic or the glass tiles. Small curved rods can also have the same effect at the same costs. These rods look nice and they attach well to the walls thus lending a subtle sleek look to the bathrooms.
An effective bathroom design should address all your needs, physical and spiritual.


Bathroom Accessories - Think Bathroom Jewelry

Do you remember your grandmother's house? There was a comforting smell and a "homey" decor throughout the home. Most likely, Grandma had her bathroom decorated with plastic flowers, lilac scented soap, linoleum floor with shag carpet scatter rugs, a fuzzy toilet seat cover, and a shower curtain that somehow involved lace. This was what you expected for Grandma's house and it was lovely, just like she was with her cotton floral house-dress, apron and plastic beads. Contemporary society has let most of those interior motifs fall by the wayside in favor of a sleeker, functional design motif.
Bathroom Accessories
Bathroom Accessories 
FUNCTIONAL: The fuzzy accessories of our childhood proved to be eminently impractical, from a functional standpoint the shag toilet lid cover tended to slam down at inopportune times! In addition, we place higher importance on germ warfare. Functional, in our current bathrooms, means easy to clean, does what it's intended to do, and perhaps covers more than one duty. Chrome, stainless steel or Lucite accessories, such as soap dishes and toothbrush holders look more sanitary because they ARE. Rough surfaces hold germs and debris that just cannot be cleaned properly with typical cleaning processes. Keeping these sleek surfaces clean is much more effective than fuzzy or pitted surfaces. Especially in families that include children, we like the look and functionality of bathroom accessories that require only a swipe with an antibacterial disinfectant.
Bathroom Accessories
Bathroom Accessories
SLEEK: While some people equate the work "sleek" with contemporary or modern motifs that border on a cold, industrial feel, the opposite is true. Actually, sleek, modern bathroom accessories accommodate a warm decor beautifully, as an ornate dress requires simple but bold jewelry. A rustic, stone or marble tub-surround looks fabulous when juxtaposed with chrome or Lucite accessories. Subway tile and Art Decor bath interiors make a perfect backdrop for chrome or a stainless steel tissue box. In a bathroom where the other design features were carefully chosen as the "star" of the room, choosing a sleeker group of accessories does not detract from that expensive patterned wallpaper or intricate tile. So many of us have an eclectic decor sensibility, combining heirloom treasures, art pieces and garage sale finds with umber-modern surroundings. This imbues our home with our own "signature" look.

Finishing the look of the bathroom is an individual undertaking. Just as with the rest of our homes, we want people to join us in surroundings that illustrate "who we are." When following one's own taste, with contemporary bathroom touches, we can never go wrong. We feel comfortable, clean, and perfectly relaxed in the bathroom design we've created. 

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