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Reasons to Rely Mostly on Marble Kitchen Benchtops

Marble has the elegance, which other natural stones fail to procure. The amazing beauty of marble kitchen benchtops is hard for you to resist. There are so many impressive options available and it is mandatory for you to choose the best team for help in finding the right marble bench tops. Loads of quality results can be procured if you have chosen to go for such bench tops from reputed online stores. There are some famous retail outlets too, able to offer you with best quality results but their services are restricted. If you want to learn more about the services as procured from major centers, make sure to browse online and get in touch with the best team for quality help. 
Marble Kitchen Benchtops
Marble Kitchen Benchtops

Marble Slabs As Counter Tops

Now, if you want to improve the elegance of your kitchen, then marble kitchen benchtops are the ones for you to deal with. There are so many important types of marble bench tops available, which are used for keeping utensils, cutting fruits and vegetables and even for preparing the best meal possible. You must be wondering more about the reasons to rely on such marble slabs for help when you have so many other stones to deal with. Well, for the best result, it is important to browse online and get hold of some rewarding answers to your questions.

1 Designs At The Best:

With marble, you are likely to come across multiple design capabilities. If you want to experiment, you can do that with the help of these marble parts. In case you have any counter in need of more fabrication than usual, then you might want to turn your notice towards marble as the best help. Marbles are defined to be availed in multiple shapes and sizes, just to match people’s requirements. The overall working ability of such bench tops is way more impressive because of the software nature when compared to other forms of stone tops. If you are currently in the lookout for some fancy edges and some fabrication perks, then you have made the right choice.
Marble Kitchen Benchtops
Marble Kitchen Benchtops

2 Can Take The Right Heat: 

If you are currently in the lookout for best tops which can easily withstand heat, then you have made the right choice with marble kitchen benchtops. Marble is designed to be heat resistant, which is mostly required for covering kitchen areas. It can easily stand well to hot pots and pans. That’s why you can consider marble to be the best option when it comes to helping out on kitchen segment.

3 Damage Resistance At Its Best:

Just like taking the brunt of heat, the best kitchen benchtops as made out of marble can prove to be damage resistance too. So, if you are looking for the platform, which can take the brunt of your hardcore cooking regime, then marble kitchen benchtops can prove to be the best option to consider. You can use the same benchtop for cooking, cutting your vegetable and fruits, and without even harming the surface area at all. No matter how harp your knife is, it won’t be able to create a mark on such platforms. 
Marble Kitchen BenchtopsMarble Kitchen Benchtops

Beauty And Durability Of Kitchen Benchtops

Whenever you are looking for marble kitchen benchtops, then you are likely to be associated with durability and beauty. That’s what you are going to get along with marble as the best choice. Just be sure of the company you are planning to take help from and always check the credentials before coming to a result. Once you are through with it, half of your services remains covered.

Renovating and Adding Improved Benchtops for Your Home

A home improvement is a tedious task, to be honest. Right from the kitchen area to your living room, everything needs to be improved and renovated. Proper renovation through a simple change in benchtops can add more value to your place. It can further help in increasing the resale value of your property by renovating your house. In this case, you can build some benchtops in your kitchen and you can install some marble benchtops to make it durable and sturdy. Apart from that, you can also install some wooden, limestone or concrete benchtops as per your needs.
It is suggested to choose the stone benchtops for your kitchen because you can easily clean and maintain the same in an easy process and you can also get the best longevity from these stone benchtops.

Beauty of bench tops:

It might seem nothing to brag on, but proper benchtops can help in adding more beauty to your house. No matter wherever you place it, you can add more glam to that corner of your house. Bench tops are widely used in kitchen areas. This is the major spot where you can keep your utensils or cut your veggies or fruits for preparing that amazing delicacy. Other than in the kitchen, you can see the usage of bench tops in living room areas also and if you wish to use the benchtops as dinning or breakfast table then you can also install a ‘L’ shape benchtop in your kitchen.

Going for the designs:

So, after giving it quite some thought, you have finally decided to change your old benchtops with a new one. This is always a good decision, but only after you have decided on the set rates.  But first, you have to check out on the available designs and then make a decision.
Kitchen Benchtops
Kitchen Benchtops
  • The basic one has to be Smartstone Ventato design. It is more like a cracked look at the top with laminated glaze coating on top. The design and color are basically subtle when compared to other designs and can work better for the simple yet sophisticated look.
  • Another design of bench top to look into has to be the Everest one. It has designs of small chips and black dots on the plain sheet of the granite with a shiny laminated coating right on top. The design of these chips is extremely small and intricate in details. It can add that touch of chicness to the entire look.
  • Adding a dash of hazel color on your benchtops can change the game altogether. The hazel colored top comprises of brownish shades and a bit of white to it. Also known as Witch Hazel, it is a perfect addition to your kitchen, just to add more value to the place.

Quartz based options:

The market is overloaded with so many types of benchtops, and each comes with a different raw material. However, among the available lot, premium quality quartz based fabricated style is the best one to choose from. Not just from its designer perspective but these tops are amazing when it comes to durability within a set competitive rate. These tops are just perfect for functional counter tops, interior wall cladding, floors, shower and tub surround and even for vanities.

Always remember that replacing your old benchtops with a new one can prove to be a cheaper way to add more value to your place. With so many variations to choose, right from cost and color, you can easily find the best one for your use. It can easily help in adding a new vibe to your kitchen or other parts of your home completely.

Modern Kitchens - The Heart of The Modern House

Each corner of the house is equally important and very often people say; “home is where the heart is”. The importance of having a functional and well planned modern kitchen plays a vital role in the house. The contemporary kitchen is the area of maximum activity and to keep accidents at bay, one needs to take care of a lot of things, namely the floor plan, the kitchen flooring, the storage cabinets, and the countertops etc. To have a well-planned kitchen is like a dream comes true for a lot of women.
Modern Kitchen
Modern Kitchen

Look around

Though there are innumerable aspects, let’s focus on the modern kitchen for now. The most important thing is that it should not be slippery. Selecting non-skid flooring for modern kitchens is the right thing to do. There should not be any irregular undulations in the flooring which can otherwise cause accidents. Even the cabinets and the layout should be easy to clean and stain resistant too. These basic requirements need to be fulfilled while choosing the kitchen flooring. 

Understand your needs

All the activity in the modern kitchen is done while standing so it should not be a burden   at one’s feet too. Hard surfaces though might be sturdy but are always not the best bet. One needs to keep in mind the budget and the other needs and requirements before selecting a flooring and installing it.  Make sure the counter height matches with your height.  Go for modern kitchen appliances like refrigerators, microwaves, etc. and space them as per the golden triangle rule.
Modern Kitchen
Modern Kitchen

Evaluate your options

There are numerous options available in the market today and so you need to evaluate them. For the floor Vinyl, bamboo, hardwood, cork, ceramic, porcelain, marble and linoleum are some of the flooring options that are used in kitchens. For the floors, y vinyl, stone, tile, etc. are similar kinds of flooring. Do remember that wood is difficult to manage and of course clean.

Besides this do compare the modern kitchens prices and other requisites. For instance, a modular kitchen is more budget-friendly for a conventional kitchen size. In this reference, if you have a huge or a very small kitchen in odd shapes, then it is the best to avoid going for modular pieces. In such cases, you should stick to getting either customized or even putting together hand-made pieces.


One of the essentials of the modern kitchens is the functionality and there is no denying that you would not really be able to sustain without the same. So how does functionality come into play here?
  • First, make sure that the kitchen is a pleasing space with vibrant use of colors with enough space to move around. Being modern doesn’t mean you will cramp the area with so much that one is not able to move around. Also, set up counters for dining if space permits.
  • The next step is efficiency. As mentioned above, the golden triangle rule comes into play here. For example, your modern kitchens should have the sink, refrigerator and the cooking area at a walkable distance or triangle. So, this means you take fewer steps as you go from the gas to the refrigerator and sink to wash everything. Doing so also means that you can minimize time wastage.
  • Go for base materials that work well for example steel is a good option combined with wood because of less maintenance. You can also go for all the wood but make sure you pick quality driven materials.
And last but not the least, your modern kitchens should be made in a way that you are able to enjoy it as a member of a family.

Tips for Selecting the Most Durable and Stylish Granite Benchtops for Kitchen

All house owners make it a point to make their kitchens look as best as they can. Apart from the cabinets, countertops are the next most noticeable things in a kitchen. So, countertops or bench tops of the kitchen need to be attractive and durable enough to last for years in perfect condition. Usually, marble, granite, quartz based engineered stone, timber, laminate and stainless steel are mostly used for creating the benchtops of the kitchen. But granite is the most popular material used in making the countertops; as marble and laminate are very costly. Timber is not so durable option as bench tops for kitchen as its colour will erode when it meets hot vessels and when smeared with oily and other greasy food items. Granite bench tops on the other hand are highly durable, easily affordable and give an elegant look to the kitchen, but for that you must choose the right granite as countertops. 
Granite Benchtops for Kitchen
Granite Benchtops for Kitchen

Points to be noted while choosing the granite kitchen benchtops

  • Background colour of the kitchen – When the background colour of the kitchen is white, the homemakers can use different types of white granites that may be adorned with brown, black or gray coloured veins, as well as contain large visible grains. But if anyone wishes to use contrast coloured granites on their kitchen benchtops, the granites should have scattered grains of medium size and the veins should match the background colour of the kitchen. So, black or brown or green granites with shiny white veins can be used for making glamorous granite kitchen benchtops
  • Size of the countertops in kitchen – The interior decorators prefer to use only light coloured granite benchtops in the kitchens with small areas, as the lighter shades make the room look bigger than it is. If any homemaker insists on using darker colours for resisting the oil stains of the kitchen, the dark granite benchtops with white or lighter coloured veins are preferred, provided there is adequate arrangement for the entry of natural light into the kitchen.
  • Type of kitchen cabinets – When kitchen cabinets are all made of only one colour, it is easier to choose granites for countertops; as either the same colour or any contrast shade can be chosen for the granite tops. But if the cabinets of the kitchen perimeter are of contrast colour to those made in the kitchen island, the best option is to use a colour shade that can match both the colours used in the kitchen cabinets. For example, if black and white are the contrasting colours of the kitchen cabinets, brown or gray shades can be ideally used for the granite countertops. 
  • Size of the kitchen island – When the kitchen is very large, the homemakers or the interior designers may opt for using two contrast colours of granite tops on the counters of the kitchen perimeter and on the island, if there is enough space between the perimeter and the island of the kitchen. But in case of small kitchens in modern apartments, only one colour should be chosen for the granites used as kitchen countertops.
  • Amount of light available in kitchen – If the kitchen has several windows and plenty of sunlight floods the room, light coloured granite should be chosen for the countertops. The kitchens with a short window and little amount of natural light, mainly in winters, look livelier with dark coloured granite countertops.
  • Type of flooring – When the floor of the kitchen is made of wooden tiles that are dark brown or gray in colour, the granite benchtops should be white or of any lighter shade. On the contrary, darker shades of granites should be used for the countertops in the kitchens, where the floors are made of white marble tiles or light coloured tiles.
Above piece of advice will help you to find most durable and stylish granite benchtops for your kitchen.

How to Create a Kitchen That’ll Never Go Out of Style

Redecorating and designing a kitchen can be a huge project that usually is quite expensive and time-consuming. When the kitchen is the most used room in the house, it’s important to get the design right so that it is functional yet attractive.  If done right, once a kitchen is redone it will not need redecorating again for many years. Creating a timeless looking kitchen is key to keeping your house in style for years to come.
Kitchen Design
Kitchen Design

Shaker Cabinets

Shaker cabinets offer simplicity, utility and honesty and are usually characterized by their simple and clean look. Using shaker cabinets in your new kitchen design will ensure that no matter how you want to style your kitchen as they are such as flexible style of cabinet. Other decorative tones you decide to add to your kitchen, later on, will naturally go with this style.
Shaker Cabinets
Shaker Cabinets

Limestone Flooring

Trends will come and go but some kitchen styles will never go out of style. One of those styles is limestone flooring. For an elegant, luxurious look, limestone brings light and charm into the room. With a natural spectrum of colour within the tiles, limestone brings a warmth and beauty to any interior. Not only will limestone flooring offer a timeless look for your kitchen but it will bring fantastic durability and an easy to clean floor. As a natural material, it provides sustainability and excellent value for money.
Limestone Flooring
Limestone Flooring

Neutral Tones

Sticking to subdued colours will help your kitchen stay timeless. Although whites, greasy and beiges seem like a safe bet, you don’t have to stick to boring colour. Choosing an unsaturated blue or grey will add colour to your kitchen without constricting you to an overpowering colour scheme. A neutral blue or green will allow you to add in and change pops of colour and patterns as time goes on to stay on trend without having to worry about clashing with your main kitchen design.
Neutral Tones
Neutral Tones

Marble Countertops

They may be on the pricey side, but marble countertops create a timeless look that will never go out of style. Marble countertops are often a focus point in the room and make a really standout classic kitchen style.

Warm Wood

If you would like to bring the outdoor in and a more natural look to your kitchen, stick to warm woods for your kitchen. Whether it be a countertop or a kitchen table, warm-toned woods such as oak and walnut, are versatile choices for a timeless look.  Warm woods are also great for adding a bit of texture and character into kitchens.
Warm Wood
Warm Wood

Open Plan

Opening out your kitchen into the dining area or living room is one of the greatest ways to make your kitchen timeless. This approach to kitchen design creates a unity between your kitchen and the other rooms in the house, making your kitchen a truly integrated part of your home. An open plan kitchen creates the illusion of more space and it allows for a versatile space for relaxation, socialising, eating and entertaining.

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Leah is a UK beauty and lifestyle blogger covering everything from healthy and fitness to skincare and fashion.

As well as a blogger, Leah is a Psychology Student with an obsession with coffee shops and lives with her family Cambridgeshire.

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Eco-Friendly Kitchen Designs for Crafting Interesting Kitchen Space

There are ample efforts which are being directed in coming up with environment-friendly kitchen designs. It is to simplify living and putting lesser carbon imprint on the world. Be it lighting to a countertop, every bit in setting up the kitchen can be eco-friendly. The concept of a green kitchen has come a long way. All the sustainable materials are put to use to come up with interesting patterns. It is not only stylish but also a healthy way of leading a lifestyle. Now most of the apartments and homes have their kitchens within a small space, and you need to accommodate all your kitchen appliances along with the electronic gadgets in this small space only. Therefore, you need to increase the storage space of your kitchen. Apart from that, you can design your kitchen with a traditional or contemporary look and you need to install some matching attachments as per your requirement only.
Kitchen design
Kitchen Design

Decorate the essential parts of the kitchen:

1. The Countertop:

When you look at any kitchen, the first thing that you will notice is the countertop. Hence, the first thing you need to focus on is the platform area where you will be spending most of your time. While planning for the countertop, you will have to consider several elements of kitchen design like how big or small you will want your workstation. You can choose from marble or granite kitchen countertops to decorate your kitchen according to a trendy style. You can also recycle your old countertop and refurnish it as the new one.

2. Lighting:

This is the second most important element in the kitchen. You can certainly pull down the pressure on energy by using fluorescent lights. They are known to cut the power usage by 50%. In addition, if you are renovating the entire kitchen, you can incorporate wider windows. This will allow lights that are more natural into the kitchen. Therefore, you can cut down on your electricity usage bills by installing some LED lights in your kitchen, and you can also install some glass panel windows and skylights for getting natural lights during daytime. It can save your power consumption bill and you can also keep your kitchen bacteria-free. 
Kitchen Lighting
Kitchen Lighting

3. Storage:

You will certainly need racks, drawers or units to store your food supplies, spices, and other cooking equipment. While plastic and acrylic are the most overused material these days, you can switch to wood. There are options like bamboo, hardwood etc. These types of woods are not only environment-friendly but also sturdy and will last with you for a long time.
Kitchen Storage
Kitchen Storage

4. Cooking Equipment:

Planning the kitchen renovation is not restricted to the kitchen designs but also the pots and pans, and other cooking equipment. Right from the refrigerator to the blender that you choose to buy, make sure they are eco-friendly and are authorized by the regulatory bodies. This way, your kitchen not just looks environment-friendly but also it is in every true sense.
Cooking Equipment
Cooking Equipment

5. The Decor:

When you are discussing all the different elements of the kitchen designs, do not miss the little details. For instance, the chairs or dining table or the regular seating arrangements should be harmonious with the entire look. Try to retain as much as of your old furniture as possible. This will help you to get the original and natural look for the kitchen.
Kitchen Decor
Kitchen Decor
Planning is the key to getting the best design for your kitchen. Hire a professional interior designer who will assist you with creative ideas and the right layout for your kitchen. Keep your expectations practical and try to research well on the different patterns. 

Enhance Your Kitchen’s Look with Glass Kitchen Splashbacks

Kitchen is an integral part of your home as it is where the main meal of the house is prepared almost all the time and every day. It is very important to keep the cooking space clean and well-maintained so that it gives a great look and makes you feel good too. Many a time, the kitchen walls remain covered with splashes, stains, grease spots, etc. An easy and quick way to get rid of such unfavorable situations is adding glass kitchen splashback in the most crucial parts of your kitchen.
Glass Kitchen Splashbacks
Glass Kitchen Splashbacks
Splash-backs are the ideal solution to protect your modular kitchen walls from oily finger marks, grease spots, stains and splashes. They are not only suitable for regular residential kitchens but also the toughest industrial kitchens. They are absolutely easy to clean as you will just require certain handy household products or basic cleaning sprays that are easy to get in the market.

Important considerations for kitchen splashbacks:

You might have several dreams with your kitchen as it is the heart of a home. This is the ideal space where you can arrange for a fantastic get together, dish out amazing culinary ideas, enjoy a creative kitchen dinner or simply turn it into an elegant hangout. In every situation, splashbacks are able to play significant role in turning your dreams and vision into reality.

Today’s specialists offer a comprehensive range of glass kitchen splashbacks with custom designs and textures. They will give you endless opportunity to improve the appearance of your kitchen in an easy and effective fashion. Before moving forward to buy them, you must add some points to your checklist. The most important ones are discussed below.
Glass Kitchen Splashbacks
Glass Kitchen Splashbacks
  1. Latest trend in materials – The increased popularity of kitchen splashbacks has led to the foundation of many different material options which includes glass, stainless steel, brick, marble and tiles. Among them, glass ranks high in terms of popular choice as it combines beauty with protection. The natural translucent look enhances its beauty while the non-porous surface provides protection against bacteria. The glass splashbacks have impact resistance as it can withstand high temperature.
  2. Incorporation of lighting – If you select glass for your kitchen splashback, you can add a tinge of exclusivity by remodeling the space with LED lighting. The reflective properties of glass gel well with this category of lighting. Thus, by choosing the correct lighting, you can turn your home kitchen into an airy workspace at day and cool dining area at night. These splashbacks are really functional.
  3. Perfect size to meet your needs – The kitchen splashbacks are available in many standard sizes fit for your kitchen. They can easily meet challenging specifications of a kitchen with difficult sizes and angles. If you are not comfortable with DIY installation, you can take help of interior decorators as well. The experts are able to offer hand cut templates, custom design and laser measurements. Glass provides great versatility and flexibility for any awkward shapes.
  4. Custom designs for splashbacks: The glass splashbacks will not only provide ample design options but also give you the chance to create your own design encouraging individual creativity. With glass, you can create amazing prints, images, artworks and pattern. The outcome will be impressive and appealing.

Most popular types of glass kitchen splashbacks:

With the advent of online shopping, it is not difficult to find out the best type of glass kitchen splashbacks. The manufacturers and suppliers will give you ample choices for the type of product you want. A few common types available in the marketplace are –
  • Geometric splashback
  • Pressed glass splashback
  • Mirror splashback
  • Window splashback
Thus, it can be stated that glass kitchen splashbacks are the best and smart way to create a new and expensive look for your kitchen. 

Even the Kitchen Window Deserves Attention

The kitchen is frequently more than just a place to make meals or sit and read the paper over a cup of coffee. Even for a single person living alone, when you have a get-together with friends or family, the kitchen may serve as the central gathering place for lively conversation.

Regardless of how big or small your kitchen is, there's something about the room that seems to draw people into it to drink or snack while chatting about the latest events of the day, or just hang around.

It that respect, you should want to make that popular room in your home feel warm and inviting. One way to achieve this is to dress up the kitchen window.
Kitchen Window
Kitchen Window
However, sometimes people focus more on other kitchen decor, like new appliances, countertops, wall accents, etc., and overlook how much the kitchen window can add to the overall atmosphere of that room.

# What Style Window Does Your Kitchen Have?

Most homes have a kitchen window over the sink as a way to allow natural light into the room and take in the outdoor view. These are the most preferred window styles in many homes.

# Garden Window

A favored window for the kitchen, especially when placed above the sink, is a garden window. They take up minimal wall space, yet have deep sills for placing live plants.

They also allow an ample amount of natural light into the room and fresh air on warm, breezy days.

Kitchen Window
Kitchen Window

# Bow or Bay Window

Similar to garden windows, a bow or bay window has more of an arc design, yet still uses less wall space than a standard window. It also has a wider sill than a standard window and allows more natural light and air into the room.

Garden, bow or bay windows are all preferred choice of styles for kitchens, and there are many ways to dress up those windows to add a distinctive presence to the entire room.

# Let's Dress Up That Kitchen Window

You don't need to spend a lot of money to give your window its deserved attention. Here are a few ideas.

# Kitchen Window Curtains

Not everyone likes curtains. Additionally, depending on what's outside your kitchen window, you may not want them. For example, if your window looks out to natural wooded areas, you may simply want a window treatment, like a valance, but not full curtains that could block your view.

Another reason you may want to avoid curtains is the need to wash them often. Think of the backsplash and how often you need to clean it. That same grime may get all over the curtains too.

If you use lightweight fabric curtains, and you don't mind taking them down to wash them frequently, decorative curtains may be exactly what the kitchen window needs. They'll provide a bit of privacy, block any direct glaring sunlight that may come in, and add a splash of color to the room.

# Valances

If you don't have a need for privacy and wish to keep full view of the outdoors from your kitchen window, add a valance to the top with a decorative rod. You may only need to take the valance down once or twice a year to freshen it up.

# Window Blinds and Shutters

If you don't like curtains, another idea to add some depth and color to the window is using blinds or shutters. You can buy them in either plastic or wood and they will only need light dusting periodically.

# Other Window Treatment Ideas – Without Curtains

There are a few ways to add that extra ambiance to the kitchen without using curtains, blinds, shutters or valances.

# Reclaimed Wood Art

Reclaimed wood is really in vogue today, thanks mostly to Joanna Gaines of the famous show on HGTV, "Fixer Upper." Take a piece of reclaimed wood and add decorations, a favorite saying or design, and place it above the kitchen window.

# Add Overhead Lighting

Pendant lights are a popular fixture for adding unique lighting to your kitchen. It also adds additional light over the sink. To avoid doing any hard wiring, buy a pendant light that plugs into an outlet that you can turn off and on with its own switch.

# Shutters

A great way to filter light and protect privacy is shutters for windows. Indoor shutters offer more control over these issues while outdoor shutters add style to the home and of course, can help protect windows during inclement weather. Custom shutters offer a perfect fit and pleasing design for almost any home.

# Do It Yourself Window Treatments

What better way to express your unique style than to create DIY window treatments. This is the ideal way to go if you need to decorate on a shoestring budget. Use your imagination and creativity to make your own pendant lights or reclaimed wood art instead of buying something at the local department store.

You'll save money and really give your kitchen window the special attention it deserves.

Author Bio:-

This guest post contribution was made by Proctor Drapery and Blinds. With over 35 years of experience, St. Louis’ window treatments expert Michael Proctor can help you find the perfect look and function for your windows.

What to Look for When Shopping for New Kitchen Cabinets

In your new kitchen design one of the most important choices are your new cabinets. They can take up to 29% of your kitchen design budget and are going to be the most used things in your kitchen. So what goes into kitchen cabinets and what should you look for in your kitchen renovation?
Kitchen Renovation
Kitchen Door

Door Styles

The door style is essentially how the door works. Do you want swinging, pull-outs, shaker, flat or inset cabinets? When looking at door styles size should be at the forefront in your decision. The right door style will maximize the space in your kitchen while the incorrect size will take away from it and make maneuvering in your new kitchen cumbersome.


Hardware refers to what makes the cabinets work, the handles or knobs that make the drawers pull out. When choosing the hardware remember that these will make a big, yet subtle, difference in your finished kitchen. Classic knobs work best in traditional kitchens whereas you might want to consider flat panels, aka no knobs at all, in more modern styled kitchens.

Colors and Finishes

This is arguably the choice that stands out first in your new kitchen renovation. It makes a big impact on your kitchen style and with the right finishes, will make your kitchen remodel spectacular.

First you must choose the base color. Bright colors are making a comeback in kitchens but are normally paired with a neutral finish such as blue, brown and even grey. Stains are also an option to explore if you have wood cabinets and want to highlight the wood’s pattern. Finally, if you are worried about upkeep of color think about choosing a distressed finish that adds warmth and an aged beauty to your cabinets.

Molding and Detailing

This section covers decorative supports, aprons, corbels, toe kicks and molding. All these are features that might not come initially with your kitchen cabinets but can make a big visual impact in your finished renovated kitchen. If you don’t know what the items in this list are, fear not, a kitchen designer will be more than happy to give you more information about advanced detailing options.
Your new kitchen cabinets need to be functional, durable and fit in with your style, so shop around and choose well.

Top Ideas For Kitchen Renovations

Kitchen renovations are done by people who want a new look to their kitchen or make it more energy efficient to help them get more space. Remodeling and renovations depend on a large extent on the space of the kitchen, the budget, the lifestyle and also the individual taste of the owners.
Kitchen Renovations
Kitchen Renovations

Some easy tips for renovations and which do not burst the budget are:

  • Giving the walls and the ceiling a fresh coat of paint.
  • Good lighting has a psychological effect and makes the kitchen look brighter, more cheerful and easier to work with.
  • Small ceiling mounted lights should be replaced with larger and brighter as well as more energy efficient fixtures.
  • Under cabinet lighting adds brightness to the counters and make it work easier. Most under cabinet lighting is hardwired and is behind the walls but are also quick fix models can be plugged into outlets.
  • If the baseboards, doors and window casings as well as crown molding is prettier and of better quality, it will make the home look more expensive and better.
  • Appliances which are energy efficient and of good quality will add to the look of the kitchen. For example, if the homeowner has a stainless steel professional range, he or she can pair it with a stainless steel refrigerator.
  • Textured glass in cabinets adds to the look of the kitchen. Glass can be added to cabinet door fronts and used to display serving-ware. Frosted or etched glass hides shelves which contain dishes which are not display worthy.
  • Lazy Susan’s, smooth drawer glides, roll out shelving as well as pot and pan organizers help improve the look of the kitchen design. This needs to be combined with replacement of worn or old parts like knobs on dishwashers, electric range burners and refrigerator shelves.
  • When a good tile backsplash is added to the kitchen and it extends from the kitchen counter till the bottom of the wall cabinets or even till around the sink and other walls, it adds a sense of luxury. These can either be monochromatic or it can be custom designed. These can be made of different material including wood, tile or glass. Patterned tiles when added or even mix tile shapes add individuality.
  • Modular furniture when added to the kitchen opens up the kitchen to a lot of space and makes it look more organized, neater and more expensive.
Kitchen Renovations
Kitchen Renovations
When choosing the budget for kitchen renovations it needs to be divided on an average of 35% for the cabinets, 20% for labor, 10% for windows, 20% for appliances, 5 % for fixtures, and 3% for fittings and the rest for other expenses. However, one needs to ensure that you have budgeted for at least 20% less than the actual budget, as there always will be cases where there is a sudden surprise element. Either the walls or floor when ripped out may lead to discovery that there is rot or termites or even wiring might need replacement if there is some damage or change of plans during renovations. If this amount has not been kept aside, the homeowner would find himself or herself getting a rude shock and blowing up their budget. 

What really helps is making a spreadsheet and checking it with the actual and the budgeted amount on a daily basis, to ensure that the renovation and remodeling is not overstepping the budget. The homeowner should not get tempted to add more to the project than what was initially decided upon as that will considerably increase the budget.

Bringing You the Most Extravagant Range of Designer Kitchens Kent

The most important part of your homes is your kitchen which you always wish to have it set up exquisitely. Generally, when we build our place of living we usually ignore the kitchens are which is of immense importance in your living space. It needs to be perfectly maintained and perfectly set up. Lately with the expansion of architecture and interior design in the market we also have evolved to get some kitchen designers. These kitchen designers make sure that we get some of the best designed kitchens at our end. Thus they work really hard to provide the best bespoke services.
Designer Kitchen Kent
Designer Kitchen Kent

Kent has been a market with exploring new innovative designers who have been making some the best kitchens Kent. Some of the best kitchens are presented to you by Herringbone Kitchens in the area. You will get bewildered by the services of the service provider which believes in providing the best to you. For your kitchen project to get the utmost attention and care you need to deal with a professional service provider who can do justice and wonders to your kitchen.

Herringbone Kitchens has been an independently set business in the Kent. They provide you with some the best kitchen designing services. We have been dealing with the suppliers who have been providing us the supplies with the same ethics on which we work that is the material should be sustainable. We always make sure that we provide our clients with the most promising and bespoke designs and create something very beautiful and appealing.

Kitchen Kent
Kitchen Kent

We provide you with services like designing of your kitchens to make it look like a paradise in your home, kitchen fittings make it much easier for you to install and also we have a service for painting your kitchens. We always try to bring this to your notice that we acknowledge the fact that your kitchens are important to you and so is your investment in us. So we try to bring a satisfactory service at your end. Currently we have been working on several projects of developing designer kitchens and the clients we have been working with are utterly satisfied with our work.

We have been hiring some the best and hardworking servicemen and technicians to develop some of the best and bespoke kitchens Kent. Herringbone Kitchens deals with many areas of development and innovations to be done in your kitchens, thus making them the best service providers across the area. We usually try to do things differently to make our work look like a piece of art. Since we have been working with so many clients lately, we have gained an experience which has pushed us towards the exhilaration of our business.

If you ever wish to have your kitchens designed or get the best sustainable fittings done in your kitchens, just visit us for demo at our showroom in Canterbury. You will get to see a wide range of designs in display and also we would like to make the best out of us. You can have a look on our work at our website so that you can have a clear picture of us in your mind. 

Caesarstone Worktops - A Perfect Choice for Kitchen Remodelling

Why to look at other materials for your kitchen worktop when a quartz surface will solve all your problems?

Remodeling one’s kitchen is no small feat. It requires intensive research, thorough planning and the will to work alongside professionals who will ultimately remodel the space. There are many reasons why people decide to remodel their kitchens— from the desire to make some space look more elegant to the fact that the old kitchen space stops being productive.

Your reasons for remodeling the kitchen are a matter of personal choice. And one of the most crucial areas of the kitchen are the worktops installed in it. Quartz worktops are a favorite of people looking to remodel their kitchen. Quartz is an amazing base material in case you want your worktop to last for a long period of time and for it to also look appealing.
Clamshell Quartz Worktops
Clamshell Quartz Worktops

Caesarstone 4130 Clamshell Quartz Worktops 

One of the most preferred brands when it comes to stone worktops are the Caesarstone quartz worktops. Caesarstone is an established name in the world of kitchen remodeling. Established in Israel in the year 1987, the company today controls almost 13% of the entire worktop industry. Caesarstone quartz surfaces are sold in over 42 countries and retailed by some of the most respected names in the industry. This company is environment-friendly and is known to recycle almost 93% of the water being used in its manufacturing units.

Following are some of the reasons why you should look at Caesarstone quartz worktops for remodeling your kitchen:

Almost 93% natural quartz

Caesarstone quartz surfaces contain almost 93% natural quartz. Quartz is one the toughest stones found naturally. When mixed with additives such as polymers and pigments they become almost perfect for use in kitchens. These worktops are available in a unique variety of colors and finishes and are ideal for people looking to install natural-looking stone worktops.
Caesarstone quartz surfaces
Caesarstone quartz surfaces

Caesarstone worktops outperform other materials

Compared to other surfaces such as granite and marble, Caesarstone quartz worktops are far more heat and scratch resistant. In fact, it is known that these worktops have double the amount of impact resistance when compared to granite and almost four times the flexural strength. Moreover, because these worktops are non-porous in nature, they do not require resealing that granite and marble do. They are also resistant to bacterial growth and water seeping into the worktop.

Maintenance is low

Because of its compact strength, Caesarstone worktops require little maintenance. In most cases, a mild detergent, and a soft sponge will do the job for you. In the case of stubborn stains and residue, you can simply scratch the material off using a plastic knife and then soak the residual stain in some detergent and then wash it off. The one thing that you should keep in mind is the fact that you should not expose worktop to strong chemicals and paint removers. It may adversely affect the surface and the material.

Caesarstone quartz surfaces can become an excellent addition to your remodeled kitchen. Despite the fact that cost may play a significant role in your purchase you need to look at it as a long-term investment.

Choosing Kitchen Countertop Materials of Granite

Being one of the most essential spaces in a home, your kitchen needs to look and feel as good as any other room. Countertops are not only functional; they also make a great deal of difference to the cook house. Shopping for the ideal countertop for a kitchen can be quite a task considering the wide variety of materials available in the market.
Granite Kitchen Worktops
Granite Kitchen Worktops
If your kitchen is the need of an update, then you might want to consider buying granite kitchen worktops. Countertops constructed with granite can offer a lease of new life to your kitchen design. Here are the reasons why you should consider choosing countertops in granite:


An igneous rock, granite is formed when molten rock cools down. The resultant stone is hard and durable. With a 6 rating on Mohs Hardness Scale, granite is a great substitute for countertops as the durable material does not crack easily.

# Resistant to scratches

Unavoidable scratches are one of the reasons why countertops need to be updated regularly. Granite kitchen worktops work wonders and last long as they are very much scratch resistant. Being one of the hardest materials for countertops, granite does not wear or scratch with the regular use of knife.
Granite Kitchen Worktops
Granite Kitchen Worktops

# Classy appeal

There’s no denying that granite is a high quality material, add to it the color black and the result is a classic stone that stays trendy in every season. Black granite kitchen worktops work wonders and instantly transform your cook house into a glamour filled space. The cheap price and luxurious appeal are one of the reasons why black granite kitchen worktops have been in demand in the market lately.

# Stain resistant character

As compared to other porous material available in the market, granite kitchen worktops offer more protection against unsightly stains that could ruin the look of your countertop. Simply wipe away the liquid and the stain will go away. For more protection, it is best you go for a stone sealer while getting a granite countertop installed.

Easy care

Another advantage of buying granite kitchen worktops is that they are relatively easy to maintain. Warm water with soap is all you need to clean the surface. If needed special cleaners can also be used to elevate the appeal of your countertop.

All of the above advantages make granite kitchen worktops an ideal choice for a fret free yet stylish kitchen. At Pyramid Granite Distribution we welcome you to come to our Birmingham Warehouse to discuss and pick your desired granite kitchen worktops. 

7 Reasons You Must Have a Custom Made Cabinet

Getting cabinets done for home not an easy decision to make. But as many homeowners will vouch on, it’s always worth the time, effort and money. The trick, however, lies in hiring an experienced cabinet maker who would understand your requirements and follow the instructions to the tee.

# Designs

Just as the decor of a house speaks volumes about the owner, cabinets do too. If you love a rustic interior, go for log cabinets for the all natural feel, if colonial is your style, opt to make furniture that have early American style. The truth is, when you get your cabinets made, any style is possible to emulate. Be very specific and decisive before the work starts.

# Ideas

Custom made furniture is in vogue. The furniture magazines are full of designs that look gorgeous with professionally made interiors. Before zeroing in on ideas, you need to make sure what goes well with the interior of the house. But styling doesn’t naturally come to all, so if you’re one of them, it is always wise to consult the cabinet maker. With his extensive experience, he should be able to tell you which type of cabinet would suit best with your house interior.

# Wood/Material

A vital point before making a cabinet is to choose what material is going to be used. Most prefer wood whereas some, who can’t afford it or are against cutting trees, opt for wood substitutes. Usually an experienced carpenter would be able to guide you on the various alternatives. It is also necessary to know the quantity of material you’re purchasing and the exact cost. Make a full market analysis before investing; this could be an investment of a lifetime.

# Lifestyle

Believe it or not, your lifestyle matters a lot when it comes to cabinets. A large family will need more utilitarian furniture than style and a small family could compromise on utility for a state of the art design. If deciding on the type of furniture is not your thing, take help from the cabinet maker. Give clear and detailed information about your lifestyle and know what type of cabinet would suit you best.

# Detail

The secret to a good design always lies in detail. While a woodworker would know his work well, it is up to you to hire one who is known for his designing skills. There are some who are good at replicating designs and some who can create their own piece of furniture. If standing out in terms of decor is your focal point, you must seek makers with great reputation.

# Components

The exterior of a cabinet is not the only factor to be decided, the interior is important too. The base could be either fully closed, or a set of legs or scroll based. Adjustable legs of a cabinet is very European, yet of optimum utility. Secured to the bottom of the furniture or drilled to specific points, they can make life easy by providing mobility to the cabinet.

# Tops

If the cabinet is not to be hung on the wall, the top becomes equally important as the whole design. Usually, cabinets that stand on floor should have multi-purpose tops designed to be used as table tops, work surface or a memorabilia platform. An experience maker should be able to guide you on the material and shape of a cabinet top.

Making decisions related to home decor is not as exciting always as it sounds. A lot of detailing and decision making goes down in the process. With the help of a good and sound cabinet maker, your furniture woes can be over!

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