Being one of the most essential spaces in a home, your kitchen needs to look and feel as good as any other room. Countertops are not only functional; they also make a great deal of difference to the cook house. Shopping for the ideal countertop for a kitchen can be quite a task considering the wide variety of materials available in the market.
Granite Kitchen Worktops
Granite Kitchen Worktops
If your kitchen is the need of an update, then you might want to consider buying granite kitchen worktops. Countertops constructed with granite can offer a lease of new life to your kitchen design. Here are the reasons why you should consider choosing countertops in granite:


An igneous rock, granite is formed when molten rock cools down. The resultant stone is hard and durable. With a 6 rating on Mohs Hardness Scale, granite is a great substitute for countertops as the durable material does not crack easily.

# Resistant to scratches

Unavoidable scratches are one of the reasons why countertops need to be updated regularly. Granite kitchen worktops work wonders and last long as they are very much scratch resistant. Being one of the hardest materials for countertops, granite does not wear or scratch with the regular use of knife.
Granite Kitchen Worktops
Granite Kitchen Worktops

# Classy appeal

There’s no denying that granite is a high quality material, add to it the color black and the result is a classic stone that stays trendy in every season. Black granite kitchen worktops work wonders and instantly transform your cook house into a glamour filled space. The cheap price and luxurious appeal are one of the reasons why black granite kitchen worktops have been in demand in the market lately.

# Stain resistant character

As compared to other porous material available in the market, granite kitchen worktops offer more protection against unsightly stains that could ruin the look of your countertop. Simply wipe away the liquid and the stain will go away. For more protection, it is best you go for a stone sealer while getting a granite countertop installed.

Easy care

Another advantage of buying granite kitchen worktops is that they are relatively easy to maintain. Warm water with soap is all you need to clean the surface. If needed special cleaners can also be used to elevate the appeal of your countertop.

All of the above advantages make granite kitchen worktops an ideal choice for a fret free yet stylish kitchen. At Pyramid Granite Distribution we welcome you to come to our Birmingham Warehouse to discuss and pick your desired granite kitchen worktops.