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Important Information to Keep Your Central Air Conditioning Unit in Excellent Condition

Once the warm weather starts, you do not want to be without the cooling power of your HVAC air conditioning system. To make sure that your unit is always ready to keep you comfortable on the hottest days, you want to take advantage of HVAC air conditioning service. A professional can let you know how often you should have your system inspected and serviced to keep it in excellent condition.
Credit: Air Conditioning Unit 

Replace Your Filters

Part of regular HVAC air conditioning service generally involves replacing the filters. However, you should also learn how to do this yourself since it needs to be done every three to six months. How often will depend on how much you use your system, where you live and your system in general. A professional can give you a recommendation and you can also find this information in the owner’s manual for your system. This manual will also tell you about the size you need since there are dozens of different filter sizes on the market.

Schedule Duct Work Cleaning

Not only will this task help to ensure that your system is as efficient as possible, but it can also help to ensure that your home is cleaner. When your duct work becomes packed with debris and impurities, every time your system comes on, this forces these out into the atmosphere of your home. If you have allergy or breathing difficulties, this could actually have a negative impact on your health. Your HVAC professional will let you know how often this task should be done, but the average is once every one to two years.
Duct Work Cleaning
Duct Work Cleaning
After having this task performed, there are a few extra cleaning tasks that you can be performed. Remove your registers and clean them with soap and water. You should also clean curtains and blinds at this time.

Learn How to Do Your Own Quick Inspection

You will have a professional come out about once every two years, but you want to do your own inspection about every six months. Look at the overall structural integrity of the unit and make sure that all of the visible parts are in good condition. If you notice a component, such as a line or hose, that appears to be in bad condition, make an appointment to have it evaluated and repaired. You should also clear away any debris and make sure that vegetation is not growing near any outdoor units.

Supplement Your System

You do not want to run your air conditioning at full blast all of the time if you do not have to. Use methods to keep your home cooler so that you can increase the thermostat so that your system is not working as hard. Closing curtains during the day, using a dehumidifier and taking advantage of fans are three easy ways to supplement your system.

Be Mindful of Your System’s Registers

When you want to reduce the overall cooling power of your system, it is best to simply adjust the thermostat. It is common to close vents and registers, but if you do this to too many of them around your home, this can put too much stress on your system. You want to make sure that no more than 20 percent of your vents and registers are closed at any given time to allow for optimal system efficiency.

When you are ready to have your HVAC system inspected, make sure that a reputable professional comes out and does the work. This will ensure that everything is properly evaluated. If they recommend that any repairs be made, you want to schedule these as soon as possible so that your system is ready for the warm weather. 

Split System Air Conditioner a Great Choice for Homeowners

When the days start getting warmer, there are lots of homeowners who feel that the present air conditioning unit that they have at home is not good. This might be because the small window systems that used to meet past needs are not able to meet the current cooling needs. In this regard, you can choose the split system air conditioner for your home. These machines are available with two different units like indoor and outdoor unit, and you need to install them at the proper location. The indoor unit of these split system air conditioner is designed with air filter technology which provides or circulates fresh cool air. Apart from that, the split air conditioner can prevent bacteria, germs and dust from your home, and keep your home clean and tidy.
Split System Air Conditioner
Split System Air Conditioner

Top 7 reasons to choose the split system air conditioner for your home

#1. A versatile option

The best part of these units is that you consider installing these anywhere at home and not like the window air conditioning systems. On top of that, the exterior compressor system can be installed very far from the actual system.

#2. Simple installation

The traditional form of air conditioners requires using long ducts which are costly and the installation cost of these is also high. However, this is not the case with the split systems. Window and central air conditioner need to be dismantled from some portions of your property and wall, but split air conditioner can be installed on the wall as according to a hanging style. So, you can save your installation cost by availing this air conditioner.

#3. Looks attractive

The latest models of split system air conditioner are very sleek and eye-catchy. These are normally installed high over the wall and the colors available for these systems make it simple to complement the other décor of the room. The split air conditioner comes in various designs and color. You can choose your favorite designs as per your needs.

#4. Does not require windows

Most of the people consider window air conditioner unit, however, these require cutting a big hole inside the wall or require giving up of one of the present windows. However, these split system air conditioners indoor unit can be placed anywhere in the house wherever you like without digging any holes in the house.
Split System Air Conditioner
Split System Air Conditioner

#5. Silent systems

In case you have used window AC systems before and now installed split units you will find that split unit are very silent. This is possible because the outdoor condenser of the AC is installed distinctly to the indoor unit which is inside the house. It can reduce noise pollution level and provide you a peaceful atmosphere.

#6. Helps in savings in long run

One thing that you need to know is that the initial price of the split air conditioner system is high when compared to that of the window units. However, in the long run, the running cost of the split system air conditioner is less. The auto mode of this split air conditioner can save your power consumption level.

#7. Easy to maintain 

In order to keep the split system air conditioner in the best condition there are some of the preventive maintenance that you need to carry out. This air conditioner comprises filters that require cleaning at regular intervals and you must also place them back.

With this, you can avoid purchasing new filters at regular intervals. In addition, you need to maintain the exterior system clean. In case you think, that it is difficult for you to get this done then you can consider hiring professionals who can do this at a minimal price. 

Important Things to Know About Your Air Conditioning System

It is very essential to have proper air conditioning and ventilation in large commercial buildings. The use of an air conditioner is not confined to only offices or work places. It has also become an integral part of residences. The occupants will get maximum comfort to relax or work at home. With a suitable AC system, you can gift your family a healthy environment to live in. It should be noted that a healthy home can keep your life at bliss.
Air Conditioning System
Air Conditioning System
To maintain a healthier and comfortable home, you need to pay plenty of attention. Your purpose can be easily served with the addition of a well-designed air conditioning unit. With the cooling installation, you can make your place pleasant and appealing.

Essential facts about your air conditioning system:

Your home or office air conditioning system brings dramatic changes in indoor temperature. The sweltering summer heat or chilling winter breeze will be kept at bay with correctly installed air conditioning system. Whether you choose split or window, an AC system is designed to regulate your room temperature throughout the year. You can keep yourself and others at ease as you are getting adequate warmth or cooling as per seasonal changes.  

Proper air conditioning has several advantages if you learn to operate it well. You can obtain a perfect living space without using much energy. Another benefit of knowing everything about your system is that you can save a good amount of money on its running cost, maintenance and repair. Moreover, if you are well-aware of your unit, you can trace the cooling issue promptly if something goes wrong.
Air Conditioning
Air Conditioning
Here is a quick list of some important points regarding air conditioning that you should look at while thinking of installing it.  
  • What is air conditioning: It is the best and quickest way to maintain indoor comfort while controlling the humidity inside the room. It is used to keep the space comfortable when outside temperature is warm. The unit also provides a constant supply of ventilation removing soot, dirt, dust, and other air micro-organisms.
  • Working procedure of an AC unit: The main task of an air conditioning system is to eliminate the heat from inside your living place, thereby cooling it. An air conditioner generates cool air by reducing the indoor temperature. The cooling procedure is done with the support of various components such as evaporator coil, refrigerant, condenser, compressor etc.
  • Common cooling issues: An air conditioner is a complex mechanical system that needs to be maintained properly to work correctly in different conditions. It is designed to support a particular load. When it receives excess load to cool your home, you will get less or faulty cooling. If the air flow is decreased, the capacity of your system may reduce. There are many more cooling issues which you may encounter with time. You have to identify them correctly to get fast and effective solution.
Air Conditioning System
  • Maintenance: If you want to keep your air conditioner functional throughout the year, you must fix a professional maintenance schedule. Your AC maintenance should include different services beyond cleaning your filters. The most important ones are inspecting and cleaning coils, assessing operating temperatures, replacing or cleaning filters, checking fans and blowers, and lubricating bearings and motors as well checking the gas in case of split air conditioners. It should be performed by qualified and skilled technicians. You must contact them before the beginning of summer or winter season.

Thus, change in season will no longer create a hassle for you or your family members in your home if you have good air conditioning.

Why Do We Need the Best Air Conditioner Services?

The air conditioner is one of the most commonly used HVAC devices that are used at our house on a daily basis. They are used for maintaining a cool temperature in the summer and balance the thermal condition of rooms in the winters. But these HVAC devices needs periodical servicing, so that they lasts long and give us value for money and also good service throughout their life.
Air Conditioner Services
Air Conditioner Services

Need of Air Conditioner Services:

There are a number of components in an air conditioner. These parts are supposed to work properly only if they are properly cleaned and maintained at periodical intervals.  Improper maintenance and poor servicing will not only lead to malfunctioning of HVAC devices but also results in increased electricity bills due to high power consumption. Following points will help you understand the various parts of the air conditioner that needed servicing:
  • Cleaning the filters: The filters are an important part of the air conditioners that are needed to be cleaned and replaced from time to time for the proper functioning of the AC. If not cleaned properly, these dirty and blocked filters will become a hindrance in the path of the air being blown out from the AC. This will affect the efficiency of the AC. These filters can either be cleaned or completely changed depending on their type and the level of damage happened to them due to the poor maintenance.
  • Maintenance of AC Coils and Fins:  Both the condenser and the evaporator use coils for their proper functioning. But they get grubby easily being in contact with the moisture and dirt at the same time. This lead to the clogging and improper functioning of the AC.  To maintain them, cleaning of these coils from time to time is required. These coils have fins that collect dirt, and they would bend very easily.  This bending again leads to blockage in the air flow and hence need to be maintained with the help of proper instrument or servicing company.
  • Maintenance of Drain Channel:  The drain channel is responsible for the proper drainage of the water and moisture from the AC. If it is not cleaned periodically, the excess dirt and moisture will lead to certain side-effects. The drainage needs to be unblocked from time to time so that it doesn’t lead to decolourization of the wall or other places this drain is being flown out from.
Air Conditioner Service
Air Conditioner Services

Tips for Choosing the Best AC Service:

HVAC devices are highly technical and hence there is a requirement of choosing the best air condition servicing company that not only clean your device but also work in time and are affordable.  Following are the tips that one must follow while choosing the best HVAC services:
  • Do your research and check which one is the most experienced HVAC Company in the town.
  • Find out their past reviews while comparing the different companies and choose the one with the most positive reviews.
  • Check the different qualifications of the professionals who are working in the company so that you can rest assured when they are working on your device.
  • Do compare the service charges of the different companies, so that you can get an economical service for your device.
Make sure they are punctual, right from their first communication throughout the servicing period. The past reviews may help you in understanding their respect for time.

Tips to Keep Babies Safe While Using the Air Conditioning System

Pediatricians across the world believe that a room that is humid and hot is very unsafe for a baby. Using an air conditioning system along with some precaution can prove to be effective. Most of the experts recommend using a properly cooled, airy ventilated room, so that the baby sleeps comfortably and grows healthily. Some of the key tips are- 
Air Conditioning System
Air Conditioning System

Maintaining A Room Temperature That Is Comfortable

Cooling of AC’s is affected because of changes in the outside temperature. Due to this, the room might get very cold and the baby might become uncomfortable. So, setting a comfortable temperature of neither too cold nor too hot is very important. Leading pediatricians recommend using a temperature that ranges between 23 to 26 oC. Other different tips to maintain room temperature are-
  • With the using of an AC, the timer of the AC should be set in such a way that it takes a certain duration for cooling the room. If the AC does not have a timer, an alarm clock should be used to remind oneself.  Moreover, if  the AC does not have a temperature display, a thermometer should be kept in the room to continuously monitor the temperature.
  • If the user is using a cooler, the window or the door should be left partially open to facilitate the passage of air, especially during the humid season like the monsoon season. A cooler usually evaporates water to provide a cooling effect. Hence, it increases the level of humidity in the environment. If the room is completely closed, the humidity goes up continuously and the cooling effect will stop altogether, which brings in a gradual rise in temperature and makes the room sticky and hot.

Keeping the Baby Far from The Ac’s Blast of Cold Air

Air Conditioning
Air Conditioning
This is very important because the direct blast from the air conditioning system can affect the baby’s health. The other tips include-
  • The baby should be dressed in light layers that completely cover his/her legs and arms. By doing this, the baby will be protected from chilly air.
  • Using a light cap and booties or cotton sock for covering the feet is good as well.
  • If the parent plans on using a light blanket, he/she should ensure that the blanket is tucked below the baby’s elbows and avoid covering  it’s face.
  • In an ideal situation, the baby should wear an extra layer compared to the parent. Care should be taken to ensure that the baby is not wrapped too much or too warmly for the room.

Getting the Air Conditioning System Regularly Serviced

The manual should be checked thoroughly or speak someone at the service center for details on when, how, and where should the servicing should be done.

The Baby Should Be Well Moisturized – An Air Conditioning System Can Dry Up the Skin
It is a well-known fact that immersing an ear swab in baby oil and wiping it gently on each nostril helps in preventing bleeding of the nose. However, the parent should check it with the doctor before doing this. Few mothers recommend that a bowl of clean water should be kept in the room. The mothers say that the water reduces the dryness in the air by moistening the air in the room.

The baby should not be taken to a warm area immediately after leaving the air conditioning environment. The sudden changes in the temperature might cause the infant to fall ill. If the air conditioning system is switched off, enough time should be given for the baby to get acclimatized to the external temperature.

Cost-Effective Air- Conditioner in Accordance to Your Requirement

Air-conditioners are one of the common appliances used in most homes. This is since they are easily available in a wide range of designs, styles and capacities. To ensure you are opting for a cost-effective air-conditioners it is important to decide on a fixed budget. You have the window air conditioners, the portable ones, and the split air conditioners. Each of these have different features and benefits. To ensure that this works out cost-effective it is advisable to follow specific tips listed below:
Air Conditioning
Air Conditioning
  • The Size of a Room: Ensure to measure the floor size of the room you require this air conditioner for. As these air conditioners are available with specific capacities, buying one after the measurements are considered makes this perfect for any that specific room. An air conditioner which is of heavy capacity for a small room will be a waste of energy and a small air conditioner for a large room will not suffice. This will not be able to provide the required cooling effect.
  • Efficiency of Energy: To make purchase of an air conditioner cost-effective, check out the energy efficiency of the same. With the ever-rising rates of electricity this can be a savior. These energy efficient air conditioners use less of power but are efficient in serving your needs.
  • Air Humidification: An appropriate dehumidification unit in an air conditioner is another essential to be taken into consideration. This unit tends to reduce the humidity in a specific room which increases the cooling, providing additional comfort. Efficiency of air conditioners also depends on the filter. Ensure this is of a good quality.
  • Window air conditioners or Split air conditioners: Window air conditioners might not be pleasing visually but tend to be cheaper as compared to the split ac systems. Both have their own benefits, with the split AC’s providing the required cooling effect and the window ac systems being easier to install. The choice depends on the home owner.
Air Conditioning
Air Conditioning
  • Choice between the Window AC’s, Split AC’s and the Portable AC systems: Having the required knowledge on the above mentioned three systems can help a home owner make the right choice, one which is most suitable with all the factors taken into consideration. What differentiates the three types of ACs are aesthetics, cost, energy efficiency.
  • Portable Freestanding air conditioners: These air conditioners are apt if you intend investing only in one AC system but have two or more rooms. These can be moved from one room to another whenever required. These systems have a kit for window venting. There are specific models which tend to evaporate the moisture and you are saved from the labor of emptying it often. These tend to be less efficient as compared to the window as systems.
  • Window Air Conditioner systems: These windows AC’s are a preferred choice for many homeowners as they can be doubled up as heaters. They are efficient in summers as well as winters. Besides which, the easy installation of this tends to save on the money factor. These are suitable for double hung and single hung windows as they are available with panels for a tight fit.

Built-in Air Conditioner Systems

These systems are built in the specific rooms and provide both warm and cold air. These tend to be a little bit more expensive as compared to the window systems. The only benefit you can think of is they do not take up any window space. Professionals are required for the installation of these systems.

Choose in accordance to your budget from a well-reputed manufacturer. Make a thorough study of your requirement before you invest in an air conditioning system. This is one investment which can be considered as ‘once in a life time’. It is wiser to take your time before choosing the right one. 

How to Choose the Right Floor Heating System for Your Place?

The under Floor Heating Systems is considered to be the most luxurious form of heating as the radiant heat.It primarily, distributes itself throughout the room, which consists of wall-to-wall, as well as, floor to ceiling, whenever you feel it the most. As there is no air being blown around, it is completely silent and the hard surfaces are warm as well.
Floor Heating System
Floor Heating System

There are two types of Floor Heating systems:

Firstly, the Hot Water or the Wet Floor Heating Systems primarily, works being the central heating system. On the other hand, the warm water is pushed through a system of small pipes, which is on the subfloor to heat up a room. The pipes remain in a continuous flow, practically there is less chance for leakage, especially, through the joints, and the flooring surface is laid above them. Thus, the reason behind it is; central heating system doesn’t require a chance to heat the water to as high a temperature as a radiator would. Hence, you’ll have lower water heating costs in a huge way.

Secondly, Electric Floor Heating Systems usually come as a system similar to the cables on an open weave mat or a continuous roll. It is much like an electric blanket and is easy to install. It also has the feature to sit flatter than wet systems. Thereby, allowing you to use it in case if you do not want to install it everywhere. It is because your flooring does not require as much as room, it would be for a wet system.
Heating System
Heating System

How to install a Floor Heating System:

  • You must ensure that your home is well insulated. Once it is installed, the maintenance is free of cost.
  • The installation of an electric system is relatively, an easy task, compared to the DIY job. On the other hand, you can buy kits nationwide.
  • The Wet systems are to be installed by qualified tradesmen that will in return cost considerably more. Nevertheless, it takes the full consideration of stuff like ceiling height or the temperature especially, the temperature, which is required to heat the boiler capacity considered to the type of ceiling you wish to install.
  • You can also use the installation of UFH, which is virtually any kind of flooring if there is sufficient room in the sub floor.
  • In case, if you want to use it under the tiles, then total time taken to heat up your particular room will depend upon the thickness of the tiles. More thickly, the tiles are made, it will naturally take a longer time to heat up, but once heated up there is no difference to the heat output to the thinner tiles.
  • If you want to use the timber flooring, then the best thing to do is to seek the advice of the flooring installer. Many installers would recommend you to use the wood flooring, which is mainly made out of under Floor Heating that should be taken into consideration about the top temperature restrictions on every type of wood that you plan to use. Thus, make sure before purchasing it.
  • You can use it under vinyl flooring as well, but one thing you should bear in mind that not all vinyl or laminate flooring are totally compatible with UFH.
Hence, you can decide, whichever floor heating system will suit the best to your place. In addition to that, you have to make sure your under Floor Heating System is installed correctly and is used in a full-fledged manner to give the maximum output post installation. 

Few Factors to Consider Prior To Going Ahead with Air Conditioning Installation!

In case your old air conditioner system is no more working good and the repairs of it are also not possible, then it is time for you to make an important investment for your house that is new air conditioning installation. As the summers are arriving, it is the best time for you to dispose of the inefficient system and installing a new one which can lessen down the cooling bills to a great extent. During summer, you may need to install a new air conditioner for your convenience. In this regards you can contact with the nearest air conditioner installation services. They can install both the indoor and outdoor unites of your air conditioner system in a proper way. Apart from that, this air conditioner installer can also install the centralized air conditioning system, and they can provide you the maintenance and servicing facilities of the air conditioner at minimum charges.
Air Conditioning Installation
Air Conditioning Installation

How Do You Conduct the Air Conditioner Installation? 

If you are looking forward to new air conditioning installation there are lots of factors you will have to take into account. Following are some of the factors that you need to consider for new air conditioning installation:
  • Check out the duct work: You need to check whether the duct work done at your home is capable of carrying cool air in the entire home or not. Duct joints and seams needed to be well sealed. In case the duct work is not adequately done, then you need to solve this first before getting the new air conditioner at home. In case you are not able to check this on your own, you can seek assistance from professional to evaluate your present ducting system.
  • Consider the cost: You need to know that getting air conditioner installation done by the professional can prove to be expensive. However, the cost that you have to pay is worth when compared to the comfort that you can gain from it. Most of the air conditioner manufacturing companies provide installation service by their company professionals. But their charges are very high and you can avail the same facility by spending few amounts only. You need to compare the price range of different air conditioner installation services and then you need to hire the best one as per your budget only. 
  • Consider the size of the equipment: When you are choosing the system, you need to consider the size that you would like to purchase this depends on the square foot of your home. In case you are not able to evaluate this seek assistance from the air conditioning contractors.
Air Conditioning Installation
Air Conditioning Installation

Consider Where You Would Like to Install the System

One of the mistakes that people usually make is installing the system in the room that has lots of lights and bulbs. These are the rooms that develop lots of heat at the time lights are switched on. In such rooms using air conditioning system does not prove to be useful.
  • There are chances that you might not be known to this term, however, it is crucial for you to understand this prior to buying and air conditioning installation. It is mainly the ratio that is dependent on the amount of cooling the unit is able to produce out of every energy unit.
  • Once your air conditioning installation is done with the help of the technician, make sure that you have checked all the connection done.
These are some of the factors that you need to take into account when you are planning to install a new air conditioning system for your home cooling needs.

Tips for Choosing the Best Air Conditioning Installation Service

Air conditioning system is a necessity in those countries, where summers are very hot and unbearable for people. Some people prefer to install Window-type or Split air conditioner machines in the bedrooms and living rooms of the house; while few house owners want to make their homes centrally air-conditioned. But in all cases, they will have to hire a professional person or agency, who is experienced in providing air conditioning installation service. But it is essential to be a bit choosy about this selection, as any mistake in the installation process can cause accidents and heavy damage to the house.
Air Conditioning Installation
Air Conditioning Installation 

Primary Aspects to Be Considered For Hiring Air Conditioning Installer

  • Check the related qualifications – The technicians installing any type of air conditioner should have a related diploma or proper training in this specific field, so that they have updated knowledge about the machineries of the latest models of air conditioning systems. Sometimes, the manufacturers of the air conditioners also provide training about their new models to the technicians of a few reputed agencies.
  • Should be licensed – The contractor providing the air conditioning installation service needs to be licensed by the State License Board, which is the proof of their reliability and the competency of their technicians. So the license of the contractor should be checked by the customer and the license number may also be noted, for any future use.
  • Get suitable recommendations – If the AC installer is recommended by any reliable person, who has used the same service earlier, the customer will be able to trust and hire that installation service provider safely. The reviews posted by the previous customers on the websites of the AC installing agencies are also good sources of recommendations for each service provider agency.
  • Make sure of the competency – The customers should be sure about the competency of the technicians installing their air conditioning systems. The technician or agency, who declares the estimate for their service, only after visiting the customer’s house and minutely checking all details of the AC installation, can be relied upon safely.
  • Know about his experience in this field – The customer should check the experience level of the AC installation agency or technician, so that he can be assured about the expertise of that installer. If the customer is replacing his old air conditioner with a new one, the well experienced technician will be able to suggest the best and the latest model that can be purchased for replacing the existing one. The experienced installers will know all about the latest and the most energy efficient air conditioners available in the market.
  • Offer of convenient service plan – The efficient air conditioning installers generally offer the best tailored service plans to their customers, which will match their financial abilities and convenience, apart from the requirements at home.
  • Easy availability of the service – The customer should be able to avail the service of the AC installer easily, just by calling up at their company number any time. This easy availability will help the customer in calling up the customer care of this agency, in case of any emergency with the installed air conditioner later on.
  • Reasonable estimate of the installation cost – Generally, people tend to hire the AC installer who offers the lowest quote for the required service. But they should check whether the estimate includes all the extra charges of providing extra labors and machinery parts that may be needed for the installation. Moreover, the customer should make a written contract mentioning the quoted estimate, so that the installer cannot charge more at the end of the installation work.
  • Insured technicians – The AC installing technicians should have sufficient amount of liability insurance to cover their medical bills in case of any work related accident.

How Ducted Reverse Cycle Air Conditioners Can Be a Better Cooling Option for Home

Now-a-days air conditioning systems have become one of the necessary equipments. Most of the homes and offices install this appliance in order to make the entire environment pleasant and comfortable. In this modern age, with the help of modern technology air conditioning systems also are being changed and these are available in ducted and non-ducted varieties for small homes, restaurants and offices, more efficient as well as beneficial. Many people opt for spilt air conditioners now days, but for larger homes, offices ducted reverse cycle air conditioning system will be the best choice as it can offer complete home cooling or heating. Ducted air conditioners can be placed throughout the home and either in the floor, ceiling or wall.
Air Conditioners
Air Conditioners

Some Other Features And Benefits Of Ducted Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning Systems Are:

  • Ducted systems can offer better heat control and climate control. The air also can flow throughout the entire home easily.
  • Ducted air conditioners are very restrained and they can be blended well with the roof or ceiling. The control panels are usually a flat panel that can be easily fitted in the wall and the entire atmosphere as well as beauty of the place can be accentuated.
  • Ducted system can be used to heat or cool the entire home and also it can be set in a fixed zone to heat or cool that zone.
  • The ducted reverse cycle air conditioning systems can offer complete home cooling or heating solution by conditioning the home or a room in the winter and summer.
  • This air conditioning system does not create any cold or hot spots in the home. They distribute the air equally.
  • These air conditioners can be set up to 6 separate air conditioned zones and also this system can offer flexibility to operate.
  • This system does not make mush noise, it is known as the quietest system among the air conditioning systems.
  • The ducted reverse cycle air conditioning systems are able to offer features like digital scroll, inverters and different cooling capacity, single or three-phased system, various size and style.
Reverse Cycle Air Conditioners
Reverse Cycle Air Conditioners

It Is An Essential Cooling Gadget For Small And Large Places:

The ducted reverse cycle air conditioning system is an efficient appliance, which is able to offer simplicity and efficacy. They also can enhance the beauty of a home and can offer comfort. In addition, this appliance can be a perfect match for the lifestyle of people. A ducted air conditioning system can be installed to run throughout the home and provide comfort where and when it is needed.

However, a very useful machine, it is very important to choose a ducted reverse cycle air conditioning system very carefully. Otherwise, get the perfectly conditioned environment in the home will become impossible. Some tips are given below which will help people to find out the best as well as perfect ducted air conditioner:
  • First people need to know their floor plan and then they should opt for a ducted reverse cycle air conditioner according to the floor plan.
  • People should choose the perfect one that has been planned particularly for conditioning the entire home.
  • People should check the level of protection before buying the air conditioner.
  • The noise level and the energy efficiency should be checked before buying that air conditioning system.

In addition, people should check whether the company is able to do the maintenance work as well as the repairing works whenever needed. People should also enquire about the warranty, which is being offered for that machine. The warranty should not be less than three or five years.

Tips for the Selection and Installation of Hydronic Heating System

Hydronic heating system is effective and energy efficient heating solution for home. Demand for this heating system is rapidly increasing because nowadays people want more comfort and savings through lower power bills. In this method, the hot liquid (water) is circulated throughout your home using plastic tubes. Usually, these pipes are installed beneath the home's floor for the even distribution of heat. Radiators and base board heating unit can be used as an additional source of hydronic heat. An energy efficient boiler is used to heat the liquid before circulating through the pipes. Thermostats are used to regulate the temperature of different heating zones of your home. In this way, you can set various temperatures and personalize heating needs of each zone. This system is a closed loop, where pumps work continuously to circulate the hot liquid, while cooler water flows into the boiler to begin the heating process again. Hydronic heating system is an energy efficient, versatile temperature customization system.
Hydronic Heating System
Hydronic Heating System

Selecting the Best Hydronic Heating System for Your Home:

Heating system is one of the key requirements for your home. It helps in regulating the temperature and it keeps your home warm especially during winter. There are many factors to consider in a heating system, so make sure you research thoroughly and buy the right heating system for your home. Hydronic heating system can turn out be the most efficient heating system because of the following benefits:
  • Highly effective: Among other heating systems like conventional heater, heat pumps, baseboard heaters, and so on, hydronic systems are proved to be the most effective heating systems. They can also supplement the heat with other modern techniques.
  • Less expensive: Hydronic systems are less expensive and easy to install. In addition, it offers the best heating effect compared to other heating systems.

Keep the following things in mind if you ever think of installing hydronic heating systems in your home:

Hydronic Heating System
Hydronic Heating System
  • Make sure that the surface of your home conducts the heat smoothly. Otherwise, it can put additional pressure on the system, impacting the durability.
  • It is a most eco-friendly heating system, so you might be able to get some tax exemptions and incentives.
  • Prior to purchasing, you should know whether the room needs more heat or just insulation must be improved. Also, find out the amount of heating required.

Installing Hydronic Heating System:

There are many ways to install hydronic heating system in your home. No matter whether you are building a new home or having extension work, these heating systems can be installed in any situation. Following are the two most common methods of installation:
Hydronic Heating System
Hydronic Heating System
  • Hydronic Radiant Flooring: Radiant floors are installed either with “wet installation” or “dry installation”.  In wet installation, radiant tubes are placed under the concrete bed. Here concrete bed protects the tubing and provides the thermal mass to absorb and emit the heat evenly throughout the heating zones. But dry installation uses prebuilt panels that have some lanes for radiant pipes. This installation is convenient because we can adjust the pipes as per the requirement before concealing with flooring material. Dry installation requires strong and careful insulation because they do not have concrete protection.
  • Hydronic Radiator and Baseboard Installation: In this method of hydronic heating installation, there is much less utilization of piping, so they are very simpler to install. Pipes are installed within the walls or pass through the floor joists to connect with their units. It is very important that you place the radiators and baseboard unit carefully, because you do not want any kind of blockage in future. Moreover, plumbing lines should be insulated to make sure there is only little heat loss during the circulation process.

Special Tips to Improve the Air Conditioning Efficiency

It is vital to take care of the air conditioning of your house that may malfunction after a certain period. Not only that, the compressor would stop working or increase the energy bills. There are various methods to increase its efficiency and ensure that the electricity expenditure does not go beyond the budgetary constraints.
Air Conditioning
Air Conditioning

Some Points to Improve Efficiency of Air Conditioning System

  • Cleaning Is Important: Debris should be removed from the device as soon as possible and empty the area in the close vicinity. Leaves, bird feathers and trash that block the flow of the air need to be eliminated. There should be no plants located nearby or else they would hamper the working of the compressor.
  • Examine the Air Filter: Each air filter needs to be cleaned regularly so that the impurities are not accumulated. While examining the component, it is vital to remove even the minutest of dust particles or else they might snowball into a major issue.
  • Ventilation: Ventilator fans need to be open properly for sufficient flow of air. Due to persistent usage, the fins bump hamper the normal functioning of the air conditioners. Thus, the air cannot pass in a normal fashion and the temperature of the room continues to rise.
  • Insulation: The duct of the unit needs to be insulated on an emergency basis to increase the energy efficiency. Once it is sealed in fiberglass, the chances of the heat dissipating in the atmosphere decreases exponentially. Foil facing insulation is most effective to bring down the energy cost.
  • Window Sealing: Windows should be sealed properly or else it might let the hot air in and make the conditioner less effective. Professionals need to test if there is a leakage in the sealing duct to improve the performance of the conditioner. In case of a problem, it should be immediately identified and rectified.
  • Remove the Clogged Condensate: It is vital to remove the clogging of the condensate as it can inhibit the capability of the air conditioner to remove humidity from the atmosphere. Moreover, the clogging may lead to water leaks resulting in the wall and floor damages. One of the first symptoms of the clogged condensate is the discoloration of the wall. In order to avoid the problem, make sure that the drains are cleared regularly because water leakage could spoil the wallpaper and the costly paints.
  • Inverter Driven: You should buy the air conditioner that is based on the inverter driven technology as it goes a long way in reducing the electrical expenses of the homeowners. The compressor works until the temperature of the room cools down and once the desire thresh hold is reached, it automatically shuts down, thereby compromising on the energy bills. To be on the safe side, do not switch the thermostat to colder settings because it can increase the expenses without having too much impact on the performance.
  • Replacement: If the older air conditioner is not able to work properly and doesn’t meet the objectives, it is vital to replace the air conditioning system with a new unit. Make sure that it has a 5star rating to denote electrical efficiency. In addition, the presence of noiseless compression could make it an absolute bliss for the users as they can sleep without any disturbance.
Take care of the bent aluminum fins that can block the flow of air. People can also knock then unknowingly resulting in poor performance by AC. You should make sure that it is not situated in places where individuals have easy access to the device.

What you Need to Do if you Want to have Heat in Your Garage

Whether you’ve got a garage attached to your home or free- standing, it’s important that you regularly heat the space that it occupies. Basically, working your projects on a cold garage is not recommendable since it can easily harm your garage tools and equipment.

Also, if your garage has leaks and water gets, you will most likely have plenty of issues during the spring periods. Try to make sure that you prevent such issues before they are out of control. Heating a garage doesn’t have to be costly and can be accomplished within a very short time period.
Garage Home
Garage Home

Tips on How to Heat a Garage: What you Need to know

Things you will Require:
  • Hammer
  • Nails
  • Rugs/ blankets
  • Insulation
  • Electric radiant ceiling panels
  • Sealed- combustion space
  • Garage heater

Tip 1: Inspecting the Ceiling and Walls of your Garage

First and foremost, inspecting the ceiling and walls of your garage will help you detect any insulations present. Generally, the contracting firm that built your garage must have installed insulation in between the walls and in the ceiling. If you find insulation lacking in such places, ensure that you add it.

Tip 2: Measuring your Garage’s Size

Getting a rough estimate that your garage occupies will enable you know the exact space you will be required to heat in your attempt to create a pleasant cool atmosphere in your garage.

Tip 3: Heating your Garage Using Sealed- Combustion Space Heaters or a Garage Heater

These types of heaters rely on kerosene and other types of natural gases. They work by taking air from the surrounding areas and returning it back to the garage space as warm air. It is recommended that you carefully check the packaging so that you can be sure about the exact space each heater is required to cover.

This will enable you purchase enough heaters that will effectively heap your garage space.

Tip 4: Installing in your Garage Electric Radiant Ceiling Panels

The panels should be installed on the ceilings and walls of the garage. They work by heating any object that is near its vicinity. They heat up the ceilings and the walls, blocking off cold air and reinstating a warmer environment in the garage.

Tip 5: Placing Rugs and Blankets on the Garage Floor

If you’ll place the rugs and blankets properly in your garage floor, they will block out cold air; and this will most likely make your garage feel warmer. The rugs and blankets will also reduce the effectiveness of different heating devices present in your garage. 

Other Tips that Can Assist you Heat your Garage

# Researching Online

The internet is a very effective as well as fast place that can give you tips on how to heat a garage. When looking for tips online, Google, “ Techniques of Heating a Garage” and you will be given a step by step guide on how it is done.

# Reference from close Friends with Garages

Friends who’ve got garages in their homes can give you tricks on how to heat a garage. Ask these people about how effective the garage heating tricks they are using are and also inquire about the materials you’ll have to buy in order to make the entire heating process successful.

# Tips and Warnings

Remove any type of flammable materials when you’re using the a fore- mentioned tips to heat a garage so that you can reduce the occurrence of fire.
Last, but not least, if you find the a fore- mentioned tips hectic to follow, look for an expert to assist you in tackling process. Thank you.  

Why Use New Age Ducted Air Conditioning for Your Home?

There was a time when people use to settle cities, towns and villages based on climates. That is one of the main reasons why in ancient times, places with even and moderate climates were the first choice for most of the settlers. No one wants to live in extreme cold weather or in burning heat, at least if they can help it. However, with the change in time, we started to grow and needed more space, and our settlements started to spread far and wide, regardless of the weather. Some of the new and progressive settlements are actually in the middle of the desert. Though, it was only made possible with progress on technological front and the invention of stronger cooling options like ducted air conditioning systems.
Ducted Air Conditioning
Ducted Air Conditioning

Why use ducted AC over others?

Even though, window mounted or wall mounted and portable “monobloc” air conditioning systems for home have been available for some decades now, we get better cooling by using a ducted air conditioning system. It is considered ideal for the new age towns and cities, which were not developed with weather as the main consideration. Homes in these cities, may require better or stronger cooling systems, because of the hot weather, or maybe because the buildings are too tall to allow regular windows for proper ventilation.

Ducted air conditioning can solve all these issues and a lot more, as it comes in models for cooling only, and models for cooling and heating, both in the same system. They normally maintain a 20®C to 23®C temperature, all year around for your home or your office, regardless of what the temperature is outside.
Ducted Air Conditioning
Ducted Air Conditioning

A couple additional advantages

One of the other advantages of having a ducted air conditioning system is the protection it provides against allergic microorganisms. As you must have noticed that a lot of people are allergic to certain seeds or other invisible particles floating in the air. This system removes all these allergic particles while filtering the air for a room or a home, and provides a hypoallergenic environment to live, for everyone within the house. It also filters all the other impurities and creates an all-round hygienic atmosphere.

How does it work?

People like to understand the systems and devices they are using in their home, maybe not the complete technical side of it, but at least the general working principle of the system. So, let us try to explain these units in simpler words, by a point by point approach:
  • These units are generally completely concealed in a ceiling or any other usable void within the walls or closets.
  • To circulate the cooled or heated air, as per the setting or needs, they use diffusers mounted on the walls or ceiling of a room or the entire house.
  • Even though, the presentation and working principle sounds and looks different for these units. They still work on the same principle, when comes to cooling or heating the air, like any other traditional air conditioner.
  • Its cooling and heating modes are advanced, as compared to the older versions of air conditioners. It uses the chemical liquid in a repeated cycle for cooling and heating purposes. Hence, resulting in improved efficiency, which can easily be three times the normal

These are the main points on how this advanced air conditioning unit functions. Though, we need to keep in mind that every unit has its limitations in terms of size of the room or a home it can cool. If you try to cool a bigger home with a weaker or smaller unit, you might not get the desired results, as the unit will not be able to fulfill the cooling or heating needs.

Few Cost Effective Ways That Can Reduce the Expenses of Air Conditioning

The summers are unbearably hot and humid in many equatorial and tropical countries, in these areas the only way to have a sound sleep at night is to install an air conditioner at home. Hence, in many places air conditioner is not a luxury, but a necessity of everyday life. It allows the residents of the house to stay cool in the summer heat and spend comfortable time at home.

But the main problem with an air conditioner is that it draws too much energy and as a result, a huge electric bill needs to be paid at the end of the month. Luckily, there are a few effective methods for decreasing the high consumption of energy through the air conditioning system; that will lead to the reduction of the electric bill amount. 
Air Conditioner
Air Conditioner

Some practical methods that can be applied for reducing the cooling expense

  • Seal all kinds of leakage in the room – The air conditioner needs to work more if the cool air leaks out of the room. Hence, the rooms of the house should be checked to be fully sealed, when the AC is kept on. The windows should be covered well with the blinds, to block sunlight from entering the rooms.
  • Check the ENERGY STAR – As an electrical appliance with ENERGY STAR is supposed to be much energy-efficient in nature, it is always wise to buy only an ENERGY STAR certified air conditioner to cool the home, while consuming minimum energy.
  • Usage of AC for a single room – Much more energy is required, when central air conditioner is used at home. Rather, it is cheaper to install Window AC or a Split AC in each room, which demands much lesser electrical energy.
  • Regular servicing of the AC – The air conditioner should be periodically serviced by experienced professionals from any AC repair service provider company. The proper maintenance of the air conditioners at least once a year keeps it in proper working condition and saves much energy. The ducts of the AC should be checked by the professionals to be totally insulated, as any kind of leakage will result in drawing of more energy. The filters of the AC should be cleaned regularly and kept dust-free, to ensure best operation.
  • Regulate the temperature of thermostat – The temperature of the air conditioner should be kept at a higher level, which should be only a few degrees lower than the actual environmental temperature, to keep the room comfortably cool. But the practice of increasing the temperature, by regulating the thermostat, saves a lot of energy. The temperature can be made even higher on rainy days or at night, when the natural environment is much cooler.
  • Place the thermostat on cooler wall – When the air conditioner or its thermostat is placed on a much heated wall that receives too much sunlight, naturally the AC has to work harder to cool the room, demanding more energy for that work. Therefore, it is better to place the thermostat on the wall that receives the least sunlight, throughout the day; more preferably on any interior wall.
  • Turn off the AC when not needed – When the residents of the house are not at home, the AC should be turned off, to save unnecessary wastage of energy. The air conditioner can cool the rooms very fast, when turned on after a long time, so the residents do not need to stay in hot rooms for long. The AC can also be turned off or kept in ‘sleeping mode’ on a cooler night, for saving much energy. The fans can be occasionally used for cooling the rooms, instead of the constant use of the air conditioner.
We hope that the above mentioned tips will help you to save expense on Air Conditioning and makes you happy when you will see the reduced electricity bill.

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