Air conditioner repair can put quite a heavy dent on your pocket. Of course, there are times when such expenses are unavoidable, but with proper maintenance and care of your equipment you can avoid the frequent occurrences of such expenses.

Air conditioners integral parts such as coils, fins and filters need regular care for the unit to work efficiently and effectively for years. Neglecting obligatory maintenance results in a gradual decline in its performance. While, on the other hand energy consumption also increases.
Air Conditioner
Regular maintenance can increase the efficiency of an AC unit
Here’s how you can ensure maintenance of your air-conditioning unit:

Taking Care of Air Conditioner’s Filter

If you regularly clean or replace the filters of air conditioner that means that you have ensured the maximum maintenance of your costly air conditioner. Blocked and filthy air filters reduce the performance of the cooling unit remarkably by restricting the normal airflow.

When the normal airflow will be clogged, the air that crosses the filter might transport the dirt directly into the evaporator coil and effects coil’s capacity for absorbing heat.  When airflow is normal then the air that is obstructed bypasses the filter can carry dirt into the evaporator coil directly and damages the heat-absorbing capacity of coil. Energy consumption is reduced by 5 percent to 15 per cent by replacing an unclean and blocked filter.

Filters are located differently in various types of air conditioners. In central air conditioners, filters can be found along return duct’s length. Other filter locations are in furnaces, walls or ceilings. Air conditioners for rooms have filter installed in the grill facing the room.

In the same way they are of different types. Some can be reused after cleaning, while others must be replaced. Various options are available in the market. Replace or clean the filters after every month or two. They might need to be replaced or cleaned more frequently if the air conditioner is used constantly, or located at a dusty place. Filters need to be cleaned more often if you have fur-bearing pets in your house.
Air Conditioner
Air Conditioner

Taking Care of Air Conditioner’s Coils

A clean filter also saves the coils from rapid soiling. Over months and years however, dirt is collected around air conditioners evaporator coil. This dirt restricts airflow and also reduces coil’s capacity to absorb heat. This can be avoided by checking your evaporator coil on yearly basis and clean as required.

Condenser coils in air conditioner placed outdoors are more prone to becoming dirty due to the excessive exposure to dirt or nearby foliage. It can be observed easily if dirt is visible on condenser coil fins. In such a situation, condenser unit’s exposure to dirt should be minimized. Maintenance of proper hygiene around the unit can also reduce airflow choking.

Taking Care of Coil Fins

Coil fins also need regular care and maintenance. If not maintained properly, evaporator and condenser coils, can prevent the airflow is the aluminum fins on. They can easily bent and jam air flow via the coil. You can find “fin comb” from the air conditioners wholesalers’ shops. With the help of this tool you can combcoilfins and almost restore their initial form.

Taking Care of Condensate Drains

You should also sometimes pass a hard wire though your AC’s drain channels.  A major reason for AC’s inability to minimize humidity is blocked drain channels. Consequently, carpets or walls can also get discolored due to excess moisture.

Taking Care of Room Air Conditioners’ Window Seals

The seal between the window frame and air conditioner should be checked at the beginning of summer season every year. It should be ensured that window frame is making a contact with AC’s metal case. Over the period of time, moisture can harm the seal and thus let cool air flee from your house. 

Getting Ready for Winter

At the arrival of fall or winter, when air conditioning is not required any more cover your unit. Alternatively, you can remove and store it. It is more important in case of central air-conditioning. Its outdoor unit must be covered to protect from the wear & tear caused by the harsh winters.

When to Get Professional Help 

There are times when air conditioners require more than regular maintenance. For air conditioner repair you must hire professional help. A well- trained expert will help you in finding and fixing problem in your AC unit.