There was a time when people use to settle cities, towns and villages based on climates. That is one of the main reasons why in ancient times, places with even and moderate climates were the first choice for most of the settlers. No one wants to live in extreme cold weather or in burning heat, at least if they can help it. However, with the change in time, we started to grow and needed more space, and our settlements started to spread far and wide, regardless of the weather. Some of the new and progressive settlements are actually in the middle of the desert. Though, it was only made possible with progress on technological front and the invention of stronger cooling options like ducted air conditioning systems.

Ducted Air Conditioning
Ducted Air Conditioning

Why use ducted AC over others?

Even though, window mounted or wall mounted and portable “monobloc” air conditioning systems for home have been available for some decades now, we get better cooling by using a ducted air conditioning system. It is considered ideal for the new age towns and cities, which were not developed with weather as the main consideration. Homes in these cities, may require better or stronger cooling systems, because of the hot weather, or maybe because the buildings are too tall to allow regular windows for proper ventilation.
Ducted air conditioning can solve all these issues and a lot more, as it comes in models for cooling only, and models for cooling and heating, both in the same system. They normally maintain a 20®C to 23®C temperature, all year around for your home or your office, regardless of what the temperature is outside.

Ducted Air Conditioning
Ducted Air Conditioning

A couple additional advantages

One of the other advantages of having a ducted air conditioning system is the protection it provides against allergic microorganisms. As you must have noticed that a lot of people are allergic to certain seeds or other invisible particles floating in the air. This system removes all these allergic particles while filtering the air for a room or a home, and provides a hypoallergenic environment to live, for everyone within the house. It also filters all the other impurities and creates an all-round hygienic atmosphere.

How does it work?

People like to understand the systems and devices they are using in their home, maybe not the complete technical side of it, but at least the general working principle of the system. So, let us try to explain these units in simpler words, by a point by point approach:
  • These units are generally completely concealed in a ceiling or any other usable void within the walls or closets.
  • To circulate the cooled or heated air, as per the setting or needs, they use diffusers mounted on the walls or ceiling of a room or the entire house.
  • Even though, the presentation and working principle sounds and looks different for these units. They still work on the same principle, when comes to cooling or heating the air, like any other traditional air conditioner.
  • Its cooling and heating modes are advanced, as compared to the older versions of air conditioners. It uses the chemical liquid in a repeated cycle for cooling and heating purposes. Hence, resulting in improved efficiency, which can easily be three times the normal

These are the main points on how this advanced air conditioning unit functions. Though, we need to keep in mind that every unit has its limitations in terms of size of the room or a home it can cool. If you try to cool a bigger home with a weaker or smaller unit, you might not get the desired results, as the unit will not be able to fulfill the cooling or heating needs.