Refrigeration is used to keeping things cool. Air conditioners have become a necessity in some regions and are a blessing in hot climates.  They cool your home, dehumidify the air and filter it as well.  The two most common types of air conditioning systems for the home:
  • Evaporative cooling systems
  • Refrigerated cooling systems 
Either of them can be designed to cool just a single room or an entire house. It can be controlled by a thermostat.
Air Conditioning System
Air Conditioning System

Some of the features of these cooling systems are:

  • Advanced inverter technology and a lot of innovation have gone into it.
  • Works efficiently in the extreme climatic conditions
  • Running costs and energy is moderate and affordable.

How Does Refrigerated Air Conditioning Work?

Getting a good night’s sleep after a long day’s work, especially in hot summer where the ceiling fan is hardly of any use can be a real challenge. A reverse-cycle air conditioning system lets you switch the climate whenever you want. That is, you can use it to warm up your room when its winter and keep your rooms chill during hot summers. Thus, ducted heating and cooling systems can provide you with a comfortable temperature around the year, regardless of the weather conditions. This is done when the air is filtered and by removing humidity.

There are various types of air conditioners. You can find a simple and cost effective refrigerated air conditioner and split wall-mounted Air conditioner or an expensive fully ducted refrigerated system.  

A refrigerated air conditioner works this way – it removes hot air, sends it outside and returns air that has been cooled using refrigerants into your home, or the premises. How does it cover the entire house? This is by means of various ducts or wall mounted units. 
refrigerated air conditioner
Refrigerated Air Conditioner

Let’s read about the Advantages of Refrigerated Air Conditioning Systems:

  • Works best in humid conditions.
  • Highly energy efficient.
  • Better for allergies than evaporative units as it removes the allergens by filtering. 
  • You can use it as a heater if it is a reverse cycle unit.
  • The refrigerants in the air conditioning are harmful and hazardous to the environment and must be properly disposed. This is done by certified and expert technicians. This makes it less eco-friendly than evaporative air conditioning.
  • Air conditioning is more complex; it also uses more energy as it has a mechanical process running inside it.
  • It is not just “hang it on the window” unit. It needs expert HVAC technician to visit and install in your residence. You also need to consider the maintenance and energy bills expenses, not just investing in Air Conditioning.
  • The rooms or the house must be completely shut, so as to not lose out on the conditioned air. If not, the AC will have to work that much harder to condition the air not so cooled anymore.
Let’s read about some disadvantages of refrigerated systems, because while investing in any product that lasts a lifetime or at least so to say, it is important to weigh what is important to us.
Air Conditioning
Air Conditioning
Integrated refrigerated air conditioning called as add-on cooling is a system that is specially designed to use the same duct work and grilles as a ducted gas heating system. Care must be taken to service and maintain it regularly. It is advised that it must be serviced once before the summer season and once before the winter season. The AC filters air and if the filter is not working properly allergens start dwelling in the house. This in turn will create allergies and can prove dangerous for kids. HVAC technicians offer to maintain the Air Conditioning without you having to spend time or remember the maintenance schedule. Just sign up for a bi-yearly contract and the trusted technician will take care of it.