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How to Keep Bugs out of Pool

As the weather warms up it can feel fantastic to jump into your swimming pool and enjoy the clean cooling water.

However, there is little that will ruin the experience quicker than finding your sharing your pool with leaves and bugs.
Jump into Swimming Pool
Jump into Swimming Pool 
Fortunately there are ways of keeping these bugs out of your pool:

Look After Your Pool

The pool is attractive to bugs because it offers food and water. Obviously the water needs to be there but this doesn’t mean that you can’t eliminate the food sources.

The first step is to have a regular pool service. This will help to ensure the bugs are skimmed from the water; you can even do this part yourself on a daily basis.

But the professionals can also monitor the water for you; helping to ensure it is as uninviting as possible to bugs while being safe for you to swim in. Keeping your chlorine levels right will help to make your pool unattractive to bugs.
Pool Service
Pool Service

Get A Cover

Your pool is probably outside which makes it attractive to bugs. But you can add a pool cover to use when you’re not using your pool. This will prevent bugs from landing on the water although it may not be as effective against bugs that can crawl on the ground and get under a loose fitting cover.

Keep It Clean

Some people consider the water boatman to be beneficial to their pool. It is known to feed on any algae in the water. This could help to keep the pool clean.
Unfortunately, while the boatman is pretty harmless it is a great source of food for the backswimmer. The backswimmer won’t just eat the boatman; he’ll also take a bite out of you as he passes!

The bite of a backswimmer is similar to the sting of a bee; not desirable!

To prevent either of these bugs coming you need to destroy the source of this food chain; the algae. You can do this by cleaning your pool on a regular basis; including scrubbing the walls and floors.
Keep It Clean
Keep It Clean
It will make the pool feel nicer when you get in!

Shock It

Another option is to shock your water. This means adding a chemical such as calcium hypochlorite in a high dose. It is best to do this as the sun sets to help prevent it from being dissolved by the sun before it can work.

The chemical will kill algae and many bugs.

In conjunction with this it is a good idea to turn your circulation pump on for at least 3 hours every day. This will ensure the water is moving and fresh, preventing many bugs including mosquitoes from seeing your pool as a breeding ground.

Get Professional Help

If you’re still struggling after doing all these things or you don’t have the time to look after your own pool then you can contact a pest control service. They will be able to assess which pests are going to be the biggest risk and choose the right treatment to deal with them.

Have You Invested in A Pool Fence Yet?

What better way to beat the sweltering heat than to take a dip in the pool? The first record of a swimming pool is the great bath in Mohenjo-Daro which was built around 5000 years ago. Measuring approximately 12 meters in length, 7 meters in breadth and 2.4 meters in depth, it was used during religious ceremonies. It was believed that if a person took a dip in the pool, he would be absolved of all his sins.
Pool Fence
Fast forward to this day. The Australian coastline is known for its beautiful ocean pools. People from all over the world come to witness this beauty and tranquillity. Nowadays, it is common to see families lounging around their own swimming pools and enjoying the day peacefully.

Why do we need pool fence?

While no one can disagree with the fact that spending time splashing away in the pool is a lot of fun. But then, at the same time, there have been countless reports of pool accidents, particularly, involving young children. Surprisingly, the leading cause of death in kids below five is drowning. Keeping this in mind, the government has introduced some rules and regulations. Though the rules depend on which part of Australia you live in, the basic stipulations are as follows:
  • The pool fence should be 1200 mm high and have a gap, less than 100 mm, between the panels or at the bottom.
  • There should be no scalable objects within 900 mm of the pool fence.
  • The gate should swing away from the pool and have a child safety lock.
  • The gate hinges should close automatically but, should open only when the latch is opened manually.
  • The gap between the latching panel and the gate panel should be less than 10 mm.

Building a pool fence?

Pool Fence
Pool Fence
Once you’re aware of the various rules and regulations to be followed half your job is done. Want to have a pool fence installed but can’t afford the labour? Build it yourself! Building a pool fence is not that tough. All you need is patience and the Internet. So many DIYs are available to guide you through the process step-by-step. The steps are as follows:
  • Measure the surrounding area: Before purchasing the fencing, it is important that you measure the area where you plan to install the pool fence (At least 2 to 3 feet away from the pool edge). You can make use of a garden hose or rope to do the same. Don’t forget to mark the gate opening with a piece of chalk. Purchase the fencing according to the measurements taken. The material can either be of aluminium, wrought iron, treated wood or of steel.
  • Cut sticks: Take one 4-foot long stick and cut it into a piece that is 3-foot long and another piece which is 2.5 inches long. The former will be used to measure the distance between the fence while, the latter will be used to measure the distance between each panel.
  • Mark drilling holes: Use a waterproof marker to do the same. Take help of the pieces cut in step 2.
  • Prepare the drilling machine: Use a cement block so that you don’t damage your deck while drilling holes. Your fencing material will come with few plastic sleeves; you have to make holes of that size.
  • Drill the marked portion: Before drilling, ensure that you are wearing protective eyewear and gloves. Once the holes are made, insert the plastic sleeves. They will hold the fencing poles.
  • Install the gate and pool fence: Begin at the gate and insert the poles into the sleeves. Install the latch and the gate. And voila! you have successfully installed a pool fence.
A pool fence is essential to ensure your family’s safety. So, what are you waiting for? Install your pool fence today!

Top 10 Benefits Pool Swimming Can Give You

For some homeowners who are thinking of installing a swimming pool or buying a home with a pool, then you're doing the right thing! It's one of the best decisions you'll ever make because there are a lot of benefits that you can enjoy from swimming.
Swimming Pool
Swimming Pool
Friendly Reminder: Indeed, there's no doubt that there are a lot of benefits that you can enjoy from pool swimming. However, you also have to consider that if you want to ensure the water quality of your pool, you have to invest in robotic pool cleaners or pool filters. A pool filter would remove finer particles or debris in the water, giving you a cleaner pool. On the other hand, a robotic pool cleaner has the same purpose, but due to the fact that it doesn't use the pool's filtration system, it's capable of dealing any type of pool structure.

Now that you know the basics, let's now reveal the reasons why pool swimming is good for you.

#1. It's a Low-Impact Exercise

If you're in strength training, you're probably aware of the need of giving your muscles ample time to repair themselves. That means if you're lifting weights, then during your off days, you can either take a day off, or perform low-impact training such as swimming instead. The buoyancy of water, together with the lack of impact the joints and muscles receive would allow you to perform workout even on your off days. Also, it can be an alternative, especially if you don't want the day to pass without doing any type of exercise at all. Not only will fat burning continue, staying active would also allow you to build muscles much quicker.

Unlike other types of exercises, pool swimming gives you a “soft” environment for workouts. Now only will you have to be worried about falling, the water would support your whole body in any position. Best of all, it could alleviate fatigue and improve your flexibility.

#2. Shed Off Those Extra Pounds in a Fun Way

Believe it or not, the average 30-minute pool workout could help you burn as much as 300 calories! Wherein, if you want to burn a pound of body fat, you have to eliminate 3500 calories. That's why fitness experts suggest 3-4 times a week of swimming and you'll be able to see the results in less than a month.

#3. A Natural Way to Relieve Stress

Just like any other forms of exercise, pool swimming is also a great way to relieve stress. By swimming, you'll be stimulating the brain to release chemicals that make the body feel good. Also, as we perform pool exercise in warmer water temperature, the movement of the water could be similar to getting a massage, and so, it could provide total relaxation to the swimmer. This calming effect has been recommended to those who are in pain after a strenuous workout routine.

#4. Very Convenient 

For some people, they'd tell you that a swimming pool is way better than a gym. Why? Simply because it's a place where you could enjoy different kinds of workout in one place-- no need to use different machinery nor equipment anymore! In a swimming pool, you could work your glutes by kicking, and improve your endurance by swimming laps. Arm strengthening can be done by pulling, or only swimming with your arms.

This convenience can be enjoyed even more by having your own pool.

#5. Great Way to Socialize with Others

A swimming pool is a wonderful place where you can spend time with your family, friends, or acquaintances. It's definitely more fun than just eating food, as swimming could help you achieve your fitness goals while being able to bond with others at the same time.

#6. It Helps You Breathe Easily

Studies show that swimming could calm you down and relax your breathing, especially if you're stressed. As you work on perfecting your stroke, your breathing would also improve. This could contribute to lower blood pressure and aid in weight loss. Not just that, toxins would also be eliminated from your body.

#7. Speeds Up Recovery

Just like what has been mentioned earlier, swimming is a low-impact sport. That means it could relieve pains and aches brought by injury. For those who have been suffering from knee pain or a bad back, swimming might the exercise to take the pressure off of your joints.

#8. It's a Great Core Workout

Why tire yourself performing crunches, if taking a dip in the pool would give the same results? Swimming has been known as one of the greatest core workouts. That's why freestyle swimmers stay perfectly alights and it gives them a better posture.

#9. It Helps You Stay Flexible

Coupled with pilates and yoga, swimming is one of the best sports that could improve your overall flexibility. Not only it stretches your muscles, it also tones down the areas that are often left neglected.

#10. It Has No Age Limit

Whether you're a young kid, middle-aged man, or an elderly, swimming could be the perfect exercise for you. For kids, it's a great way to improve their sense of balance, and it could ease the symptoms of arthritis in adults. It's definitely a sport that suits all.

Final Words

Pool swimming has a number of benefits that you can enjoy. If going to the gym has always been a dreadful experience for you, then it's probably time that you give swimming a try. Who knows, it might be your favorite sport after.

Swimming Pool Redesign: Things You Should Consider and Care For

Swimming pools acts as one of those recreational spot you have always wanted to see about your house. Whenever, you have free leisure or want to indulge in some relaxation sessions, swimming pool comes handy. Whether it bath space or blue swimming pool, water has always been a relaxing element for us. Outdoor space, however, influences our mind in a way ordinary inside-the-house bathroom can’t. Concrete swimming pools are taken as the most chosen selection for many house owners who believe in swimming in a pool that are stronger, durable and aesthetic.

Concrete is mightier and supports your needs better than any other material preferred for the construction and design of residential pools. The important point of consideration is that nothing around us lasts forever and begins to lose its shine and effectiveness over a period of time. This is to say that your swilling pool also calls for a detailed touch of renovation.
Swimming Pool
Swimming Pool
Before you embark on swimming pool renovation service hastily, there are a few things you need to figure out and ruminate over and get right.

# Ferret out Unnecessary Dangers and Health Hazards

This is an important point to think over since without the knowledge of risks and hazards, you will be exposed to greater injuries and challenging situation while renovating your swimming pool. Here is what you need to be aware of:

# Gaps and Cracks

Cracks and little gaps you find at the edges of swimming pools are no doubt dangerous and pose bigger risks than you could imagine. One can easily stumble and trip into the water and feel injured or hurt. If you are bare feet, you will increase the risk of bleeding, too, while walking along. Cracks and small fissures form with time because the earth below has the tendency to soak the water.
Swimming Pool
Swimming Pool

# Depth of Pool

The depth of your pool becomes of greater value when it is time to resell your property. Your swimming pool is a critical investment that you need to preserve carefully. When someone buys a house, they should consider how deep the pool is especially when there are children using it. Any swimming pool renovation service should integrate this wisdom in their pool renovation strategy. If you really have children under the age of 12, you should at least maintain the depth of at least 6 feet. This way there will be little risk of any kids drowning.

# Safety Measures and Limited Access

Open pool idea is something that is picked by many adults who want to make it smooth and direct. But a pool without a safety fence poses more risk than one with a fence. This is because young children may accidentally enter the area and tripped into water. You can opt for installation of simple pool safety fence. It will limit the access to swimming pool for small children living in the house.

Apart from these dangers and risks, there are design-related aspects that Swimming pool renovations service need to implement. Redesigned pool should appear larger, deeper and more pleasant and safer than the old one. With concrete, you can do whatever you imaging with your outdoor swimming pool. This is what you can learn when giving the pool an exhilarating makeover.

# Pool Tiles and Decorative Stones

The best way to bring new avatar to your swimming pool is doing re-tile work to the insides of the pool. Think of doing it with traditional tiles and/or decorative natural stones like limestone, granite stone or other available in the stone market. This will refresh the look of your pool and reflect eye-popping appearance.
Pool Tiles and Decorative Stones
Pool Tiles and Decorative Stones

# Suit your Style

Tell the swimming pool renovation service specialist about what kind of style of customization you are looking for redesigning the pool. They will serve you many options to pick and choose from. Select the one that will leave behind a lasting impression.

# Different Splash of Colors

Light colors work wonder for any swimming pool, and blue is the most common choice for people looking to redesign their pool with new approach. Different shades for swimming pool can be recommended as Ice blue, sky blue, pacific blue, royal blue, and grey or white shades of graphite and white beach. 

6 Great Ways to Protect Your Pool from Upcoming Winter

Having a pool can be really fun but at the same time, it is a great responsibility. First of all, you have to get acquainted with different equipment learning small intricacies. Pool maintenance will become a part of your weekly routine.

Period after summer is especially tricky. You have to clean the pool, remove stuff and ultimately, close it. This takes some time and proficiency. Like with other pool procedures, mistakes are possible and even expected.

If this is your first time winterizing, better read this article. We have some cool tips for you that will take you through the process ensuring that your pool and equipment are properly protected.

1. Balancing water in the pool

Water will remain in the pool during entire winter. However, this means that there is a big chance stains will appear at the bottom of it. As a way to prevent it, you will have to balance the water. You have to make sure that pH, alkalinity and calcium hardness are within optimal levels.
  • pH – 7.2 to 7.6
  • alkalinity – 80 to 120 ppm
  • calcium hardness – 180 to 220 ppm

2. Shocking the pool

After chlorine has settled in, it is time to shock your pool. Here, you will have to add algaecide to the pool. Do not use chlorine tablets as they will create stains at the bottom of the pool. Similarly, do not use floater with strong oxidizer as it will stick to the walls and stain it.

3. Removing additional equipment

During this step, you will have to remove all additional equipment including baskets, feeders and ladders. Make sure that the area around the pool is clean. Although you will add cover at the end of the process, it is better to stay on the safe side and completely clean everything.

4. Reducing the water level

Now is the time to reduce water level in the pool. It needs to be lowered bellow level of the skimmer. This way, when the winter comes, there is no risk that the water will get into the skimmer and freeze causing permanent damage. Another option is to get skimmer covers (available for vinyl liner pools) that will close it off. If you do this, there is no need to lower the water level. 

5. Drain everything

Similarly to skimmer, pipes and hoses are also susceptible to ice damage. You will need to drain water from your filtering and heating system as well as the pump. All the hoses needs to be disconnected and plugs should be placed into outlets. It is best if you remove the filter and store it in a shed and perform routine maintenance on the pump. This will prepare it for the upcoming summer.

6. Cover the pool

Last step of the process is adding a pool cover. With it, you make sure that the pool is protected from debris and dirt during the winter. Before you place it, check if there is any damage to it. Small holes can be disastrous as they allow small particles to enter the pool. Cover need to be a perfect fit for your pool. Otherwise, it will not serve the purpose.


As you can see, there are quite a few things that you have to do prior to winter. It is an arduous task but a necessary one. If this is your first pool winterization, perhaps it is even better to ask for a professional assistance. You can observe a pool expert, take notes and be ready for next winter.
If not, you can always rely on this article as you perform quick and efficient winterization of your pool. 

Short bio: 

Nick Stoyanov is a copywriter and content strategist at – Australia’s largest online pump store. 4 Pumps is an Australian company that focuses on the national distribution of its comprehensive range of quality pumping products.

Restrict The Access of Small Children as Well as Enhance the Look with Pool Fencing



This article throws light on some interesting and valuable facts about pool fencing and also its multiple benefits

A swimming pool that is well kept in a home’s backyard is an excellent feature no doubt. It will offer a simple means of staying cool on hot summer days and thereby offering some special bonding moments for the entire family. It is, however, a known fact that a swimming pool, unless is well secured via a pool fence, is likely to pose safety hazards. Considering this more and more people all across Melbourne are installing pool fences around their yard for safety and protection. Of all, it is the wrought iron pool fencing that is widely used for reasons well.
Pool Fencing in Melbourne
Pool Fencing

How can people benefit from installing a pool fence?

Below are some benefits that people can enjoy by installing a pool fence around their swimming pool. These include,
  • Enhance pool safety both for kids and pets alike- A pool fence, although is not a pet or child proof, but this will offer an additional protection layer to them during the lapse of adult supervision. A good quality pool fence will provide parents extra time in finding a child prior to the unexpected taking place. In fact, a young child or a pet for that matter may get over the pool barrier if it is low or has footholds or handholds to use while climbing. It is highly recommended to use a pool fence measuring about 4-5 feet high or above as preferable. In the case of a mesh pool fence makes it a point to include the following for extra safety and convenience- lockable pool gate, self-latch, and self-closing.
  • Reduce near drowning and incidences of accidents- Installing a pool fence will help a great deal in reducing the chances of accidents taking place in the backyard pool. As per research it has been discovered that drowning in Melbourne indeed is the second biggest cause of death, especially in children who are under 14 years and unfortunately these occur in a residential swimming pool. Pool fencing is tough for children or pets to climb as it will not have an opening for placing their feet on it.
  • Affordable for sure- The amount needed to install a pool fence differs resting on different factors like the pool size, the fence material used and the location. The fact is if a person considers the dangers that a pool fence will safeguard them against, its purchase and installation expenditure will be a worthy investment for sure. Investing in these fences will offer a lifetime of safety and happiness around the pool.
  • Available in assorted varieties- The beauty of a pool fence is that it is highly versatile. It  is made of different materials ranging from wrought iron, aluminum, vinyl, wood, mesh and glass. This indicates that no matter the size or shape of the pool there is a type of fence to suit everyone’s needs. Besides, it is worth mentioning that as most of the fences are actually custom made so naturally there is a fence for every pool. Today pool fences in Melbourne come in assorted styles and colors.
  • Easy to use- Another reason why pool fences are widely used is that it is easy to install and maintain. There are some types that are lightweight, fully removable, easy to assemble/disassemble and also well made. The best part is along with offering safety and protection it will also offer a clear view.
  • Peace of mind and convenience- When not in use, one can secure the pool easily by locking the gate. In fact, the peace of mind that a pool fence offers cannot be quantified and it especially holds true for parents having kids and pets at home that run around here and there and are eager in trying out some new things
  • Enhance the home’s appearance- Today decorative wrought iron fencing is available in Melbourne that can enhance the home’s appearance. It is extremely stylish. And if one desires to sell their home in the future having these fences installed will be a plus point
The bottom line is, a swimming pool is a place meant for having some fun and relaxing and thus it is vital to keep this area safe and protected. And what can be a better way to do so than installing a pool fence. Along with offering safety to people, it will also enhance the look of the home manifold.

About the Author:

Being a keen enthusiast of this domain Peter Hamilton has brought into the limelight on the growing demand for Pool Fencing in Melbourne and also why Wrought Iron pool fencing in Melbourne is more preferred over others.

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