Earthy feel and ample lightning make a subdued room look sophisticated and inviting. The calm that prevails because of the white wall paint and the ceiling create an effect of visually enlarged space as the eye is drawn all the way upwards reaching the lights modifying the appeal. The Image is a perfect example of a contemporary interior design where natural light is sufficiently used to make the room bright through the exit and similar windows which open to a beautifully landscaped garden to refresh the senses of the onlooker.

Wall Paints
Wall Paints 

A spacious condo with well-planned interiors is one of the best blessings these days. The one here has added advantage of enough utility and storage spaces. An open kitchen counter with cabinets to match the flooring. This makes this modern contemporary design uniquely comfortable. This is just one set up which is made to look appealing because of the graceful wall paint chosen appropriately for this space in a perfect proportionality.  

There could be times when one does not understand how and where to use a particular wall paint to suit the space and function of a room. Following tips can help you get a better understanding about it:

  1. Test Paint – if you have chosen a particular wall paint and you strongly feel you like, take a shot and see if you hit the bulls-eye. Test paint on a smaller wall or in a smaller space exactly the way you want it to finally look. Wall painting in a smaller space will complete quickly and show results sooner for you to assess. See if you still like it at the first glance after it is finished. If yes you can carry this look in a central space else you still have time to make a better choice.
  2. Function – The color you select should suit the purpose of the room you are working on. For instance bedroom must have calming colors, dining area must be painted in those shades which tend to better your appetite and drawing room wall colors should communicate the sophistication you want to invite and treat your guests with.
  3. Preference of Mood – Wall paints of home interiors define the mood and feel of the room as they transcend you from a particular frame of mind to another through the ambiance of the room. Hence, the character of the room should be one which you can relate to because it is after all your own home and you must have a sense of belongingness to it. 
  4. Lighting – This plays an important role in the decor of a place. When light falls on the colors, they together create a synergy which build the actual brilliance or coziness in the ambiance. A combination of both natural as well as artificial lights can create an excellent dramatic effect in your space. Also when light falls in the colors, the tints and shades of these vary slightly. For instance when natural light is allowed to enter a room in abundance it can make the room bright and if the dark dim artificial lights are focused on dark colored walls the room becomes warm.