Why to look at other materials for your kitchen worktop when a quartz surface will solve all your problems?
Remodeling one’s kitchen is no small feat. It requires intensive research, thorough planning and the will to work alongside professionals who will ultimately remodel the space. There are many reasons why people decide to remodel their kitchens— from the desire to make some space look more elegant to the fact that the old kitchen space stops being productive.
Your reasons for remodeling the kitchen are a matter of personal choice. And one of the most crucial areas of the kitchen are the worktops installed in it. Quartz worktops are a favorite of people looking to remodel their kitchen. Quartz is an amazing base material in case you want your worktop to last for a long period of time and for it to also look appealing.
Clamshell Quartz Worktops
Clamshell Quartz Worktops

Caesarstone 4130 Clamshell Quartz Worktops 

One of the most preferred brands when it comes to stone worktops are the Caesarstone quartz worktops. Caesarstone is an established name in the world of kitchen remodeling. Established in Israel in the year 1987, the company today controls almost 13% of the entire worktop industry. Caesarstone quartz surfaces are sold in over 42 countries and retailed by some of the most respected names in the industry. This company is environment-friendly and is known to recycle almost 93% of the water being used in its manufacturing units.
Following are some of the reasons why you should look at Caesarstone quartz worktops for remodeling your kitchen:

Almost 93% natural quartz

Caesarstone quartz surfaces contain almost 93% natural quartz. Quartz is one the toughest stones found naturally. When mixed with additives such as polymers and pigments they become almost perfect for use in kitchens. These worktops are available in a unique variety of colors and finishes and are ideal for people looking to install natural-looking stone worktops.
Caesarstone quartz surfaces
Caesarstone quartz surfaces

Caesarstone worktops outperform other materials

Compared to other surfaces such as granite and marble, Caesarstone quartz worktops are far more heat and scratch resistant. In fact, it is known that these worktops have double the amount of impact resistance when compared to granite and almost four times the flexural strength. Moreover, because these worktops are non-porous in nature, they do not require resealing that granite and marble do. They are also resistant to bacterial growth and water seeping into the worktop.

Maintenance is low

Because of its compact strength, Caesarstone worktops require little maintenance. In most cases, a mild detergent, and a soft sponge will do the job for you. In the case of stubborn stains and residue, you can simply scratch the material off using a plastic knife and then soak the residual stain in some detergent and then wash it off. The one thing that you should keep in mind is the fact that you should not expose worktop to strong chemicals and paint removers. It may adversely affect the surface and the material.

Caesarstone quartz surfaces can become an excellent addition to your remodeled kitchen. Despite the fact that cost may play a significant role in your purchase you need to look at it as a long-term investment.