Today’s era is technology driven. More and more inventions are being made to simplify human life. However, the growth and success has impeded the harmony of the environment. The need of the hour is the promotion of eco-friendly choices in everyday lives to restore the balance in our environment. Floorspace decoration has always been viewed as important to homes all over the globe. It does not only add five stars to the home but also adds an aesthetic touch to your life.

Floorspace coir carpets are gaining popularity over tiles and wood nowadays, the fame can be attributed to its sturdy and tough nature. Traditionally, coir is extracted from the husk of coconuts in India. The husk is then woven into exquisite and beautiful designs of carpets. The backing has latex to support its shape.

Coir Carpet
Naturally coir has tan brown and gold color which further carves it into elegant floor covering. However, these colors can be modified with desirable bleaching.

A word of caution would be to refrain from lying over these carpets as they are coarse in nature. The experience would be somewhat similar to resting on the husk of coconut that is golden brown. This is certainly uncomfortable thus it is best recommended to use at places that misfits sitting or lying, coir carpets are best suitable for doorway or below furniture to protect the floor from unwanted scratches.

As mentioned earlier, coir is derived from husk of coconut which is soaked in water for quite a while. This loosens up the strands of the husk and is then segregated easily. This separated strand is then spun into yarn. These yarns are then woven to produce coir carpets of exquisite designs and patterns.

Coir carpets are a great natural option to promote healthy environment at home. Being 100 percent natural, it is completely renewable and does not emit any pollutant on disintegration that can potentially be harmful to environment. Not only this, it offers a range of advantages to its users; few of them have been listed below:

  • Coir carpets are highly durable. Once purchased, it will last for years.
  • It can withstand wear and tear and is therefore the best option for heavy traffic areas where you can expect a lot of people to walk over it. Made out of husk, its fibers can withstand heavy traffic.
  • It is dust and mite resistant.
  • It is anti-inflammatory that it does not catch fire easily. Also, it is anti-allergic and therefore promotes health and wellness at your home.
Interestingly, the production of coir in field does not require any pesticides or chemicals, thus, by using coir carpets, you are doing a great deal in preserving the environment.

Coir Carpet

Unlike sea grass fibers, it does not absorb moisture and is therefore resistant to mould or mildew. It requires minimum maintenance as single stroke of wiping with dry cloth would do for any spilled water.

Usher peace to your home and mind by bringing in coir carpet at your home. Beautify your home with the all new coir carpets from Floorspace and reflect your unique style and taste to all those out there!