You have paid a good amount of money for your electric cooker, so, you definitely want to know the diversified usage of the appliance. It’s an over known fact that electric cooker is mainly used for preparing rice.
Paying for an electric cooker proves more worthy, when it can help you prepare different type of delicious dishes rather than preparing only rice.

Yummy Recipes to Make in Electric Cooker

You don’t have to buy separate cooking devices when you have electric cooker by your side. Pay the one-time electric cooker price and get versatile advantages. Here are some mouth-watering recipes you’ll be surprised to know that these can be made in a rice cooker. Have a look-

Electric Cooker
Electric Cooker

# Supper Cheesy Polenta

Make your vegetable lunch more interesting with Polenta and have it as side dish with cornmeal porridge. You can use egg in it to make it tastier. Otherwise, cheese will melt in your mouth and give a heavenly taste. You can make it in electric cooker.

# Frittatas with Boiled Egg

And the funnier side is you can make both in the electric cooker. Boil eggs first and then make the frittata with pre-cooked veggies. Cook on the regular rice setting and you can quickly make yummy breakfast for your family.

# Easy Chicken Curry

You’ll be surprised to know how it is possible to make chicken curry in electric cooker. But, you can make it. Just put chicken and all other spices into it and cook to make the delicious side dish. You can also make the curry with different types of vegetables.

# Hot Breakfast Cereals

You can take oatmeal or barley or rice powder to make hot breakfast. Just soak any one of this ingredient overnight and pour it into the cooker next morning. Set the timer and let it be cooked. You can add dry fruits and honey to make it more interesting.

# Quinoa

Have you gone through a tiring day? Don’t feel like making dinner? Do you have rice cooker? Then rinse quinoa and put it into the cooker with water. Turn on your oven and step aside. To add more taste, use honey, almonds, few drops of lemon juice, etc.

# Pork Roast

If you have an electric cooker in your house you can make this yummy dish anytime you want. With the slow cook setting, you can easily prepare pork roast for your Sunday brunch. You can also prepare other meat in this cooker.

# Chocolate Cake

Don’t you have a microwave? To make this chocolate cake you don’t need on too. This special recipe is for vegan as it is Eggless. Put all the ingredients into the cooker and add water. Your chocolate cake will be ready within some time. Decorate it with castor sugar and your favourite fruit.

These are the best recipes you can make with an electric cooker. Now you know why paying for electric cooker is completely worthwhile?