Mice and rats can be a fact of life in most cities and suburbs. Rodents thrive where there are people, whether this means an apartment building or a single home. Even the most careful owner can find that their property has a mouse infestation. It is important to know what signs to look for and how you can treat this type of infestation.

Mouse Infestation
Mouse Infestation

# Mouse Droppings

This is a pretty obvious sign that you have a mouse issue in your property. Seeing mouse droppings, which tend to be small balls that are brown in color, can many times be the first sign of an infestation. It does not matter if you have not seen a mouse. The droppings are enough to mean you will need an exterminator to come and help you.

# Holes and Tears

Another very common sign that you may have a mouse infestation is finding holes and tears in fabric or even in walls. Mice love to chew on all manner of things, and they use materials to help build their nests. There can also be holes in drawers or cabinet doors, sometimes even in walls, as the mice try to get access to food items. Depending on how many holes you find, you may want to call a professional immediately.

# Noises

If you begin to hear unexplained noises inside your walls or in your ceiling, this can be another telltale sign you have a mouse infestation. Although they are small creatures, mice can still make a substantial amount of noise as they move food or build their nests.

# Urine Smell

Male mice mark their territory with urine, so you may begin to smell it if the infestation is large. There may also be stains on tablecloths or walls, which can be very odorous. If you begin to smell urine, call the best pest control company in Hinsdale for help.

# Chewed Cables and Food

If you start seeing chewed cables in your home or packages of food that have holes in them, this can point to an issue with mice. A good test to see if your suspicions are correct is to leave food out and check on it in the morning. If there are bite marks or holes, you have a mouse problem.

Any of these signs mean that you need expert help. Dealing with a mouse infestation is not as easy as setting traps or leaving poison out. Only professionals can make sure that the infestation is removed without any mice dying in your walls. Take the time to hire experts the moment you start seeing signs of mice.