In some cases, the first impression is definitely the last impression. Ironing plays an important part in presenting you neat and clean. No matter how expensive dress you wear, if that is not ironed well, you will fail to create a good impression. Are you planning to buy one now? The steam irons are the most advantageous of its types. If you get to know the proper ways to use it, that will help you for long period.
Steam Iron
Steam Iron

How to Use Steam Iron

Often you bring out clothes from the deep of your closet. Maybe those are almost new but now they are completely wrinkled. You can’t wear it without ironing. Having a steam iron can solve your problems. The most important benefits of using steam iron are-
  • It fights hard creases and removes those from your dress.
  • Steam iron is applicable for most of the fabric.
  • Those are portable, so you can carry with you.
  • The new designer models are worth to buy.

Basically, all steam irons are handled equally. Still, if it is your first time, you need thorough instructions about how to work with it-
  • The first step is filling the tank. You should follow the manual for it. There are some models where you can separate the tank and fill it. In case of inseparable models, you should make sure that the iron is unplugged and cold. Always maintain the ‘max’ level while filling up the tank. Never overflow it.
  • In case of removable tank, you should make sure that you have clamped the tank well to the iron. Be double sure about it. Now, put the plug in the iron.
  • Concentrate on the iron setting according to the fabric. Each fabric need different setting, so read the manual for that.
  • Now, set the temperature according to the fabric and let the soleplate be heated. If your steam iron comes with an automatic light, that is the best feature in it. The light will turn on as the iron heats up and turns off as soon as the iron reaches to the desired temperature.
  • Turn on the steam feature when the iron becomes hot. Now, spread the garment on the iron board and start ironing.
  • The steam will come out automatically. Keep a safe distance from the iron not to burn yourself from the steam.
  • Remember, just iron enough to smooth the crease. Keep the fabric little damp when you finish ironing. In case of ironing velvet, avoid pressing hard the fabric.
  • If your iron has spray function, use it for deep wrinkles if it won’t damage the fabric. Always check the garments label before spraying. If it allows, iron the area after spraying.
  • Are you done? Unplug the iron and empty the tank carefully. Keep the iron on the iron set and let it cool. Now, wrap the cord and put it at safe place.
Hopefully, all these steps of ironing with steam iron will help you a lot. Buy one and start ironing.