In your new kitchen design one of the most important choices are your new cabinets. They can take up to 29% of your kitchen design budget and are going to be the most used things in your kitchen. So what goes into kitchen cabinets and what should you look for in your kitchen renovation?
Kitchen Renovation
Kitchen Door

Door Styles

The door style is essentially how the door works. Do you want swinging, pull-outs, shaker, flat or inset cabinets? When looking at door styles size should be at the forefront in your decision. The right door style will maximize the space in your kitchen while the incorrect size will take away from it and make maneuvering in your new kitchen cumbersome.


Hardware refers to what makes the cabinets work, the handles or knobs that make the drawers pull out. When choosing the hardware remember that these will make a big, yet subtle, difference in your finished kitchen. Classic knobs work best in traditional kitchens whereas you might want to consider flat panels, aka no knobs at all, in more modern styled kitchens.

Colors and Finishes

This is arguably the choice that stands out first in your new kitchen renovation. It makes a big impact on your kitchen style and with the right finishes, will make your kitchen remodel spectacular.

First you must choose the base color. Bright colors are making a comeback in kitchens but are normally paired with a neutral finish such as blue, brown and even grey. Stains are also an option to explore if you have wood cabinets and want to highlight the wood’s pattern. Finally, if you are worried about upkeep of color think about choosing a distressed finish that adds warmth and an aged beauty to your cabinets.

Molding and Detailing

This section covers decorative supports, aprons, corbels, toe kicks and molding. All these are features that might not come initially with your kitchen cabinets but can make a big visual impact in your finished renovated kitchen. If you don’t know what the items in this list are, fear not, a kitchen designer will be more than happy to give you more information about advanced detailing options.
Your new kitchen cabinets need to be functional, durable and fit in with your style, so shop around and choose well.