At present, due to the ever growing rise of homes, buying a place is equivalent to taking loads of debt on your shoulder. Still, some consumers are quite ready to add that burden to their recent options and even add more debt with their already other credit card debts and more. Such type of situation has been given a name; debt domino effect. Those people, who are willing to refinance or sold their old house and buy another, are likely to increase their current credit card related pending and even on car purchases. Such services are mostly termed to be interrelated.
Debt Domino Effect on Home Loans
Debt Domino Effect on Home Loans

More about this effect

Rather than reeling in their current spending while approaching the biggest financial commitments, consumers are currently charging more on the said credit cards in months, which can lead up to a grave move. Whether you are planning to purchase any kind of furnishing item or going for any renovation, most of the consumers are trying to increase the card spending in the current months, before even trying to move into new residence. These are some of the reasons, behind the hike in interest level of home loan and finally giving rise to debt, and bankruptcy for most of them.

For the new mortgage

Those consumers, who are currently applying for new mortgages are likely to be 2 to 3% more on opening up a new credit card account or auto loan over the time span of next year. This might take place mostly within first month. This study also found out that the new credit card originators were 54% higher for those, who are willing to move into new places, in the month just after procuring a new mortgage. Furthermore, the auto originators are termed to be 84% higher within that same time frame. So, keeping a close call is what you need to keep everything within your set budget plan.

Refinancing is another key

The people, who are currently refinancing the loans, are trying to lower their monthly payment. They are even trying to give themselves a raise, and trying to spend that. They are now working on additional cash flow, as they don’t have any other option left. Meanwhile, some of the near record auto sales have also pushed the current money to nearly $1 trillion, on a national level, for the first time. This news for lenders means there will be vast new borrowers, who are looking for higher demand for some credit cards and even for auto loans, when they are trying to move or refinance.

Now for the home buyers

But when it comes to home buyers accumulating large debt amount over short time can create some devastating consequences to the current credit score. Applying for more amount of loans on heels of mortgage application, can easily create 700+ credit scores, which can drop to more than 100 points. And that’s not good for your credit history. Credit approvals can even come to an end quickly, when the creditors realize that consumer is overextended. For more details, click here for some news.