Cordless drills are handy and portable tools which are widely used for simple home repairing tasks. These tools are also effective in heavy construction applications. Cordless drills are specially constructed with rechargeable battery. A cordless drill features a handle with a button that operates the drill. It has several drill bits in order to perform smaller or larger work. It has a battery and a battery charger. This is the basic structure of a cordless drill.
Cordless Drill
Cordless Drill
For any homeowners cordless drill is becoming an essential tool as it gives great benefits and performs a variety of tasks easily, so it is necessary to learn how to use a cordless drill. Today we are going to learn how to use a cordless drill in simple steps so that it can be carried out by any cordless drill owner easily.

10 simple steps to use cordless drills:

  • Get a good cordless drill: If you want to perform effective drilling tasks you must get a good cordless drill that may have variable speed, hammering function, depth setting, good grip and power. To get started with a cheap cordless drill will have less power and would be more difficult. Go for a branded cordless drill.
  • Get to know about your machine: Read the instruction thoroughly. Know completely about all the knobs and controls about the machine, and understand how to set the machine. Make sure that you are comfortable and you don’t have any confusion before moving to the next step.
  • Recharge the battery: A cordless drill is always battery powered. A battery of the cordless drill can be charged with a charger. Always make sure that you are charging the batteries properly. When the light stays green, it symbolizes that it is fully charged.
  • Clean the surface: First you have to clean the surface that ensures that the surface is level. There should be no cracks on the surfaces, it could make drilling problematic.
  • Protect yourself: It is better to put on glasses, and keep the fingers away while drilling machine is in running position.
  • Set the depth: A cordless drills have depth control bar and their usage is illustrated in the user’s manual. Set the depth that is required to carry out the specific task. If your machine doesn’t have depth control, then measure and mark the depth with pencil or tape.
  • Hold the cordless drill properly: You have to hold the machine with full strength, put one finger on the trigger. Hold the handle strongly.
  • Mark the location: Make use of a pencil and mark the point on the wall or any surface you are about to drill. Mark is as a dot or small cross. Mark should not be too big.
  • Place the drill and Use slow starting speed: Put the drill on the mark, don’t press hardly. You have to put the right amount of pressure and this could properly be done through practice. Start drilling with low speed so that you would be able to make the hole at the exact marked position.
  • Drill: Now make use of high speed and hammer function; put your drill in the shallow holes you have made before. Now you have to put force against the surface while holding the machine properly. If you don’t have a hammer function in your cordless drill, then pull your drill out and press it back after every ten seconds. If your task is time taking one, then pull your machine out and let it get cold. And then repeat the process until it gets completed.
Sometimes you are not done with the task as expected, especially when you have a hard piece of concrete. In such cases, it’s better to insert a masonry nail into the hole and hammer, this way you would be able to break the concrete. Continue the drilling until the task done.

When carrying out this routine, always remember:

  • Before starting the drilling task, always make sure that if any electric cables running through the walls.
  • Avoid loose clothing and dangling jewelry while carrying out any sort of drilling task.
  • Use correct drill bit for the type of task you are drilling. Make use of masonry bit for solid walls, a wood bit for timber task and for metals, it’s effective to make use of high-speed steel bits.
The above steps give the idea of how you can perform your drilling task and how you can make proper use of your cordless drills. It depends on the cordless drill; each cordless drill may vary from its features and its type. The above steps will help you to get started with your cordless drill in an easy manner.