Timber doors have been a popular interior decoration choice especially for the front doors. Timber is a highly customizable material. It can be made to look good with a number of ornamental designs and decorations. There are end numbers of color shades you can avail in the timber doors. Timber is available in a number of textures and finishes and so you can easily choose the one that best suits your personal preferences. With its amazing aesthetic beauty and attractiveness, you can never go wrong with timber doors!
Timber Doors
Timber Doors

5 Reasons why Timber Doors are an Excellent Choice

There is nothing better than a pair of well-polished timber doors to make your home look or office look even more beautiful than it is. There are many reasons why it is the top choice for many homeowners and interior decorators for several decades. Given below are some amazing reasons why timber doors might be the best choice:
  • Firstly, nothing can match the brilliant aesthetic quality of timber. These can be customized according to the likes of the owner. If you want to give your surroundings a plush and luxurious look and feel timber doors are the best choice.
  • Secondly, timber is highly durable and these can last for decades and even longer with the right care and maintenance. Timber doors are free for problems of rust and the high quality ones can be protected from chipping, cracking, or getting dents with use. The durability of these doors is one of their most important qualities.
  • Thirdly, these doors are also extremely safe and are available in fire-rated varieties. These may be a little more expensive than the non-fire rated ones but there must be no compromises when it comes to safety.
  • Fourthly, there are several customizable elements of timber doors which can be chosen according to personal requirements. For example, you can order these in any size depending on whether they are to be used as entrance doors or as doors or as the kitchen cabinet doors. Customized vision panels can also be added to the design if required.
  • Lastly, timber is highly flexible and so a great material can be used in home decoration. It can also be polished and re-painted in any color to get a whole new look without much difficulty.
Timber Doors
Timber Doors

Tips to Clean and Maintain Timber Doors for Years

Cleaning and caring for timber doors is quite easy and fuss-free if you know what you are doing. If the following maintenance tips are followed regularly, your doors will bear their brilliant new look for several years to come
  • Get rid of all the dust settled on the surface of the door. This is extremely important to get desirable results. Use only a dry rug to dust the surface before you use any kind of liquid solution or water on it.
  • Next, use a soft sponge to apply the commercial or homemade cleaning solution on the surface of timber doors and clean it in circular motions. When you are satisfied with the new shine on timber, clean the remains of the cleaning solution with a few squirts of clean water.
  • After the surface has been cleaned and dried you can use a clear polish on the wood as well as the fixtures to give them a brilliant sparkle.
Therefore, due to its brilliant look and durability, when it comes to selecting the right wood material for doors, there is nothing that beats timber. Its customizable quality combined with the ease of care and maintenance, timber doors are widely considered to be a wise choice for homes and offices.