The air conditioner is one of the most commonly used HVAC devices that are used at our house on a daily basis. They are used for maintaining a cool temperature in the summer and balance the thermal condition of rooms in the winters. But these HVAC devices needs periodical servicing, so that they lasts long and give us value for money and also good service throughout their life.
Air Conditioner Services
Air Conditioner Services

Need of Air Conditioner Services:

There are a number of components in an air conditioner. These parts are supposed to work properly only if they are properly cleaned and maintained at periodical intervals.  Improper maintenance and poor servicing will not only lead to malfunctioning of HVAC devices but also results in increased electricity bills due to high power consumption. Following points will help you understand the various parts of the air conditioner that needed servicing:
  • Cleaning the filters: The filters are an important part of the air conditioners that are needed to be cleaned and replaced from time to time for the proper functioning of the AC. If not cleaned properly, these dirty and blocked filters will become a hindrance in the path of the air being blown out from the AC. This will affect the efficiency of the AC. These filters can either be cleaned or completely changed depending on their type and the level of damage happened to them due to the poor maintenance.
  • Maintenance of AC Coils and Fins:  Both the condenser and the evaporator use coils for their proper functioning. But they get grubby easily being in contact with the moisture and dirt at the same time. This lead to the clogging and improper functioning of the AC.  To maintain them, cleaning of these coils from time to time is required. These coils have fins that collect dirt, and they would bend very easily.  This bending again leads to blockage in the air flow and hence need to be maintained with the help of proper instrument or servicing company.
  • Maintenance of Drain Channel:  The drain channel is responsible for the proper drainage of the water and moisture from the AC. If it is not cleaned periodically, the excess dirt and moisture will lead to certain side-effects. The drainage needs to be unblocked from time to time so that it doesn’t lead to decolourization of the wall or other places this drain is being flown out from.

Air Conditioner Service
Air Conditioner Services

Tips for Choosing the Best AC Service:

HVAC devices are highly technical and hence there is a requirement of choosing the best air condition servicing company that not only clean your device but also work in time and are affordable.  Following are the tips that one must follow while choosing the best HVAC services:
  • Do your research and check which one is the most experienced HVAC Company in the town.
  • Find out their past reviews while comparing the different companies and choose the one with the most positive reviews.
  • Check the different qualifications of the professionals who are working in the company so that you can rest assured when they are working on your device.
  • Do compare the service charges of the different companies, so that you can get an economical service for your device.
Make sure they are punctual, right from their first communication throughout the servicing period. The past reviews may help you in understanding their respect for time.