Carbolite canopies have a wide range of applications. They are used at various places for providing shades as well as window and door shades.
Carbolite Canopies
Carbolite Canopies

Some of the applications are:

  • Playground shelters
  • Utility maximization of open spaces
  • Social & dining areas
  • Glass and polycarbonate entrance canopies
  • Entrance canopies
  • Covered walkways
  • Garden centre canopies
  • Shades on small railway platforms and bus stops
  • Train station canopies and shelters
  • Patient drop-off canopies
  • Carports for car parking
  • Loading & storage bays
  • Industrial canopies, warehouse canopies & loading bay covers
  • Parents, patients or clients waiting areas at schools, medical institutions or any such business
The above list is long enough to prove the fact that the carbolite canopies are used everywhere. You may ask the reasons for this. There are several. The most prominent one is that they provide extensive protection from the sun’s heat. This protection is not like other type of shades which just shield the area covered by them from the sun. Unlike those, the canopies when used as shades to cover glass doors and windows, they shield the solar radiation from entering the interiors and thus reduced the interior ambient temperature. It goes without saying that this results in lower power consumption of air conditioners as the room is comparatively cooler already. Air Conditioning Engineers have summarized that during the period of the day when the sun shines directly on windows facing South, a carbolite canopy reduces heat gain at least by 55 to 65 percent. Imagine the effect that would have on your utility bills. Also, the life of your furniture, drapes and carpets is increased manifold due to the canopies as they are prevented from fading of colours due to the UV rays.

Along with this cooling effect, another added benefit is that you can get anything printed on it. You name any colour, any pattern or any texture, and that is available. Thus, you can use this to your advantage and add graphics and text to your carbolite canopies and use them to serve the purpose of a banner of your business along with a shade. The advances in sign technology have made it possible to achieve virtually any desired effect and design on canopies. Also, integrating signage to the canopy gives a sophisticated look to your office’s entrance.
Carbolite Canopies
Carbolite Canopies
Canopies provide affordable as well as adaptable comfort for outdoor spaces. Consider a canopy that covers your home decks and patios. It offers a long-term solution for the needed shade and increases the utility of those spaces at a comparatively lower cost. Not only this, your deck will be shaded from the hot sunrays as well as rains and storms as carbolite can resist all types of natures. The carbolite material is robust and noiseless during heavy winds and so you do not have to worry about the canopies being a nuisance or getting damaged.

The carbolite material is available in various colours and thus increase your backyard’s appeal by seamlessly blending your indoors and outdoors. Decorative colours and designs give you the ability to coordinate your furniture and your canopy with your indoor decor. Carbolite canopies thus provide style with strength and durability.

The only reason to choose carbolite canopies is that your family deserves the best protection. You can enjoy the outdoors and at the same time shield yourself and your family from rain, storms, extreme sunlight or snow. Along with that you get to beautify your surroundings and get an amazing curb appeal with the added benefit of getting a way to promote your business through colourful signage. Above all, you effortlessly cool the interiors of your homes and feel more comfortable. A carbolite canopy is thus like hitting several targets with just one single stone.