In many homes, decks are replacing patio installations. The former is being considered as the ideal spot to relax in. What’s more, it doesn’t require the hard landscaping like a patio does and neither do materials like cement or stone have to be used. Your deck must be your favourite relaxation spot in the entire house, and you might not be surprised to find that you are not the only one. However, like all good things, decking too has to be cared for and maintained. If you want to know more about seasonal maintenance and general deck care, the following guide will be an interesting read:

Some General Deck Maintenance Tips

Although decks are quite durable, it might start looking a little shabby after a few years of installation. However, these subtle signs of wear and tear are nothing to worry about. Here are some easy maintenance tips you can follow to make your deck look brand new in just a few minutes:
  • Firstly, before you start any inspection and repair, make sure that the surface of the deck is completely clean. You must remove the accumulated dirt and get rid of the stray wood fibres. This can be easily done with a pressure washer. To ensure that you don’t damage the wood, keep the pressure moving and don’t keep it on the same spot for too long.
  • Next, inspect the joints on the deck to check if nails or screws have come loose along them. These are quite easy to fix. All you need is to remove the nails that have come more than halfway lose and replace them with new ones.
  • If your decking is showing bigger signs of damage such as split wood, it is recommended that you hire a professional repair and maintenance service to take a look at it. They will provide you the right guidance and advice as to the next course of action.     

How to Care for Your Deck Seasonally?

Decking Maintenance
Decking Maintenance
  • Late spring: A dirty deck with start attracting mould and mildew as the summer approaches. Hence, it is important to keep the deck clean and remove the debris regularly. You can sweep the surface regularly and use a mild cleaning solution once in a while for great results. The type of cleaner you choose will depend on the type of deck (wooden, vinyl etc.) you have.
  • Midsummer: As the dry, warm weather approaches, the time is right to give the entire deck a close inspection. There are some signs of damage you must surely look for such as rot on the surface and under as well as the condition of joints and beams. If you find anything that looks suspicious, call a professional to take a look at it.      
  • Fall: When the temperature is mild, it is recommended that you clean, wash, and seal the deck. This is the time of the year when the maximum amount of dust and debris can accumulate. Make sure that you trim the trees and bushes nearby and clean the fallen leaves etc.  
  • Winter: As there is little outdoor work you can do during the winter, there are no such repairs and maintenance steps that have to be taken in the cold weather. However, since you won’t be using the deck for some time, put all the deck furniture away.    
Whether you are doing a general maintenance check on the deck or a seasonal care, make sure that you take the necessary safety precautions. Your hands must be protected with working gloves at all times and wearing safety eye gear is a must. If you love spending time on the deck more than the interior rooms, decking maintenance is extremely crucial.