There are a lot of people who believe that cornice installation is a challenging task and do not give a thought to remodeling of house with the installation of the same. So, if you belong to the same group, here is a news for you. Firstly, it is just a myth and finally it’s not that difficult a job and nor expensive.  In fact, you can get it done with the employment of minimum tools and less labor. Isn’t it cool?
Install Cornices
Install Cornices
You may speed up the job to complete in just 7 hours if you have all the tools, or may take time to work patiently until perfection while taking one or two days only. The first thing you will have to do is to make a proper research of the cornice options available in the market. If you are working in a restricted budget, then your choice of the cornice style, type, design and length would entirely depend on your budget.

What are the factors that will affect your cornice installation budget?

If you are aiming a low-cost installation, then you must know the factors which will set the budget structure for you. The installation price for cornices varies due to many factors. The time of the year, the price of the cornice, your service providers, difficulty level, your choice of hiring labor or doing it yourself, all makes up for the average price range of $1.5 to $4 per ft. of installation.
For installation, the tools required in general are a mixing bucket for mixing the cornice cement, a plaster and color scraper, hand saw for cutting the cornice to size, tape for measuring the cornice pieces before and after cutting, sand paper for sanding the wall, color (optional), and a ladder. If you already have access to most or some of these tools then you are already sorted. Else, you will have to buy, and these tools aren’t very costly to elevate your installation cost. In case, you have a professional coming to your house, don’t block money on buying tools, as the service person will bring necessary tools along with him.

Tips to lower your budget for cornice installation

Cornice Installation
Cornice Installation

If you are aiming a super affordable cornice installation, then try the following:

  • Install the cornice on your own.
  • Invest mainly on the cornice cement, hand saw, sand paper, and measuring tape. You may mix the cement in any spare vessel, and ask for a ladder from the neighbor if they have, and use a blunt knife for the scraping jobs.
  • Choose cornices with less intricate designs, less ornamentation and a narrow design. The thicker and ornate the cornice, the higher will be the price.

Steps to install a cornice in a budget friendly way

When you are looking at affordable options, arrange for the tools, and simple and nice cornice design.
  • Measure the cornice, and cut it into easy to handle sizes.
  • Prepare the wall by sanding it enough for the cornice cement to sit on it.
  • Place the loose cornice over the wall to see if the measured and cutted pieces fit accurately.
  • Mix the cornice cement in a vessel, and check the mixture for the right consistency.
  • Apply small beads of the cement behind the cornice, and over the wall and ceiling edge.
  • Press the cornice on the edge, and allow it to dry.
The whole job can be completed in a day while you take gaps and rest. It’s as easy as that, and you can complete the installation without applying too much of labor and difficulty. If you don’t find the lighting in the room adequate for you to watch and check the technical details, get an extra LED lamp for working.


For a quality finishing, as you are not doing the job every day, and are experimenting with the easy DIY for the first time probably, you should take your time. Rushing to finish soon may not be a great idea as it may hamper the quality of finish.