When it comes to bathroom rugs, there are several aspects that ought to be taken into considerations. The surface of the mat should be soft and plush, its underside must be non-slip to prevent accidental slipping, and the product should be crafted using good quality material that easily absorbs water. Aesthetics is also another factor that should be considered. The following article previews top five best bathroom rugs.

Bathroom Rugs
Bathroom Rugs

1. Riegel Royal 6-Pack 20X30 inches Bathroom Mat

Riegel Royal is considered one of the most comfortable bathroom rugs. The products large surface area makes it comfortable on the feet, meaning that an individual’s feet is always secure and safe. The woolen materials used to weave the rag come with good absorption properties that eliminate the agony of dealing with dump products that discharge bad odor inside the house.

2. V-domus Non-Slip Fiber Bath Mat

It comes with a large surface area of 20”X32” and is V-Domus constructed using microfiber that is soft on the legs and also gentle on hands during regular hand cleaning process. Despite the fact that the item absorbs water so fast, the fiber material used ensures that Fiber Bath Mat quickly dries. The V-Domus fiber mat also comes with a non-skid backing that prevents the mat from sliding when placed in wet surfaces.

3. Utopia 100 Percent Cotton Bath Mat

The Utopia bath mat is constructed using 100% original ringspun cotton and it comes in an array of colors to select from depending with the color theme of your bathroom. Due to its portable dimensions of 11.5X10.6X3.4 inches, the product is easily installed at any area of the bathroom, meaning that despite its affordability coupled with advanced features, Utopia Bath Mat provides real value for money since it can be easily placed at different sections within the bathroom. Besides, it is machine washable and can also be hand washed by using a soft piece of cloth.

4. Epica Anti-Slip Bacterial Bath Mat

It is designed with a non-slip surface that deters accidental falling and slips at the tub. Besides, individuals don’t have to get concerned about the bath tub area getting infested with germs since Epica bath mat is perfumed with an anti-bacterial. The mat is constructed using latex-free rubber that is durable, and also embedded with suction pumps that ensure it is firmly held in place. Cleaning of the rug is easy since it can be dipped inside a pool of water before getting dried in an open environment or the mat can be wiped with a soft piece of cloth.

5. Magnificent Memory Foam Bath Mat

It comes with a large surface area measuring 20X32 inch. The product is constructed using foam technology comprising of soft and non-slip features. Courtesy of skid resistant backing, the foam bath mat reduces the risks of slipping and injury when drying the feet on both wet and dry surfaces. The elegant design is also constructed using hypoallergenic materials that inhibit the development of unwanted odors from the rug. Besides, the product is multi-purpose and cannot only be used in bathrooms, but can also be placed at the kitchen or patio entrance.