Most people think that the waterfront homes sell themselves. A waterfront property is considered a luxury sale, especially if it’s located on the ocean. But in reality, coastal homes often face a great competition along with other issues. That’s why you should have a strong grasp on how to sell your waterfront property. You must have an ace up the sleeve that will ensure the success of your sale.

Keep reading and find out several tips that lead to a successful sale of Waterfront Property.
Waterfront Property
Waterfront Property

Start from the right price

The price is no doubt one of the biggest factors whether a real estate will sell or not. This is why you need to enter the market with the right price. Many real estate agents and sellers alike commonly make some pricing mistakes. The sale price you put on a waterfront property will make a great difference in the outcome of your selling. Your home is quite likely to sit on the market unsold for many years if you put a too high price. A low price, on the other hand, is surely not what you are looking for.

So, it is important to start from the correct price when you sell a property. Pricing a waterfront real estate requires an extensive experience. There are many factors to take into consideration, including:
  • Location
  • Waterfront size
  • Frontage
  • Amenities
Your best choice is to consult an experienced real estate agent, though. It is also smart to compare your property with other similar properties in your area. There are plenty of websites, such as Ocean Front HHI, you can utilize for this purpose.
Waterfront Property
Waterfront Property

Know as much you can about your waterfront property

You should know everything about your property to be able to make the right price. First of all, you should get accurate square footage of your property. This includes the size of the frontage and waterfront along with other measures. Make sure to include any facility that belongs to the same community. That could be a fitness center or a clubhouse, for example. It’s also important to get information about private amenities. Those include a boathouse, private dock, or a beach. Your real estate agent has to add all the local amenities into the feature sheet.

Prepare your waterfront property for sale

Let’s say you have collected all the necessary information, advertised your property, and put the sale price. If so, you are all set to sell your waterfront home. But be sure to prepare it before selling. Here’s what you need to do:
  • Maximize the visibility of the waterfront. Take the time to trim all the bushes, shrubs, and trees that obstruct the waterfront view. You should also clean the exterior and interior of all the windows.
  • Increase dock accessibility. Besides the accessibility, it would also be good to ensure the dock stability as well. If necessary, you need to repair the dock.
  • Increase curb appeal. Waterfront properties on sale are quite often observed from the water. A waterfront property can turn off a buyer if it looks “jaded” from the water.
  • Shoreline cleanliness. The shoreline in front of your waterfront property must be perfectly clean right before selling. Make sure to clean up the shoreline and correct everything that is worth correcting!
With the proper pricing, marketing, and preparation, you can rest assured that the selling process will be successful. Follow above-mentioned tips and get the most out of your selling!