Truthfully, there are no real rules you can stick to. Your home is your own and if you and the people who live with you do not mind it, there is no reason someone else should. However, if you care to wow your visitors, or you simply cannot pinpoint where you went wrong, here are a couple of tips to help you.

Home Decor Styles
Home Decor Styles

Always mix

Using only one style of décor can be perceived as somewhat boring and cold. The complexity of someone’s personality is what makes them interesting. Apply this metaphor to your house and spice it up. Definitely, do mix the styles, but do not mix too many styles as you risk making the space too tacky. Try to stick to two. Select a dominant style and add to it, you need to be able to see which style is the main one and which one is used for spicing up.

Mix old and new

Please do mix old and new! The way it usually works is that otherwise a modern room is furnished with old furniture. It does not have to be the furniture, it could also be modern but with the antique details throughout the room.People usually do this if they have redecorated an old house they live in to preserve the sense of the period it was built in or to add warmth to otherwise a cold unit. Do not use the furniture in the original state, have it fixed and refinished.

Home Decor Styles
Home Decor Styles

Mix Outside and Inside

You can use outdoor elements inside your house. Who is to say that you cannot have a wicker chair indoors?First of all, if you are on a budget, garden furniture is much cheaper and with the right type of cushions, just as comfortable. If you try to make a good agreement, relaxed patio atmosphere is much better suited in your living room than a dark leather chair. But not just the garden, you can go for the barn as well, you can have a potato-sack pillow or a flower bucket. Do not let your style let you get carried away, do not go as far as putting a hay cube in your lounge, it may be a nest for pests and the area will never be completely clean.

Don’t clutter

The ‘spices’ you use are probably a single piece of antique furniture, or decorative items here and there, lamps, pots and other little touches.  You are welcome to visit as many auctions as you like hunting for the right pieces but do not buy everything you can get a hold of. Eventually, you will run out of space and you will start putting things one on top of another, the entire space will look too busy and you will not be able to relax in your own house, not to mention the amount of dusting you would have to do. If you have to, use storage units in lines of Supercheap Storage to keep everything you cannot part from. That way you can occasionally take them out and swap your precious finds to give your room a fresh look.

Home Decor Styles
Hone Decor Styles

Use colors for different visual effects

Contrary to what people usually say, you are allowed to paint a small room a dark color. Light colors really do open up space but perhaps you don’t need every room to be big. A small room painted dark grey, for example, will offer a sense of depth and class. Other elements in the room need to be light.Do not let the furniture or the fixtures to disappear in the wall.

Watch the size

Match one piece of furniture with the surrounding pieces. They don’t have to look like they came from the same set, but they have to be the same scale. Don’t put a heavy cupboard next to a tiny coffee table made of planks. They have to appear equally massive and large in order to match each other.

No one should be alone

Your room can stay neutral. You don’t have to add accent colors if you prefer the space to be peaceful. The difference in textures can add excitement to the room. On the other hand, if you want the space to burst with color, you can do that. Go wild and don’t mind what matches what. If you have a single background color, the sky is your limit. If there is no background color, try to have at least two objects of the same color in the room. If you don’t, the one without its pair may seem like it had been brought from another room.

Remember, fashion and décor rules have been created according to the taste of the majority of people or influential individuals. You are allowed to act by your own rules. The only guidelines should be your comfort and no cluttering!