Believe it or not, home is a place where people spend the maximum amount of time. We create most of our special memories here. There are a lot of things people are often concerned when it comes to the interior and exterior of the house. Most of us want a home that should be cosy yet should look amazingly designed. They want a good decor with a feeling of warmth in it. Decor is there to impress the visitors and feeling of warmth is for oneself. Getting this mix is sometimes a little complicated because of which a lot of people remodel or renovate their homes. There are several home renovation service providers in the market, but the main point is “Do they know their work?”, “Are they good with designing?” So try to find the answers of these questions before hiring the one.
Home Renovation
Home Renovation
Here are some ideas for making your home more stylish yet cozy for you. You can suggest these ideas to the renovation company for their outlook. May be they can bring better ideas on the table after this.
  • Slumber parties or pajama parties are the part of everyone’s life. So why not make the attic look into something more cozy and special. Make it a pillow room or something entertaining like that.
  • A little dip in the living room can look great too. You can lower a certain area of the living room in the form of a pit. Enhance the look of the pit by putting classy furniture matching the decor of the house. It will give an amazing look with a feeling of coziness.
  • The space under the stairs can be used for numerous purposes which will not only add a look, but will also help you in utilizing the space. Some of the ideas include:
    • Book library under the stairs. With only a little bit of work here and there the space can be transformed into a great library.
    • Sliding Shoe racks. The space is lying there and is not been utilized for any purpose. Through this the shoes will be at certain place and the place will be used too.
    • A simple and cute pet house. Be it a dog or cat, both need their private beds. So instead of throwing a cushion on the floor just use the space below your stairs.
  • If you have space in either your backyard or front yard then getting a stylish tree house for kids or a guest house for friends won’t be a bad idea. The space below the tree house can be used to have dinner in out or barbeque parties at house.
  • Garden shed is the first thing people see from outside or while entering your house. It is the part of your home too. So get the structure into a shape and decorate it with plants to enhance the beauty of the home.
  • How about some chilled beer? But do you really think with a family, you have enough space to store your beers in fridge. Don’t think so. So get a smaller fridge below Kitchen Island to store your beer. Now you will have chilled beer all the time.
We are pretty sure that you would have never thought about this. A wine rack in the wall. Yup that’s it. Now you can store your wine in the wine rack without using too much space. The pillars in the kitchen or the room are dead space; utilize this dead space to create a wine wall rack. And enjoy the ease.